Malfoy, Draco Malfoy

Hogwarts Express

I sighed as i grabbed my items with the help of Eric. We then apparated on the train station then grabbed a trolley. I lugged everything on there then ran on the platform. I looked toward Eric and I almost broke at the face he was looking at me with.

“What’s with the long face huh?” I asked just trying to make light of the situation.

“Nothing, just worried for you”

“I’m fine, really. Its not like I’m going to be forced to have kids or something” He laughs dryly then hugs me goodbye. I hug him and he whispers in my ear,“Be safe, I love you”

I pull away then head towards the train, i then board it to go and try to find a compartment.

I find a small empty one, so I walk in and close the door. I then grab the small bag I always carry and look for my book. I quickly pull it out and start reading it. My tics soon start to annoy me and i put it away to try and sleep for a bit. I pulled out my blanket then quickly curled into a corner and am about to fall asleep when I hear someone open the compartment. I stay still hoping they would go away then I her them-or should I say, him-speak,“Hello? you awake? Well, hmm, I’m just going to take a seat,hope you don’t mind”

I shift a bit and then relax. My mind is trying to figure out why that voice sounded so familiar yet not to me.


I soon wake up with a startle because someone was shaking me awake.

I jump up and find myself face to face with non other than the Draco Malfoy. I slightly gasp then he chuckles dryly,” I don’t look that good do I darling?”

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