Malfoy, Draco Malfoy

Questions (D.M)

Draco’s POV

As Kayla ran out, I called her name. I was calling her name when she closed the door.

I sighed. How the fuck could I be so stupid. I hadn’t heard her name the night we were paired up. Wait, damn it, I got to go find her.

I quickly ran out the door and started running down the stairs, hoping she was still walking down.

After determining she wasn’t in the castle, I ran outside calling her name.

As I called her name I heard the crack of an apparation and just turned to see some random Ravenclaw a few feet ahead of me. I sighed and continued searching.

It’s been a few hours and getting darker. I continued on calling her name in hopes of finding her.

I was heading down to the lake when I heard the sound of someone crying.

I listened to it and walked towards it.

As I walked, I saw the clothes that Kayla had been wearing when she left.

I sighed in relief and walked over. She looked like she was passing out, but slowly.

“What the hell were you thinking? I’ve been looking all over for you. And it’s getting late. Why the fuck you would you do this?”

I kept on talking. noticing that she was was slipping in and out of consciousness. I picked her up bridal style and started walking back. As I walked I kept on talking to her. About everything. About how I was sorry. About how I missed her. Everything.

I watched her as I lay her on our shared bed. I covered her before going over to our little area and pulling out my phone. I looked at old photos from years before

I continued watching before I landed on one that was from 3rd year. It was on Halloween. I watched and saw what used to be our shared friend group. We were all so young and innocent, or at least in what we’ve seen.

A Month Later

I sat in the Room of Requirement as I levitated a bunch of food from the kitchen over to a small area for food as I saw Blaise walking in the bar and searching for something good to drink.

I walked over and smirked at him. He heard me and tried to lift his head just before wacking it on the counter.

I chuckled and he glared at me.

“Not funny”

“Is too”

I then went over details about the party before reviewing the invites.


“Hmm, maybe not. I don’t know. They can either be tattletales, or the funniest people drunk”



“Yes, they get really freaky after a few shots. And not in a bad way, in a good way of you understand what I mean.”

“Okayy, Draco’s think all about sex. Of course.” I whacked him on the back of his head.

“Oww” He whined while holding the back of his head.

“Okay, what about Ravenclaws”

“No. They take the fun out of everything.”


I sat in the living room waiting for Kayla. As I sat there, I was there reading as I heard the door open.

“Kayla, that you?”

“Damn you that desperate?” says Blaise as he walks in

“No, I’m not. Just waiting to ask if she’s going to go”

“Seems desperate to me” I turned to look at him and when he just gave me a confused look, I smacked his head.

“Ow, what is with the abuse lately?” With that, I huff in reply.

After I tackled Blaise out of the dorm, I made dinner, and sat in the living room waiting Kayla.

Things had been going good with her. I felt complete again. After a long while, I had someone to pull me back to the ground again. Even after years, it felt normal to be with her.

I sat in the living room waiting for Kayla when I heard the door click open. I stood up immediately and opened the door the rest of the way.

I see Kayla standing there holding her book bag looking quite flushed from the stairs.

I grabbed her bag, coat and put them in the coat closet, then grabbing her arm and taking her to the dining room knowing that the smell of the food will stop her from fighting me to up to the bedroom.

“Draco, what’s going on and can i-” She stopped mid-sentence when I saw her smell dinner.

“What the fucking hell is that delicious smell” She smiled hungrily and started looking around for the food.

“Not out yet love” She huffs in annoyance

“Ugh, I’m going up to change and dinner better be served before I come back down, or your’e going to have someone tackling you again.”

“Fine, but you better not take 4 hours, or I swear I’m gonna drag you down here”

“I make no promisess” She sang as she started heading up the stairs.

I smiled to myself and started getting the food out and placing it on the plates for when she comes down.

She comes down after a good 15 minutes and walks over. She’s wearing black sweat pants and a white tank top. I frown at her and she just frowns back.

“What? I’m not gonna go put on a fancy dancy dress just to eat dinner. Especially when i’m in our dorm” She cocks an eyebrow and starts to head over to the table.

I quickly walk to her seat and pull it out so she could sit. Once she’s seated, I sit in my own. She starts eyeballing the food and I motion to her that she can eat it. She smiles and starts to dig in as I try to find a way to mention the party.

“So have you heard?” I try to start off with

“Heard what?” She glances at me in confusion

“About the party, for tomorrow?”

“Oh, that. Yeah I heard”

“So you’re going”


“Why not?” At this point I’m just confused

“Because I got homework to do, and I also don’t have a lot of friends in Slytherin in case you haven’t noticed.” She says plainly, not bothering to even look up from her food

“Bore” She scoffs and continue eating.

After dinner we worked on Homework and were getting ready for bed when I suddenly felt brave to ask her some specific questions

As she comes out in her PJ’s, I pat the bed signaling her to come and sit down.

She sit and pulls out her latest book, The Madman’s Daughter, and quickly snuggles into the cover as she turns on her light and waits for mine to go out.

“Did you ever think about becoming, I don’t know, romantically involved with me?” I’m shocked at how blunt I said it.

She sighs quietly and i can tell that this is something that was a subject she had wanted to avoid.

“Yes. Yes I did, now will you go to bed?” I feel my jaw slightly drop as she starts to open her book.

“What about now? Do you still think about it?”

“Actually Draco, I’m kind of forced to think about, knowing that I have to marry one of my oldest friends. And have a baby, at the ripe age of 19. So yeah, I do think about it.” I’m shocked at her small out burst of frustration and I shake my head to try and function properly again.

“Do you not want to marry me?” I listen for her reply as she sucks in a breath and stays still for a moment.

“I don’t want to because of this law.” My heart’s pounding as I reply the words in my head.

She then turns to me and looks me straight in the eye. I allow myself to be lost in her eyes. The dark mysterious in them. The look of pain trying to stay hidden.

“We can talk about this tomorrow.”


“Just got to bed Draco.” My eyes catch hers and I see a tense look in her eyes as I feel my face soften. She rustles the sheets around trying to get comfy and turns off her light.

I feel an anger rising in me, and I quickly turn my back to her and turn off my lights.

I do plan on updating some more because I’m fully online today, which means I can write in between classes, and I have a 4 day weekend.

Love you bunches -Kayla

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