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Hawks vs The Charlie Horse


What I think would happen if Hawks got a charlie horse in his wing, and it leads to some spicy lovin' with Dabi and my oc Sapphire. I actually thought of it while I had one in my leg early one morning before work, on a Monday. --EDIT-- Second chapter warnings: ROUGH sex, MFM (same as the first chapter), double vaginal, biting (<-- will be a constant in all my stories), name calling, Dabi going from subby to dominant very quickly (warning is in the story), hair pulling, branding (fully consensual).

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Charlie Horse?! Ouch!

Hawks was laying on the king bed on his stomach, with his wings tucked in towards his back, with Dabi to his left and Sapphire to his right. They were all asleep, still undressed except Sapphire who had on a tshirt, Dabi had cuddled up to Hawks in his sleep. Sapphire was faced away from them, her long blue hair over her shoulder, about to fall from the bed. Hawks started groaning in pain, then suddenly his left wing shot straight out with him letting out a pained yelp. His wing shooting out woke Dabi up and his yelp scared Sapphire off the bed. Dabi heard Sapphire crash onto the floor with a "Oof!"
"What the fuck is the matter with you, you chicken bitch?" Dabi asked, grouchy from getting woken so suddenly.
"My wing, it hurts! Ahh!" Hawks was trying to reach around to his back. Sapphire sat up, still half asleep, looked back at Hawks who was attempting to stretch his wing out, she sighed sleepily then stood, yawning. She walked from the room and to the kitchen, limping, with Dabi's light grey shirt barely covering her.
'They were a bit too rough last night. But I dont mind.' She took a hand towel and soaked it water and heated it in the microwave until it was steaming hot. She grabbed another towel to take it out and slowly went back to the bedroom where Hawks was still moaning in pain. Dabi wasn't there, she assumed he went to the bathroom, she climbed on the bed and straddled Hawks' naked lower back.
"S'not the time, baby bird." He gritted through his teeth. Sapphire sighed and plopped the steaming towel on his shoulder blade where his wing joint was, making him yell.
"That's hot, kid!" He yelped out.
"Not the time huh, then I suppose you don't want this hot towel on your back, or the relief it'll bring?" She left the steaming towel on his back and got off him and the bed. She wondered to the living room and laid out on the chaise lounge stretching her sore limbs.
'A hot shower will do me wonders right now, but I'll wait until morning.' Sapphire soon fell back asleep with her arms above her head, the shirt she wore riding up her thigh. Dabi left the bathroom and went back to the bedroom to see Hawks laying there pouting, a hot towel on his back.
"You finally shut up, what was that?" Dabi asked as he looked for Sapphire.
"A charlie horse in my wing." He was still pouting as he stretched his wing out, much easier this time.
"And Sapphire helped you. Where did she go?"
"Not sure." Hawks sat up, the towel falling down, looking around the room as well. Dabi walked out of the bedroom and to the living room. He saw her stretched out on the chaise lounge wearing his shirt.
"I was wondering where that was."
He walked over to her and saw her sound asleep, though the shirt she wore had rode up past her thighs. Dabi grinned before he walked back to the bedroom door and motioned Hawks to join him.
"I found her. I think we should have some fun waking her up. Why should she sleep while we're awake?"
They walked back to the chaise lounge where she had moved her arms down and over her stomach and the shirt had rode up further exposing her sex. That point they both grinned and nodded to each other.
"Let's see if we can get our songbird to sing our favorite song again." Hawks said. "Especially since she was so sweet to help me out." Hawks climbed on the lounge as well, only with his head level with her sex.
"Look at this Dabi, looks like our songbird is having a very nice dream." He took his middle finger and pressed it against her sex. "She's so wet already."
"Or is she still wet from earlier?"
Dabi kneeled next to the lounge and caressed her cheek as Hawks dipped his pierced tongue against her clit making her groan in her sleep. Dabi leaned down and pressed his lips to hers waking her. Sapphire returned the kiss, her arms wrapping around his shoulders. Hawks, not like being left out plunged his tongue deep into her making her gasp in the kiss with Dabi. She went to pull back but Dabi kept her there, one hand gripping her neck, his tongue playing with hers, before pulling back, a string of saliva still connecting them.
"Did you think we were done, little mouse?" Sapphire was panting and moaning, from Dabi's kiss and from Hawks eating her out down below. She glanced down at the red winged hero, his eyes, darkened with lust, met hers as he fervently ate her out, his pierced tongue flicking against her clit making her squirm. Dabi had reached down and pulled the shirt up exposing the rest of her, his hands were warm on her breasts.
