Malfoy, Draco Malfoy

New Year at Hogwarts (K.A)

Kayla’s POV

I am sitting at my bed reading when I noticed a small barn owl pecking at my window, I open it to find a letter from Hogwarts in it’s beak.

But-I’m done with school, aren’t I?

I walk into out of my room and down 2 flights of stairs to ask mum about it.

“Mum”, I called out. She didn’t answer so I called again only to find her in the kitchen doing god knows what.

“Mum, I got a- what are you doing?” I asked her while I noticed her trying to beat some eggs.

“Simply making breakfast” I looked at her questionably while she cracked another egg with shells getting in.

I knew something was up because she never made breakfast. Even when I was little, the house elves always cooked and baked because she was known for her cooking (not in a good way)

I climbed back into my room and changed into a pair of pants with a crop top. I then curled my hair and pinned some up then I started cleaning my room a bit. Yes I clean my own room, while my family is wealthy doesn’t mean I’m very dependent on others to do my own things.

I then apparated into the dining room to find some questionable looking foods on the table. I see my mother carrying some food that looks something like pancakes but burned or oozing out batter.

I sit at the table trying to hide the obvious disgust in my face. Dad comes down and sits. I then wait for mother and try to start up a conversation with Dad. He doesn’t pay attention to me as he turns toward the daily prophet. I see my brother, Eric, apparate into the kitchen and he sits.

I always envied and looked upt to my brother. He worked at the Ministry of Magic as an Auror. Dad and I never got along much because he always favored my brother. i tried to ignore it but at times it did hurt. Especially when it came to school.

I see Mum sit down and both me and Eric try to pick out what was edible. I manage to snag few pieces of egg but then i noticed shells in them as mom started talking to me.

“There’s something that i need to tell you Kayla.” She started,” The Ministry has decided that everyone that was in their last year of Hogwarts during the war will be going-”

I cut her off with a simple,” I know, I got my letter this morning and was coming down to ask you about it when I noticed you cooking.”

She nodded and I noticed that Dad had tensed when she brought up this subject. I let it go as I heard my mum trying to start up a conversation.

“So Kay-” She tried to say as I told her I was going up into my room. I heard her sigh then decided to write to Hermione.


Just wanted to check in on you, Ron and Harry and and ask how everyone is doing. Also, would you be up to meet in about an hour? If not, just send me a time that works for you. Also, i got a lot to catch you up on.

-With love,


I then call my owl, Pepper, and ask her to send it.

About 10 minutes pass by when I see her coming back. I see a letter and open it


All of us are doing great and I would love to see you, i’m a bit preoccupied at the moment and I can meet in about an hour and a half. I also have got loads to tell you and miss you. See you in a bit!



I smiled at it then wondered what to do for the next hour and half.

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