Malfoy, Draco Malfoy

Sleeping Arrangements (K.A)

Kayla’s POV

After changing into my robes and going to dinner, I’m heading back to the dorms.

As I start to open the door, I see Draco setting a few blankets on the couch and a pillow.

I smile since i knew that if he even tried to take the bed, I would fight tooth and nail for it. And I know I was not going down without a fight for it.

He has the bed.

Well let me explain. Last time I fought with him was back in 3rd year, when he was still scrawny. Now he’s been playing quidditch for over 10 years, he’s worked out, had to get strong to be seeker.

As for me, I workout, but just to keep myself in shape and make sure I don’t fall back into the same pit of depression I was in 3rd year.

After he finished, he simply stated that I was going to be the one sleeping on the couch and that he was going to keep the bed.

“Yeah right. Spoiled little boy”

“I’m not spoiled.”

“You are too.”

“Well, you do get everything you want, you expect to be just very obedient and listen and do all that you want. You think you’re greater than everyone, you want everything at your feet. Well guess what, I’m not giving that to you”

“Oh you think you could win against me?”

“Sure as hell I do.”

I then lunged for him and tried to pin his arms down. He then managed to use his legs to push me off him and he then pushed me against the wall, my arms pinned against the wall. He looked very smug in that moment.

But I wasn’t done.

I kicked him in the gut and he lurched backwards clutching his stomach. I took the opportunity to get him on the ground and he groaned. I laughed tauntingly and he then flipped me to pin my arms and at this point we were sweating from slight exhaustion. I tried to get my arms out of his grip but damn, he was strong. I thrashed until my body was slick with sweat from tiring myself out. He only let go when I tapped my foot 3 times to signal I was done.

I rubbed my wrist where he had been holding me. I shot him a death glare and he laughed at me. I stuck my tongue out at him and walked to go take a shower.

“Oi! Where you going, huh?”

“Bathroom, taking a shower, not that you needed to know that”

“Maybe I’ll join you then?”

I turned around just as he turned his head and punched him squarely in the jaw. He then stumbled a bit and held his jaw.

“What the bloody hell was that for?”

“For being a fucking pervert!”

“I was joking with you”

“I don’t care. Don’t joke around with me about that kind of stuff. Got it?”

He nodded and I gathered my shower things along with a clean pair of PJ’s

After showering and changing I went over to our little seating area and pulled out my phone.

I then put my alarm at 5 just to make sure I didn’t sleep in too late.

I looked up to find Draco shirtless and grey sweatpants. I look down at his arm and I saw the mark of a Death Eather, I knew it all too well. Especially since my parents carried it as well, I also knew that I had been lucky that my parents had decide I wouldn't join until I was 18.

He then walked over to the bed and turned to the side. He grumbled, “Turn off the lights before you go to bed” just as he turned his lights off and covered himself.

I then went to the living room and grabbed the blankets and covered myself. It was lonely, I admit it. I was up on my phone when I saw that it was already 12. I grabbed the pillow and made a cape out of the blankets and climbed up the stairs to the main bedroom. I then laid down just as i turned off the lights.

I heard Draco shift to turn around at me. “Who the hell is that”

“It’s just me Draco.”


I then opened my eyes to see silver and blue staring at me. His eyes were pretty. Very pretty indeed. I then closed my eyes and shimmied myself more into the blankets because it was so cold.

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