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Dorm (K.A)

Ik, same name, couldn’t think of anything else. This is just going to be the same thing but from her point of view and yeah. Also thank you to all who have been reading my book so far!

This chapter is a little bit more personal to me as I lost my grandma when I was 11. She was from Merida, Yucatan. She tried to teach all of her grandchildren about our Mayan culture and I owe a lot to her. Almost everything form the death of the grandma is true, some parts are tweaked for the sake of the story, but overall true.

If I’m being honest, i cried while writing this.

As I walked up I turned to Draco wheezing and trying to breathe. I couldn’t help but laugh at him. As I giggled he looked at me with a look I knew so well. His ‘I’m going to get back at you later’ look.

“You would’ve thought that after 7 years, you would become used to all the stairs, but yeah we can take a breather, but just so you know, we will be going up and down the stairs every time we go to our dorms.”

“I was in the dungeons, I didn’t have to climb so many damn stairs, and plus, this is way more then we usually walk. i mean, we're at the top of the entire castle, and yeah i know that we will be having to walk these godamn stairs everytime.”

“I was in the dungeons too, at least I spent my time getting used to walking up the stairs.”


We entered the dorm and i silently gasped.

It was huge. Emerald green walls along with white and grey. A kitchen, 2 bathroom, living room, 3 rooms. One that was for living 2 for personal hobbies.

I noticed one was just like the living room just more darker and lighter at the same time. Another had laminated floors a closet, a barre and high ceilings. I knew that this was my personal one. i walked in and checked the closet, there was a bunch of ballet, gymnastics, and color guard equipment.

I quickly found Draco and saw the main bedroom. It was huge. I walked though it to find only one bed and a small resting area in the corner. I then saw the bookshelf I gaped at it. It had my favorites and even more that I would have to read


It was around 4 or 5 when I turned to look at Draco. He was peacefully reading a book and memories of him and I in our previous years came flooding back.


Draco and I sat in his kitchen, sneaking snacks into bags so we could go up and just play chess and more.

As the day passed, I got sleepier from the exaushtion from quidditch and many more physical activities. I couldn’t hear him properly as he tried to get me out of his room. When he accepted the fact that he couldn’t he led me to his bed to sleep on. I fell asleep almost the moment my head hit the pillow.

It was Christmas Break in 3rd year when I got the news.

I knew what was in the letter the moment I saw who it was from.

I gathered my thing after excusing myself and running to the Slytherin dorms. I ran to my dorm and quickly opened the letter


I’m sorry to say but your grandma has passed, she passed just this morning and there was nothing anyone could’ve done. She passed peacefully and in her sleep. I am going to be calling you home after tomorrow. Where you will stay until after Christmas break.

With love and sorrow

-Your mother

I couldn’t believe it. She was gone. She was gone. I started crying subconsciously before I curled up on the floor and started crying as I remembered her as I knew her.

Her smile. Her happiness. The way she loved cooking. Her love for all of us.

Then the bad memories hit.

Her episodes. The way she cried during holidays as if it was the last day she would be here. The way she looked so sick at times. The way she looked at us when she forgot us. Her daily calls and visits to us. Our visits to see her at the hospitals.

I stopped thinking for a moment when I heard the dorm room open. I knew who it was. Draco. He stopped for a moment before sitting down and hugging me. I handed him the letter as he read it with sorrow in his eyes. He then hugged me and just sat there with me.

The day passed and we sat there in mostly silence. He occasionally went to go get food from the kitchens and I was glad of that.

When I got home, Mother explained some more thing and she quickly handed me the things Mami Elo left me.

Her cooking pot

Her little black book

Her journal where she wrote about her days

Jewelry and clothes that was from Merida and her visits to Mexico.

I looked at the items and saw memories of her in each. I sat holed up in my room for the rest of the days, read though the books. Inspecting each piece of clothing and jewelry.

It was the last day of Christmas break an I had managed to convince Mum to let me stay the rest of the year at home. Of course i had to do homeschooling. but I couldn’t go back. Not now at least.

