Malfoy, Draco Malfoy

Potions (D.M)

Draco’s POV

After the party, I guess I stumbled back to the dorm, completely wasted.

The morning after, I woke up with a huge headache and I finally managed to realize where I was.

I was in the dorm at the kitchen with a glass of scotch in front of me. There’s no sign of Kayla and I sighed.

I really messed up this time.

So I headed down, and soon enough I found the girl. She was in the middle of a book as she scooped some oatmeal and spooned it into her mouth. She slowly continued this until it was finished and she got up.

I broke my stare away and looked back down at my plate. I shuffled some blueberries out of the way as I waited for her to leave.

After breakfast, I had headed to potions. With Slughorn.

He was droning on about some potions on display when he mentioned one I was particularly interested in.


I noticed that Slughorn passed a small vile around filled with it. We were to smell it and try to figure out what it was and who it was. Seeing as it was the first day of classes, we weren’t expected to do much.

I suddenly became very wary of Kayla as I saw her sniff the small vial. She looked confused for a second, before regaining her usual face. I saw her passing to another person, and soon enough the vile was handed to me. I grasped a hold of it and sniffed the pink liquid.


Cherry blossoms

Baked goods

And something else, a smell that I can’t recall.

It was Kayla. I knew it.

It was her shampoo, her perfume, and what she does when shes bored or needing to do something. But that other smell, one that was rich and powerful, yet it was so small in smell, I wouldn’t have noticed it if I hadn’t smelled again.

As we were heading to our next class, I groaned internally as I saw Blaise walk over

“Oh look, if it isn’t my 2 favorite lovebirds.”

I looked to my around, before realizing that Kayla was a few feet behind me walking.

Kayla looked up at him with a slight frown,“Oh shut it Zabini”

“Why should I, I like too. I mean it’s not as if you guys are going to hate each other forever.”

“Why can’t we?” If I’m being honest, that hurt a bit.

“As far as I know, Draco’s been a tad bit,” He slowed his pace and leaned in to whisper to her ear,“Maybe a bit more than a tad, like a whole lot, obsessive about you”

Her eyes widened and she glanced at me quickly.

I frowned at Blaise,“Shut up Zabini”

“Why should I?”

“I will not hesitate to hex you and you know it.”

“Nah, you love me too much to do that.”


OKAYY, so we know he falls for her now. So what do you guys think?

Anyways, question of the day: What’s the best thing that you guys have going on right now?

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