Malfoy, Draco Malfoy

Party (D.M)

Draco’s POV

As I walked through the doors that lead to the party, The first thing i smell is the alcohol. As Kayla stand there and tries to head back. I sigh.

I knew her and I knew that this wasn’t exactly what you would call her “habitat”

I sighed as she looked around with a slightly bewildered look. I grab her arm and start pulling her towards the bar that me and some other slytherins had set up. I grab two cups and pour some firewhiskey into them.

After filling them up, I hand one over to Kayla. I take a sip, relishing the fire that I felt in my throat. I turn to look at Kayla and she looks at it inquisitively. I motion for her to try some.

She sniffs and I can see in her eyes that she recognizes it. She tips her head and drinks a bit. Her face scrunches a bit but she swallows it down.

After she finishes I drag her over to a small circle of students. They’re sitting down and I can hear them talking. I can see Blaise, Theo, and Pansy. I also recognize some other students from other houses including Lovegood.

I sigh and sit, pulling Kayla down with me. As she sits, I can finally hear what their talking about. Or rather playing.

I hear them talking and playing truth and dare, and I can see them doing stupid dares. Then all of a sudden, I hear a voice slur out,“Truth or dare Malfoy?”

I glance around and see one of the Gryffindors looking at me, waiting for my answer.

“Dare.” He chuckles

“I dare you to kiss your assigned marriage partner.” I can see that Kayla managed to escape and find some other friends. I look around for her and finally I see her long hair bouncing as she laughs with Granger.

I smirk and get up. I walk over and pull her away. Then all of a sudden, I crash my lips into hers and I feel her tense up, then she pushes me away.

“What the hell Malfoy?” I look at her face which is scrunched up in confusion, and.... disgust? “You don’t get to kiss me right now, especially when you’re drunk.

I feel a little tipsy, but sober enough to comprehend what she’s saying.

“I’m not drunk drunk, and still, I was playing truth or dare, and I got dared.” I see her face go slack with shock, but then go angry again.

“That just makes it 10 fucking times worse. I wanted our first kiss to be genuine and not because you’re fucking drunk, or because of some stupid ass dare!” She’s whisper yelling at me.

“So come back to the dorm when you’re sober.” She states. She starts to gather her things and walks away.

I stare at her as she walks. I try to follow, but Luca got in the way, seeming sobered up. He shook his head before turning and following the curly haired girl.

I head to a chair and just sit, wondering if I just messed up everything.

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