Malfoy, Draco Malfoy

Hogsmead with Friends (K.A)

Kayla’s POV

As I blink my eyes open, I feel Draco’s arm around me.

This was a daily occurrence now, and I quickly shifted around so I could wake him. I hear the cat waking up and meowing at me to give him attention.

I feel him walk over to my chest and lay down in attempts to get more pets.

I pet the cat for a few moments, before poking Draco in the chest a few times, only achieving a grunt and him turning over.

I sigh and get up, moving the cat near him in hopes of waking him up. When he doesn’t, I walk over and shake him a few times before he peels his eyes open and looks me straight in the eyes and just says,“What do you want, and why do you want it so early?”

I huff and go get ready, knowing that he’ll now get up and get ready as well.

I walk out of the restroom wearing some black leggings and a green sports bra. I try to pull my hair into a high ponytail, but when that fails, i pull it into a low ponytail. I grab my shoes and tie them on when Draco comes out wearing some shorts and a workout shirt.

I grab my phone and earbuds and just before I open the door, I call out, “Draco, you better get your butt down here, or I swear i will leave right now and leave you behind!”

I hear him scurrying to get down and I see him appear at the bottom of the stairs.

I open the door and wait for him to walk over, before walking through.

As we’re running, I’m just breathing and listening to the music when all of a sudden, I fall, seeing as I just bumped into someone.

I shake my head before getting up and dusting myself off. I quickly look up to see Harry Potter standing before me looking a bit flushed.

I smile slightly,“Can’t sleep again?”

He chuckles quietly before responding,“Yeah” He nods toward Draco, who was running behind and trying to catch up, “So you managed to drag him along too?”

I smile at him, “Yeah, yeah I did”

I cut him off just before he says anything else,“I’m sorry, but we better get back to our run, we still got a while to go, and Draco here, get’s tired pretty easy.” I offer him an apologetic smile in return.

He holds his gaze a little longer before looking away. I see a tint of red on his face before stuttering out, “Y-yeah, you better get back to your um r-run.”

I smile slightly and wave goodbye. He waves back and I turn to Draco, who had caught up just as I was saying goodbye, “Shall we?”

“I don’t like him. Saint Pottah. Must always go after the prettiest ones. Especially ones I prefer.”

He turns to me with a sneer, and I feel my eyes grow at his words, and I see his eyes finally recognize he said that. I feel my face grow hot and I turn away.

“We better get back to our running”

We start jogging, and I have a hundred different thoughts racing through my head.

After a good 3 miles, we stop. I can hear Draco panting besides me.

“Aren’t you Quidditch guys supposed to be like really fit and all?”

“We fly. We don’t run” He manages to say in between breaths. I grab my water bottle and grab his hand.

I apparate both of us to the dorm and when we’re there, he collapses on the couch.

After a good shower, and changing into some comfy clothes, I walk into the bedroom to find Draco on the bed just doing whatever.

I sigh and climb onto the bed.

“So what are you planning on doing today?” I try to get some conversation out of him.

He turns to his side,“Well, I was planning on going to Hogsmead with Blaise, and Theo for party stuff. Then going to the party. What about you?”

“Well, I was planning on going to Hogsmead with some friends then coming back and doing homework and study. Then I’ll probably meet up with a friend later. I haven’t seen them much lately” He nods his head

“So what friends?”


“What friends are going with you to Hogsmead?”

“Oh, probably Luca, Luna, and Santiago, and Trixie” He sighs and turns away.

I blink in confusion then look at the time.


I sigh and get up, knowing that I have to get ready.

I pull on a red jumper along with some jeans, some brownish boots, and a cream color scarf.

I grab a small bag with some money, my phone, and some extra stuff.

We were in The Three Broomsticks when I hear the door creak open, I look up briefly to find silver eyes baring into mine.

I quickly glance back down and continue sipping my butterbeer. I sigh quietly when I hear the 3 boys pull seats up to our table

I hear Luca mumbling,“Great, the Slytherin Prince and his advisors have arrived”

I snigger slightly at his remark. I hear Draco next to me and I can almost see the frown he has on.

“Luca, what about we go and grab those quills you needed?” I ask him knowing it’s an excuse to walk away. Now, I personally don’t mind them, but the I know that they really bother Luca, and Trixie

As I walk away with Luca on my tail, I hear Draco huff. I turn and he has a dangerous glint in his eyes. I know that he’s going to try and give me an earful later, but I decide not to dwell on it.

“Hey Beth, what did you say we were doing next?” I sigh at the name and turn to whack whoever said it. I find Santiago smirking, and I whack his head. He exclaims in shock, but I know that I didn’t hurt him much.

I had disliked the nickname the moment he found out my middle name, Elizabeth. When he found it, he questioned me and then all three of them started calling me that. Even Alyssa. I came to tolerate it, but I still whack the boys if they call me that.

“We have to go get some quills for homework tonight. Say, Santi Luca, are you guys coming over tonight?”

“Yup” they say in unison. We chuckle at it and continue walking.

After entering the shop, we grab some quills, and I also grab some magic erasers because I just know that there will be many mistakes made considering that it’s Santi and Luca.

As We’re heading back to Hogwarts, I hear the trolley coming around.

“Anything from the trolley dear?” The lady ask as I stand up

“Yes, can I have a cauldron cake and a chocolate frog?” She gathers the items as I ask the rest of them if they want anything.

“Can I also have 3 pumpkin pasties, another cauldron cake, 2 licorice wands, and 4 chocolate frogs?”

She gives them, and I pay her.

“Damn, you lot are expensive.” I say as i pass the treats out.

I look around at my friends as they break into small conversations. Many I had made after 3rd year, and only Santi was a Slytherin. In Ravenclaw, we had Trixie and Luna, and Luca in Gryffindor.

Trixie had been paired up with Santiago, Luca with a girl from Hufflepuff, named Anne, and Luna with Theo.

We continue on our train ride just laughing and talking, just a few carefree teenagers.

I see Trixie slowly falling asleep on Santi’s shoulder, and Luna had gone to find Theo. Only Luca and Santi were left awake.

“Soo, how’s Draco been?” I hear Santi ask

“Fine, he gets weird at times when i talk to certain people, but I ignore it.”

“Which people?” Luca asks slowly

“You, Santi, Harry” They both start to laugh and I give them a confused look

“You are oblivious, you know” Luca states

“Oblivious to what?”

I look outside the window and I see we’re at the platform at this point.

As we wake Trixie up and head on down to the great hall, I see Draco keeping a distance away, but staying close at the same time.

I head on over to the table and sit with Santi

He joking around like usual, and I can hear his distinct american accent as he imitates people from California, seeing as he was from Ilvermrony, before transferring to Hogwarts in 3rd year.

I continue laughing at his imitations of people when i see Draco a few seats down. He has his eyes dark and staring at Santi with an emotion I can’t place my finger on. I see his fist curled into a ball under the table and I ignore it.

I continue piling food onto my plate, enjoying the meal.

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