Malfoy, Draco Malfoy

Dorms (D.M)

Dracos POV

As we walked to hundreds of stairs, I was trying to walk as if it were nothing, but then I noticed that we were heading to the top of the castle. I gaped at the rest of the stairs and called out her name,“Kayla, think we could take a breather, for like 2 minutes?”

She turned to me gasping and trying to breathe and laughed, I mean she laughed at me. It was quite a beautiful laugh, I shook it off that thought as she stopped and responded.

“You would’ve thought that after 7 years, you would become used to all the stairs, but yeah we can take a breather, but just so you know, we will be going up and down the stairs every time we go to our dorms.”

“I was in the dungeons, I didn’t have to climb so many damn stairs, and yeah i know that we will be having to walk these godamn stairs everytime.”

“I was too, at least I spent my time getting used to walking.”

After a good 20 minutes, we made it to the top and to our dorm, we walked inside to find emerald green walls, with silver entwined though out the dorm. It was 2 stories, on the bottom floor there was a kitchenette, that included a stove, microwave, small oven and a fridge along with a few cabinets. A bathroom that. A small living room that had a L shaped couch, with a 2 extra chairs with a small coffee table in the middle. On the second floor there was a small bedroom that had laminated flooring, a bar, and a small closet. There was another small room that was just a main sitting area. i looked at it and smiled lightly. It was quite big. It had a piano, and quidditch supplies in it. There was also sitting chairs for when I have people over. I walked though out the house alongside Kayla and we both stopped at the bedroom.

It was nice, green walls, and big enough for the 2 of us. It was also connected to a bathroom that had both a shower and bathtub along with a double sink, which was nice. It was quite a big room, probably as big as my room back at the mansion. There was also sitting space with a small couch, a coffee table, and a bookshelf. Why the hell do we have a bookshelf?

“It’s nice, quite big too.”

I turned to her staring in awe and disbelief. Well I guess i was in disbelief too, but i didn’t show it.


As the day passed, it was getting more and more comfortable to be around Kayla. We had both changed into comfy clothes just to relax. We didn’t talk much and it was awkward considering our history.

*Flashback to 2nd year*

There we were at 12 years old playing quidditch at the Manors private quidditch field.

We were laughing and giggling while flying, it was around 2 when we stopped and headed inside, we snuck some snacks in a bag before heading upstairs to play wizards chess and just talk.

She had beat me for the 5th time in a row before I could see her eyes drooping and her yawning.

I slowly tried to get her out into her own room, where she was staying for the week, but she wouldn’t budge. She had eventually fallen asleep on my bed and I stared at her face for a few minutes.

Her brown curls that escaped and cascaded down her tan face. Her face was peaceful, unlike the one she had during class.

She was beautiful, there was no doubt in that.

It was 3rd year and we were in the library during winter break, playing chess, when an owl came and handed a letter to her.

She grabbed it and quickly excused herself to go to the common room. She then gathered her things before running to the Slytherin dorms. I ran after her of course, her brown curls bouncing as she ran. She got in just before the painting left and I cursed. I quickly got inside to find her nowhere. I knew her dorm and quickly ran up the stairs and as I stopped at her dorm. I heard crying.

I opened the dorm to find her on the floor crying with the letter in her hands. I quickly tried to get her to talk but she just handed me the letter.


I’m sorry to say but your grandma has passed, she passed just this morning and there was nothing anyone could’ve done. She passed peacefully and in her sleep. I am going to be calling you home after tomorrow. Where you will stay until after Christmas break.

With love and sorrow

-Your mother

I looked at the letter. i knew her grandma had been sick, but not fatally. We spent the rest of the day in her dorm, with me getting up to go get food from the kitchens occasionally.

Christmas break was over and I was on the Hogwarts express, waiting in an empty compartment. I tried to scare off anyone who wasn’t Kayla. Eventually i found she wasn’t on the train.

The next morning, I was given a letter from her.


I know you’re probably wondering where I am and why I’m not at Hogwarts. I’ve convinced my mother to let me stay at home for the remainder of the year. I will not be returning until next year. I do miss you terribly and hope you will forgive me.

With love


4th year

I was boarding the Hogwarts Express when I saw her. Kayla. My best friend.

I quickly noticed her and how she looked. She looked the same but with less baby fat, like, wayy less. She looked almost sick. She also had bags under her eyes. She walked around very serious and almost like she would burst into tears at any moment.

I tried to get her to notice me, but she avoided me.

I couldn’t even find her in any of the compartments.

5th year

Kayla’s successfully avoided me last year. I stopped looking for her after Christmas break.

It was odd. She was the only one who I opened up to.

She gained a little bit more weight and she looks healthier.

I know her though. I know that she’s still in pain. She hides it well. But not well enough.

*Flashback ends*

I looked her way and slowly saw the girl I once knew.

She looked different but the same.

I’m going to be the one to bring her back again.

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