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Family, Friendship and then Love


16th of May 1988. New Edition is back! What will happen, when Whoopi has a weird encounter with all the members of the R&B group. Will she be able to stay away from their Leadsinger Ralph Tresvant? Will he be able to stay away from her? And what of Ralph's and Bobby's relationship? Will Bobby be able to keep his sneaky fingers away from her and for once be glad for his friends luck? Deception is real. Will Whoopi be able to get away from the claws of the dangerous people that are now after her? You'll only know, if you read!

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1: Home Again

16th March 1988

Whoopi's POV

Jamie was pulling me towards the Arena. It was a concert of the New Edition and Bobby was touring with them. I was sure the group wasn't that happy to Tour with Bobby but at the end, it wasn't their choice to make. I was a bit scared because it's been about two years or so, since they drifted apart, Ralph only being half there, the boys adding Johnny Gill to the group, coming back for an album, then doing their own thing again. I had followed all of their performances on TV but it will be different seeing them together again.

When we entered the Arena i was awe struck. It was so huge and i was blinded by light. We didn't really have time to look around because the concert was about to start. I had some connections, so i was able to get us to the first line. "Whoopi, i can't believe were here. Do you think Michael will notice me?", Jaime asked me screaming. "I'm not sure Jaime, but i hope so", i smiled at her. I was seriously sick of her fangirling over Michael. "Hey Jamie, i am gonna go to the restroom real quick aight?!", i kinda asked but also told her. "Not even! The concert's bout to start!", she kept pulling my arm. "Well i better go now instead of going in the middle of it right?!", again, i asked and told her. "Fine but hurry. Concert starts in fifteen minutes, i want you here in five, seven minutes max!", she looked at me sternly. I just nodded "Yes mama". I had problems finding the restroom despite being explained the way and i was rushing because i had a time period, remember?

When i finished, I was wandering around trying to find my way back to the stomach of the Arena. To be honest i was lost.
Just when i thought I'd be lost forever, i saw a door. I was so glad, i didn't even stop to think where i would find myself in. I opened the door, blinked looked away, then looked back, blinked again and then fainted.

"She's beautiful", i heard a vaguely familiar voice say. I'm beautiful, i thought? "As soon as she wakes up, I'll ask for her number", again, another voice but very familiar as well. If i wasn't mistaken, then that sounded an awful lot like Bobby Brown. The first voice was probably Ralph Tresvant. I had to wake up and see for myself. This is unbelievable.
I woke up to cold air being fanned against my face. For a second there, i didn't know where i was so i quickly jumped up and pushed my fists in front my chest. "Come at me Niggas. I ain't scared of y'all. Not even! I'll kick y'all asses. Come at-", i stopped mid-sentence, when i noticed who was standing in front of. "Fuck me. New Edition? Oh god I'm gonna faint", i said and started falling backwards. "Ralph catch her. She'll hit her head", was all i heard, followed by footsteps. Then everything went black again.

Ralphs POV
"Ralph we need to go. We're already ten minutes delayed. You need to leave her there.", Ronnie said sounding desperate. "I can't leave her here all by herself. What if she wakes up and no one is here. She'll be confused. I'll stay with her another three minutes. If she wont wake up by then I'll lay her on the couch and come over. Y'all go on without me.", i said. I couldn't leave this girl all alone. I just couldn't. She's so beautiful. Would she be angry when she wakes up? She seemed like a pretty tough woman. I mean she would have beaten all our asses without hesitation if we weren't New Edition, i could see it in her eyes.
"Hmmmhmm", i heard her moan. I quickly sat up. "Hey, can you sit?"; i asked her. "Ohhh, my head, it hurts. Where am i?", she asked me. Geez, even her voice sounded like heaven. "You are in the New Edition dressing room.", i answered rather quickly. I didn't want her to find out herself because she'd probably faint again. Guess it didn't matter if someone told her or if she'd find out herself. "Oh god, I'm gonna faint", she said and her eyelids slowly started closing. I couldn't have her fainting on me again cuz i had to leave. I was already late. Soooo, i slaped her face and she jerked upwards. "What the fuck", she looked at my face, thought for a second and then said "Ralph?" "Um yeah that's me.", I said. "Oh Jesus. I'm gonna. No! Woo i need to stop fainting. I bet Jamie is going crazy right now", i heard her, rather talking to herself. Sorry Ralph but i gotta go know. It was nice meeting you", she said and suddenly jumped up and was already by the door, opening it. When did she get there? "You know, you might wanna go join your friends. You're already late thanks to me. I'm so sorry. I normally don't faint. I have actually never fainted before, so this is my first time. First couple of times." For the first time i saw her smile even though it was just for a few seconds. It disappeared immediately. "Are you sure you're ok tho?"; i asked her to be sure. "Word. I'm good", she said. "I'm gonna see you on stage", she said and then she was gone. I stood there baffled for a few minutes until Mike came running in. "Man get your ass over. Were on stage in one minute." My mind was still on her. I just noticed, i didn't know her name. For some reason i knew her name was gonna be exotic.
Then i went up the stairs and the spotlight was on us.
The show had started.

The show was a success up till now. Everyone was happy seeing us all together again and to be honest, i was too. It was like in old times. "Everybody", I screamed," Wellcome to our Home Again Tour. Y'all know today's my twentieth birthday right? My present for y'all is that we gonn take y'all back to 1983, but first, we need ourselves a Candy Girl.", everybody started cheering. "Who wants to come up here and be our Candy Girl?", i asked exitedly, raising my voice over the cheering.
I was so glad the guys let me do it today. It was actually Ricky's turn but he let me because it was my birthday. I looked over to the front row and it was hard to focus my eyes to find a beautiful girl to get on stage because the screams were loud and arms were waving around everywhere.
That's when i saw a raw beauty looking everywhere but me. It was 'mystery girl' whose-name-i-don't-know. She was avoiding my gaze huh!? I went over and squated down before her. "What's your name girl?", i asked and couldn't help but smile. She looked at me confused and pointed a finger at her chest signating 'me?'. I nodded "Yes you". She stood on her toes to reach my ear "It's Whoopi", she screamed. Whoopi. I knew it would be an exotic name. Beautiful name for a beautiful woman. "Would you mind joining me on stage?", i asked her. She looked at me with wide eyes and again pointed at her chest mouthing 'me?' "Yes you", i said and offered her my hand hoping she would reach out. Next second, i was guiding her towards he stage.

This was gonna be good!
Writers note:
Words written in bold signates reference to the title of the chapter. There will always be a reference of the title in each chapter.
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