"We're not done by a long shot baby bird." Hawks moved a finger into her, as Dabi took a nipple into his mouth making her moan loudly. Sapphire reached down and threaded her fingers through Hawks' golden hair and spread her thighs open for him. She moved her other hand up Dabi's back, her fingernails lightly scratching his scarred flesh. He growled around her nipple and glanced up to look her in the eyes, his own pierced tongue flicking across her nipple.
"You two are going to ahhn-!!" Dabi gave a small bite to her nipple as Hawks did the same to her clit, then added another finger inside of her.
"Still so tight baby bird, despite everything we did last night." He leaned up and kissed her deeply making her taste herself on his tongue. Hawks pulled his fingers from her as he pulled from the kiss and Dabi gripped his wrist and brought Hawks' fingers to his lips and licked them clean.
"You taste so good, little mouse." Sapphire shivered as she watched Dabi clean Hawks' fingers. She moaned feeling Hawks grind himself against her clit.
"Does my baby bird feel that? Feel my hard, thick cock against your clit love bird." He reached up and palmed her breast and rolled her nipple in between his fingers.
"I'm going to make you feel very good, love bird."
"Don't you mean we, bird brain?" She felt Dabi tangle his fingers in her hair and pulled her head back, kissing her roughly. His lips were very hot against hers so she let her ice cover her lips, steam rising between her and Dabi. He pulled back from the kiss smirking.
"I suppose things are steamy between us little mouse." She felt the collar being put around her neck once more, Hawks tightening it slowly as he rubbed his cock between her folds, rubbing on her clit making her moan and squirm. Sapphire reached out and gripped the head of Dabi's thick member, her palm wrapping around the shaft gently. She heard him groan in her ear as he started pumping in her hand, her fingers gliding over the Jacob's ladder on the underside of his shaft making him moan before he captured her lips with his once more. She gasped and moaned feeling Hawks start to enter her.
"Ahh, Sapphire. How are you still this tight..?" He gripped her leg and brought it over his shoulder letting him settle himself deep into her. He didn't give her anytime to adjust before he started moving, pumping in and out of her slowly at first.
"Oh, fuck yes! You feel so good around my cock." Sapphire moaned loudly in the kiss with Dabi, as she continued to pump his pierced cock. Dabi shoved his tongue into her mouth while he pulled on the chain collar around her neck. Sapphire squirmed her hips and squeezed her hand tighter around Dabi's thick girth making him groan and pull away from their kiss. He stood, his free hand moved to her hair and pulled her towards him.
"Why don't you taste me little mouse..?"
Sapphire grinned and opened her mouth to welcome his thick cock, her tongue flicking over the head before taking him further into her mouth. She moved her hand to rest against his abdomen, moaning around his girth as Hawks fucked her faster. Sapphire let a bit of ice build up on her palm resting on Dabi's stomach, steam rising as he growled, his hand fisting in her hair. Her tongue glided over the Jacob's ladder as she moved her head back and forth.
"Ohh, yes. Just like that little mouse.."
He moved his hand from the collar to her breast, rolling the nipple between his fingers before giving it a pinch. Sapphire gasped, choking on his cock before pulling away for air. Sapphire panted taking deep breaths before Dabi pulled her back to his cock. She raised her eyes towards his as she moaned around him while she purposely moved her leg that was over Hawks shoulder, her toes brushing through his sensitive feathers making him gasp and moan.
"Ohh, baby bird.. you shouldn't have done that.." He reached over and gripped the collar around her neck as he pounded into her harder. Sapphire used her free hand to reach up and run her nails down Dabi's hip making his thrusts falter for just a moment and making a growl release from his throat.
"Little mouse, you're just asking for punishment aren't you?" Dabi asked as he thrust his hips faster, the tip of his cock hitting the back of her throat making her gag around him. He looked down to meet her eyes which were full of lust and mischief making him smirk. Sapphire moved her hand from Dabi's hip and down to grab his family jewels making him give a loud moan and she ran her toes threw Hawks' wings once more making him moan as well. Hawks gripped her leg, holding it still as he continued to pump himself in and out of her.
"You don't want to do that again baby bird.." Sapphire moaned around Dabi's thick girth and squirmed feeling Hawks hit a spot inside her that made her see stars. She pulled away from Dabi's cock, her hand wrapping around it, gasping for breath. Hawks took this chance and pulled her up towards him by the collar around her neck and pressing his lips to hers hungrily. He let her leg drop to hang over his elbow and moved his other hand to grip under her other leg, picking it up. The new position made Sapphire gasp, feeling Hawks fuck himself deeper into her. She pulled from the kiss panting and moaning. "H-hawks.. I.. mmhm." She tilted her head to the side feeling Dabi start to nibble on her neck. He had moved behind her, he started rubbing his cock on her ass.
