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Kayla Alvarez is 19 years old, and a survivor of the second Wizarding War. She lost friends, and family. Now she's headed back to the very place where many of her nightmares take place, and there's some new laws. One that involves someone she never thought she might ever see again.

Romance / Drama
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Hi there, I just want to introduce myself a little bit.

I'm Kayla and this is my fan fiction. I hope you guys enjoy it, I do try to update daily, thought that's not always the case. I do go to school and am sometimes busy.

I also have a wattpad. I do upload more on wattpad, and I hope you go check it out. @Kkaylarort is my username

I also want to say that all right go to JK Rowling for this is her books I am basing this off.

I do own a few characters in the book though

I am also going to be putting the initials of the characters in the title so you know who's POV it is. Also, don’t mind the spelling, I know its going to be atrocious.

Also, this is based a little bit more to now, meaning a more modern Hogwarts. So phones, computers and all that stuff. Uhh, yeah. Also there are going be some songs that I recommend listening to, just to get in the vibe and all that

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