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Where taehyung masks his true self and shows his good side instead to his parents and Seokjin, his brother he has been obsessing on. What if Seokjin finds out about his skeletons in the closet? TAEJIN FANFIC Started: 041320 Ended: _ highest ranking: #35 bottomjin DISCLAIMER This is a work of fanfiction. If there are any similarities, it is coincidental. I do not allow copy of my works unless you have my consent and as well goes for translations.

Romance / Thriller
Age Rating:


Seokjin ignored the eerie vibe where he felt someone watching him from afar or to who knows where. He continued to search for a new song to play in guitar. Music always distracts him from everything. He closes his eyes as his fingers caress the strings and play the music he wanted.

달과 지구는 언제부터
이렇게 함께했던 건지
존재로도 빛나는 너
그 곁을 나 지켜도 될지

너는 나의 지구
네게 난 just a moon
네 맘을 밝혀주는 너의 작은 별
너는 나의 지구
And all I see is you
이렇게 그저 널 바라볼 뿐인 걸

모두들 내가 아름답다 하지만
내 바다는 온통 까만 걸
꽃들이 피고 하늘이 새파란 별
정말 아름다운 건 너야 oh whoa

문득 생각해 너도 날 지금 보고 있을까 oh oh
내 아픈 상처까지 네게 다 들키진 않을까 oh oh
네 주위를 맴돌게
네 곁에 있어 줄게
네 빛이 되어 줄게
All for you

난 이름조차 없었어
내가 널 만나기 전까진
넌 내게 사랑을 줬고
이제는 내 이유가 됐어

너는 나의 지구
네게 난 just a moon
네 맘을 밝혀주는 너의 작은 별
너는 나의 지구
And all I see is you
이렇게 그저 널 바라볼 뿐인 걸

In the crescent moon night
두 눈을 감아도 넌 파랗게 내게 밀려와
In the full moon night
두 눈을 뜨고서 널 담아도 괜찮은 걸까

문득 생각해 너도 날 지금 보고 있을까 oh oh
내 아픈 상처까지 네게 다 들키진 않을까 oh oh
네 주위를 맴돌게
네 곁에 있어 줄게
네 빛이 되어 줄게
All for you

환한 낮에도 까만 밤에도
내 곁을 지켜주는 너
슬플 때에도 아플 때에도
그저 날 비추는 너

어떤 말보다 고맙단 말보다
난 너의 곁에 있을게
캄캄한 밤에 (yeah)
훨씬 더 환하게 (yeah)
너의 곁을 지킬게

문득 생각해 너는 널 정말 알고 있을까 oh oh
네 존재가 얼마나 예쁜지 너 알고 있을까 oh oh
네 주위를 맴돌게
네 곁에 있어 줄게
네 빛이 되어 줄게
All for you (all for you)


"That was so good, jinnie!"

Seokjin jumped at the voice as he held onto his guitar hoping his heartbeat calm down. "Oh my, I'm sorry if I scared you. I was looking for you until I heard that so I went here."


Seokjin nodded smiling as he puts his guitar down on the floor gently. "It's okay, I was going out after this song but then I didn't realize the time." he chuckled nervously. He watched as his brother came forward with the usual boxy smile he had. Seokjin grabbed the bag for his guitar and wrapped it in.

"Abeoji is mad but I calmed him down. You're lucky to have a brother like me." he carries the bag as he swung it over his shoulder. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bother you, hyung." the older looks at him while waving his hands in the air.

"It's no big deal! I just want my lil baby to be okay." seokjin smiles lightly when taehyung pats his soft fluffy hair. Once all done, Seokjin exits the music room while carrying his guitar and headed outside, Taehyung followed him from behind.


Seokjin entered his room but not before someone pushing him inside and closed the door. He shrieked when he was pinned to the door and his bag fell from his shoulder.

"I know this is wrong but I can't seem to control myself when you're around." Taehyung slides his hands to his waist and pulled Seokjin closer to his chest.

"B-but hyung.. we're brothers.. we can't-"

"Shh, I don't want to remember that. Just love me, please?" he starts to give pecks on his neck as Seokjin felt tickled at the spot. "Hyung.." taehyung's hands went under his shirt but before he went any further, a knock was heard.

"Dinner is ready", seokjin's mother says behind the door as Taehyung dropped his hands from the boy and stepped back, distancing themselves.

Seokjin opens the door but not before fixing himself. "I'm coming, eomma."

Once seokjin left, taehyung waited for a good few minutes until following him. Seokjin helped settling the table with his mother as taehyung called for their father. Seokjin sat across Taehyung as he was too flustered to make eye contact with the elder and started to eat.

"Seokjin-ah, how are you doing? Talent Music Competition is this wednesday, are you still signed up?" his mother asks. Seokjin looks up as he nodded. "Yes, eomma. I'm practicing for it after class in the music room."

"That's my baby, just let me know if you need something. Your happiness matters to me." she smiles brightly. Seokjin nods. "What about you, taehyung? Basketball's tournament finale, will be the day after tomorrow. Are you ready?"

Taehyung smiles, "Yes eomma, I hope you guys can come see it."

"Sure, taehyung. I already have canceled my meetings just to see you play", the father said as he took a sip from his drink. Taehyung's eyes widen, "Abeoji, you don't have to do that. I understand that you're not free all the time." seokjin's face fell into confusion as he stares at the elder. Since when has he been this nice?

The father shook his head, "It's alright. I can make time for the three of you."

Seokjin stands up and grabbed the empty plates and lay it on top of one another as he head to the kitchen. "I'll help him", taehyung stands up as he cleans the table and gathered the glasses. He walked to where Seokjin is and when their parents are out of sight he puts the glasses on the sink as he wrapped his arms around the boy. Seokjin flinched as his face flushed again.

"You're going to the tournament, okay? I want my baby to be there", he buries his face into Seokjin's neck who shivered at the elder's breathe caressing his skin. "I'm gonna kiss you, jinnie." he turns him around and slams his lips onto the younger's plump ones.

Seokjin didn't move, he was too evolved around the kiss. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn't contain his feelings for his hyung. Seokjin wraps his arms around Taehyung who smirked into the kiss. When the kiss heated, seokjin pulled away before something bad happens. He stares into Taehyung's brown orbs.

They both knew this was wrong or so what Seokjin thought. Taehyung knew they weren't brothers by blood. He kept this as a closed book, not wanting to hurt Seokjin that he was adopted or more like given away by his biological parents.

He doesn't even know that he has a step brother that is obsessed with him ever since he stepped into his life.
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