"Are you ready, little mouse? Ready for both of us to be inside you?" He growled against her neck, his hands on her waist.
"Does the burnt chicken nugget want to join me in fucking my baby bird?"
Dabi positioned himself at her rear entrance, Hawks pausing his thrusts for a moment lifting Sapphire up a bit as Dabi pushed into her, stretching her and making her toss her head back onto Dabi's shoulder.
"F-fuck..!" Sapphire gripped onto Dabi's arms tightly. Dabi nipped her neck softly as Hawks gripped her thighs lifting her and letting her drop making Sapphire gasp and groan. Both Dabi and Hawks thrust themselves up into her, Dabi growled, his hands gripping her waist, he bit down and suckled her neck leaving a large hickey. Steam slowly started to rise on Dabi's arms where Sapphire was gripping his wrists. Hawks tightened his grip on her thighs as he picked up his thrusts once more. He pressed his lips to hers, her moans slipping in between their lips. Sapphire squirmed between the two males, moving her hips opposite theirs. Hawks pulled away briefly.
"How do you feel, love bird?" He asked, his hot breath tickling her lips. "Do you feel full? Do you want more?"
"Do you like feeling both of us inside of you princess?" Dabi licked her neck and as he spoke, his hot breath sent a shiver down her spine. Sapphire let out a loud, lewd moan feeling both men thrust themselves up into her. She groaned feeling the hands on her waist heat up, she bit her lip to try to stifle the moans that were threatening to spill from her throat when Hawks gripped her neck and kissed her roughly.
"Don't be quiet, princess. We want to hear you scream in ecstacy." Dabi growled against her neck. Hawks pulled away from her almost bruised lips.
"That's right, we want to hear you sing for us songbird. Don't leave us hanging here." Hawks said as he sped up his thrusts once more, his wings spreading out to the side. Dabi also thrust faster nipping her neck, his hands leaving handprints on her waist making her moan loudly.
"Ahhn.. pl-please.." Sapphire leaned her head back onto Dabi's shoulder, arching her back.
"Please what, princess?" Dabi growled lowly in her ear as he thrust up harder making her give out a soft scream.
"That's it, little bird. Scream for us. Sing us your pleasure." Hawks said as he also thrust harder, his wings flapping slightly as they started to puff up. "Fuck.." He felt her tighten around him as he spread her legs a bit more. Sapphire started shaking, gripping Dabi's arm, steam rising from her ice and his heat, her other hand moved to grip Hawks' shoulder. She felt both of them start to twitch inside of her, she closed her eyes as they continued to thrust into her faster, harder making her scream again, only louder.
"Yes, song bird. Sing for us. Yes.. I fucking love hearing you sing. Nngh! You're so close aren't you. I can feel it. Fuck!!"
Hawks gritted through his teeth.
"You going to cum for us little mouse? Fuuckk, you feel so good right now. I love hearing those moans of yours princess." Dabi growled in her ear, thrusting his hips faster making Sapphire groan as her eyes rolled back as she felt the coil in her tummy pull tighter before it snapped making her scream once more before feeling both Hawks and Dabi release inside of her, both of them moaning, Hawks' wings spread out to their full span. Dabi nipped down on her neck as he slowed and stilled as Hawks continued thrusting making Sapphire ride her orgasm longer. He eventually slowed to a stop, his wings dropping down behind him. Sapphire panted, her body still twitching, she gave a tired moan as Dabi pulled away from her.
"Let's get you in a hot bath little mouse. You look like you need one." Dabi stood and leaned over to pick her up, one hand behind her back, the other replacing Hawks' arms and pulled her up. She gasped and bit her lip feeling herself lifted off of Hawks. Dabi walked out of the living room and to the large bathroom and started running a hot bath for Sapphire. He sat her in the water and she gave a sigh of relief. Dabi turned and grabbed a washcloth as Hawks walked in and sat on the edge of the tub. Dabi slipped into the water behind her, dipping the washcloth into the water and ran it across her back gently. Dark bruises were forming on her neck and shoulders from where he bit down. He continued to run the cloth over her neck and shoulders making her sigh in relief. Hawks dipped a cloth into the water and pulled her leg up and ran the wet cloth over it softly.
"You were such a good song bird. Taking both of us like you did." He pressed small kisses to her leg as he helped wash her.
"That's right, princess. You were amazing for us." Dabi whispered in her ear as he ran the cloth over her breasts and nipples making her moan softly. She leaned back against Dabi her eyes closing tiredly.
"Rest little mouse, we'll take care of you."
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