After a while I knew that Draco would be expecting me. I quickly wrote a letter explaining why I wasn’t at Hogwarts and set it on my desk for morning.

As I sent the letter, I just knew that he would be almost furious with it. I quickly set my things up for school only to find a textbook and a parchment explaining the work.

I quickly finished it and spent the rest of the day reading and wandering.

4th year

As i headed to the Hogwarts Express, I noticed the pale blonde hair I knew so well. I quickly avoided him as I noticed him coming towards me. I couldn’t face him now. He knew me too well. He would just try to make me talk about it. And I can’t talk about it. Not now.

I had successfully avoided him during the train ride and after dinner, i had gone straight to my dorms. locking it with a key, meaning that he wouldn’t be able to open it incase he came.

I went to the bathroom to go take a shower before stopping at the mirror. I noticed how sickly I looked. My skin had lost some tan, I had dark bags under my eyes, and i had gotten considerably skinnier from the meals i ad skipped at our family manor.

I had awaken on Christmas morning to hear the mewling of a small kitten. I shot up after it began to raise it’s volume. I walked around before I noticed a small ginger kitten sitting in a small box with food, milk, and a few toys.I grabbed it tenderly and it started purring loudly. I quickly checked it’s box and found a small note on the side


Merry Christmas, I know you’ve been wanting a kitten, so here’s one. It was given the name Wallnut, but feel free to change it’s name. Miss talking to you, and I hope you’ve been feeling better.

P.S: It’s a boy.

I knew it was Draco, I hadn’t told many people that I wanted a kitten. I gave it the name Ginger before reading the last part. Gingin.

I hugged the kitten as a little reminder of him. His pale blonde hair with grayish blueish eyes. I also missed him, but it was better this way.

5th year

I had managed to successfully to avoid him last year, But even I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do it for the rest of our times here at .

As I was in an empty compartment I was met up by a few people who I had come into acquaintance last year. I smiled slightly as Fred and George walked in and started talking about how they were think about starting a joke shop. I smiled and listened as they continued talking. i then saw Draco walking up and down the corridors looking in each for someone. I quickly ran out of the compartment before running into the golden trio.

“Harry wheres the cloak?!”

“Uhh what?

“The damn cloak, the invisibility one you dumbass”

“Ohh, uh in my luggage”

“Ugh, accio invisibility cloak”

I quickly threw the cloak as I saw Draco peek into the compartment and sneer at the 3 friends.

I quickly thanked him as I headed back to my own compartment. I entered and there was Gingin walking around the twins and they were laughing almost evily.

I quickly walked in before my arms started shaking like it was cramping. The twins stared at me,“What the” “Bloody Hell” “Was that”

“I don’t know actually”

I ignored it, but as we were on the train, multiple different movements happened. Some with my hand, some with my head, and others made me talk. I made a mental note to make sure to go to madame Pomfrey after dinner.

After dinner i headed to the hospital wing and waited for Madame Pomfrey. As she walked towards me, my head started going forward, like my chin was being pulled forward from an invisible string.

She walked towards me,“Why are you ticcing Ms. Alvarez?”

“Uh, what?”

“Ticcing, where your body makes involuntary movements.”

“It just started, I don’t know what to do about it”

“It could be a neurological problem, or just something from emotions.”

“Uhh, okayy. Is there anything you can do for it?”

“Not much, just a medication that will make you drowsy, but they will lessen.”

“I’ll skip it, thank you”

She nodded as I walked out.

*End of flashbacks*

I looked at him again as I shook my head. He then turned his face towards me and i quickly turned back to my book. I realized i hadn’t ticced much with him since we’ve gotten back from the hospital, only small ones that he might not have registered.

i felt someone staring at me and I turned to Draco thinking carefully. I smiled slightly and just turned back to my book. His face soon turned determined and I wondered why, I shrugged it off as i told him i was going to my extra bedroom.

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