Malfoy, Draco Malfoy

New Laws (K.A + D.M)

Kaylas POV

After the sorting, we ate and I marveled at the the food. I ate quickly due to the fact that I hadn’t eaten much since breakfast. Once we finished, Mcgonagall quickly stopped anyone from going

“All 7th and 8th years must stay”

I groaned internally and sat back down in an empty seat, soon enough, Draco came over and sat a few seat ahead of me. I groaned and turned to look at Mcgonagall just as she started speaking

“I am sorry to say, but due to the war and all the losses we have experiences, the Ministry has decided that anyone of ages 17 though 35 must all be married and produce at least one child in 1 year.” She looked solemnly and with regret,“I’m very sorry children, but there was nothing I could do to stop it. All of your names have been paired, I will can names and you will be escorted to your rooms.”

I looked around in horror and disbelief. All at once, everyone started yelling. I covered my ears as I started ticcing violently as I noticed that it was a tic attack from my anxiety and the loudness. I tried to escape to the bathroom or the infirmary. I then felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned just to see one of my best friends, Luca, I know he knew that I was in a tic attack and he took me to the infirmary, i couldn’t hear what they were saying and finally after about 10 minutes, it calmed down. I was glad that Luca had went after me and I sighed.

After about 5 minutes, I was allowed to leave

I sat down and asked a 6th year, Astoria Greengrass, ” Hey do you know if my name has been called?” She quickly shook her head no and I thank her with a slight nod.

I heard names being called, then I heard mine, ” Kayla Alvarez and,” she paused to look at the paper,“Draco Malfoy”

I stopped breathing for a second. I started feeling lightweight and then everything went black.

Dracos POV

I heard Kayla’s name then mine, I probably paled and then I heard a slight *thump*. I turned and saw a girl that had fainted I rushed forward to help then I saw it was the girl that was on the train, I sure I paled even more, realizing it was Kayla, then i grabbed her and started heading towards the infirmary.

As we entered the infirmary, Madam Pomfrey walked over and told me to put her on a bed. I put her down and studied her face, and just then Madame Pomfrey came over to check on her. She checked then told me there was nothing wrong with her, she would just wake up. I asked if it was okay to stay with her and her face looked surprised.

“Of course”

*Few hours Later*

I slowly woke up as I noticed that it was morning, I turned to my side seeing that Kayla was already awake, i felt my face heat up and I asked her,“How long have you been up?”

“Since around 5”



“Why the hell would anyone want to wake up at 5”

“I’m an early bird”

“Ugh, mornings”

She smiled at that an I looked around for a clock, when i couldn’t find one I asked.

“What time is it”

“Around 7:30”

“Oh shit, we got to go, we got classes-”

“Calm down, Mcgonagall excused all 7th and 8th years for a week. Just to start to get to know their partners.”

I smiled at her then asked if she wanted to go back to our dorm, she smiled slightly then grimaced, then slowly getting up.

She started walking towards the door and I followed.

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