Malfoy, Draco Malfoy

Amortentia (K.A)

Kayla’s POV

After last night’s events, shall i say, I went to bedroom trying to find a way to calm down, I mean, who the hell does that?

So I changed into sweats and a loose t-shirt then pulled my hair up into a messy bun.

After around 12 or 1, I felt myself getting tired, so I climbed into the bed, hoping to catch a few hours of sleep before tomorrow morning.

Then I heard the door opening. I stayed quiet, then grabbed my wand and slowly tried to creep down the stairs. After almost reaching the bottom, I peek around to find Draco grabbing a glass and filling it with a drink, Scotch I think, or whiskey.

I sigh in relief, but then find anger rising in me again, so i head back upstairs and try to fall asleep.

I blink my eyes open to find that it’s around 6:45. I sighed and fell into my bed once again, before my brain finally caught up with me, and I sat up.


It was Monday, and I hadn’t gotten up early, I hadn’t even changed. Classes start at 7:45, so I have to get ready in 15 minutes, 30 tops, then run down to the great hall and eat like there’s not tomorrow, or else I’m going to be hungry all day.

Or at least until lunch.

Either way, I’m not risking it.

A string of profanities follow me, as I try to get ready in such a small time frame.

“Fuck, oww ow ow.”

“Oh shit, hurry up, hurry uupp”

“Ahhh, why is everything so hard?”

“Ow, oh shit, look at the time, loook at the timmmee”

“Oh damn it, I forgot my charms book”

I ran around just trying to gather everything, at the same time as I try to change, get some mascara or eyeliner on, or just trying to feed GinGin.

After a good 30 minutes of running around, I manage to get ready, feed the pets, and get everything I needed.

I headed down to the bottom floor of my dorm, with 30 minute left, which meant I got 20 minutes to eat because first period was potions, and it takes forever to get down there, and I don’t like to apparate after meals.

As I walked out to my small living room, I spot Draco in the kitchen still asleep, but I know that he’ll wake up any moment.

I walk into the middle of the room and apparate down to the great hall and I see other people apparating down as well.

I head toward to Slytherin table and sit down by Santi

He looks at me up and down, as if silently judging me

“Good morning.” I look at him with a straight face.

He smirks, but tries to hide it, “Morning to you too”

I look at him disapporvingly, “Go ahead, you can laugh, or pick at me”

He smiles in a laughingly way, “You’re wayy late.” He smiles in a way that I know he’s just thought of something to get at me, “Getting some action finally?”

I slap him on the arm and I can feel the heat on my cheeks, “No, I simply overslept”

“Kayla? Oversleeping? It’s more likely for Harry Potter to die fighting Voldemort”

“Haha, but no, I didn’t sleep until late last night, and I didn’t put my alarm as well”

“Sure sure” He smirks my way, and i slap him on the arm again.

“You can shut up now by the way”

After finishing my oatmeal, I get up and when I look around, I see Draco sitting a few seats away looking my way.

I shake it off and continue heading to potions.

As I walk into the classroom, I see that we have potions with the Gryffindors.

I see Luca and a few other Gryffindors I knew and I waved at him.

He came over and stood next to me. I saw some potions in front of me, and soon enough I heard the class start. I look over and I see Professor Slughorn pulling out a small vile.

He soon starts explaining that it’s Amortentia and how if we smell it, we smell what or who we’re attracted to.

“So today we are just going to pass the vile around and you can just take a few sniffs of it, yes, and then give it back to me. Once done, I’m going to pair you up and you’re going to have to make some of your own.”

He starts giving the small vile to someone and it slowly passes around. I see it get passed to Luca and he sniffs it before smiling softly.

“Falling in love already?” I whisper

His smile falls and he turns to look at me, “No.”

“Yeah, sure”

He passes the potion to me and I sniffed it.




And something citrusy

I try to think of someone who smelled like that. And I kept wondering for the rest of class

I pass it to the next person and soon enough it finishes and we head over to the desk to try and recreate the potion.

As we were heading to our next class, I suddenly heard Blaise Zabini talking next to me.

“Oh look, if it isn’t my 2 favorite lovebirds.”

I looked around, before realizing that Draco was walking a few feet ahead of me.

I looked up at him,“Oh shut it Zabini”

“Why should I, I like too. I mean it’s not as if you guys are going to hate each other forever.” I rolled my eyes at him

“Why can’t we?”

“As far as I know, Draco’s been a tad bit,” He slowed his pace and leaned in to whisper in my ear,“Maybe a bit more than a tad, like a whole lot, obsessive about you”

I felt my eyes widen and I glanced at him

He frowned at Blaise,“Shut up Zabini”

“Why should I?” Blaise eggs him on

“I will not hesitate to hex you and you know it.”

“Nah, you love me too much to do that.” I chuckle slightly at Draco’s friend. I knew that besides me, only Blaise was able to get through the thick skin of one Draco Malfoy.

Okayy, so another one done, just wanted to ask how you guys think it’s going so far?

And THANK YOU FOR 1K READS!!! WJDHEJDIJF freaking out about that actually!

So this ones a bit on the longer side, since I’m probably not going to be updating much because I have Spring Break, and a whole bunch of birthday this week. My dads, my bsf, mine, my bsf’s sister, an old kinder friend, and a few others.

Question of the day: What are you guys doing over your Spring Break?

So mine is going to be used for birthdays (Specifically mine and my dads) and tomorrow we’re doing a drive thru celebration. I baked a whole bunch and am probably going to be up for a while.

Anywho, continue to review, comment, and read!

Love you all my beautiful people! - Kayla

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