Forbidden from loving in his life as an idol, he already has his love missing from his life. Loving her was the only thing he admired truly beside being idol for army. Loving her was the only thing he admired doing, besides being the idol for army. Losing his love never decreased his love, rather it just grew more and more sincere and stronger. He finally found his love, but what he never expected was- the girl he died for, the girl he longed for to be this broken, this lonely, only waiting for him to appear. Secrets are buried deep in the year of their separation, the pain, sufferings, buried deep in her mind- But as said truth never dies, it only ages preparing itself to gallop more harshly in the sinner’s life.

Romance / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

## I was on cloud 9 when he said he found you, but that smile faded, when I saw you all broken and weak, the way I never wanted and expected to see you.##

## We became famous, millions started liking us, but you know this heart, it only want you to love it, to cherish it. To reside in it forever. ##

## Our distance increased , our life changed ,you suffered a painful past , I suffered longing you. But isn’t it miracle we never forget, rather our heart never forgot . . . how it beats for each other.##

## I recognised you before entering your room , inhaling your scent, I’m sure you too recognised me by my touch in your sleep. ##

## The hollow heart I carried, slowly ARMY tried to fill it up, But as if my heart knew, you would return, It always kept longing, only for you. ##

## Everything about you changed , the cherry voice now sounded weak , those steps which use to chase me , now kept stumbling , the hands which trickled me , now can’t even touch me firmly, But know one thing those were not the things I chased you for,
I chased you FOR BEING YOU ##

## I love you till the point no one matters to me, till the point like a psycho I would kill myself if you leave me, I had courage in the past, But I’ll not have the courage in future, to live a life where, I’ll not be able to see you, Touch you, feel you . . . . ##


The friendship from the middle school, slowly transformed into love for both the lovers. The bond between them getting more and more stronger, but little did they know, test of love is not as easy to be separated and reunited.

He returned, getting one step near to his dream , but his return gave him a shock, which hide his true smile forever. Still searching for his love, even after 7 yrs, even after getting all the happiness, all the fame, all the wealth. But still he was empty, knowing his love is still missing.

It was restricted, for an idol like him to fall in love, fall in love to such a depth that even sunlight seemingly darkened his life . He was at a moment of his life where he felt loved again. Where he smiled the same smile again, but a piece of his heart was still missing. It’s true he felt the same excitement in himself but only when ARMY was with him, screaming for him, encouraging him.

With those 6 people he got his happiness back, but not his true love. With the thought of forgetting her someday, he build a totally different and boycotted world for his love, where no one will be able to find her, no one will be able to stop him from going.

But as the days, weeks, months , years were passing and watching the still empty world he created , the still empty home he himself choose for him and his love for their future . He was losing his mind , he is no more able to find his happiness while spending time with his COMPANIONS , HIS BROTHERS , THEIR ENCOURAGEMENT . He only needed her , needed her to calm the loneliness in his heart , but what could he do to find her , only appoint a bunch of best detectives to find her .

His wealth meant nothing , when she is not with him . His fame became burden for him , ARMY was the only one which kept him a reason to live , reason to smile even if a fake one .

But the fruit of waiting is always sweet isn’t it . He finally found her . He couldn’t contain his utter happiness , but it was only struck to him till he met her again .

She was broken , sick , severely damaged . Asleep for years , but as if her heart came back to her , she woke up the second his hands touched her face . That’s the power of love, person recognises their atmosphere even in sleep.

He earlier prayed for her return , now that she is with him , he is not gonna back down and throw her for her weak self . Hi love has already grown till the extent that she has already become a part of his own body .

This is the story where his love reaches its peak , what will be the consequences of the love , the IDOL’S LOVE has it grown fatal , has it grown obsessive , has it been a burden over her . . . . . . Let’s see through .

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