Malfoy, Draco Malfoy

About Her

Kayla Alvarez


- I have dark brown hair that’s butterscotch in the sunlight

- I have dark brown eyes

- I am 5′7

- I am particularly skinny, not very, just a flatter stomach

-Curly/way hair

-Tanned skin

- I wear glasses, but more often contacts

About me

- I’m 18

- My birthday is March 17

- My dad are born in London

- My mum was from Mexico

- My parents moved to America and moved back to London when I turned 11.

- I lived in California, and now London

- I have an older brother, Eric, hes 20

-I have moderate Tourettes

- I come from a pureblood family

- My family is well known in the wizarding world

- I fought in the 2nd wizard war

- I’m a Slytherin

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