Malfoy, Draco Malfoy

Going Out (K.A)

Kayla’s POV

As I headed back inside the dorm, I find Draco pacing around very angrily.

I sigh quietly and start to head back to the bedroom to go change for dinner.

I hear Draco speak up when I get to the stairs, “Get ready. We’re going out.”

“What, wait, no. You’re trying to get me to go to the party. I already said I’m not going to the party. There’s drugs, alcohol, and just. no.”

“Well just get ready please? I’ll give you my paper so you can copy off it tomorrow in exchange?”

I contemplated the offer. I would just have to tweak it a bit, but it would mean full marks.

“Fine. But I get all the homework.”

“Fine, just go get ready!” He shooed me off as I ran upstairs.

I pulled on a black dress and just re-did my makeup look. I then pulled my curly hair up into a half up half down. (I have pictures, but they wont go on the thing, you can go check out my wattpad and find

I looked at myself in the mirror and once I deemed it perfect, I headed downstairs with a small bag in hand.

“Finally, you took a good hour getting ready.”

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, and this girl is not going to simply take 5 minutes to get ready.”

“Fine, fine.” He stuck his arm out,“Shall we mi’lady?”

I giggled at his cheesiness. I put my arm in his, “We shall”

And so we did, instead of walking down the stairs, we simply apparated in front of the Room of Requirement. I see multiple people coming in and out making sure that no teachers were around.

He grabs my hand with his cold one and looks around, then you see a group of student all group and walk in. We walk in and all I can hear is the music and kids yelling at one another.

I cringe slightly and back towards the door. Draco sighs slightly.

I had never been one for parties. There was alcohol, and it was just way too loud for my preference.

He sighs again and takes my hand, and we wade into the sea of drunk, sober, and high students.

Okayyy, so first I must apologize for how long it took me. I’ve been trying to write a whole bunch of chapters, and I’ve had a bunch of homework for school. (Gotta love advanced programs 🙄) And I’m turning 15 soon, so I have to plan my quincenera!

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this chapter. It’s more of a filler.

Question of the day: How old are you now, and how old are you turning this year?

I also want to thank everyone who has supported this book, I am really thankful for it. Also, Thank you all for over 1k views. AHH, I never imagined that kind of support on one of MY works.

Love you all, and stay safe!-Kayla

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