The Little Spirit


Base on a beloved disney movie, Jack falls in love with Queen Elsa, and is determined to be part of her world. Some twists, turns and musical numbers to keep the story new and intresting A lonely Spirit name Jack Frost wants to feel like he belongs somewhere. The only comfort is being with the humans, against his father's rules. One day,he saves the Royal family of Arendelle and falls in love with the Queen. Now he yearns to be with her, even if it means a deal with the nightmare king. Based on the Little Mermaid

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Lands Beyond

The waves crash onto the majestic boat that treads through the waters outside of the kingdom of Arendelle. The ship had two main sails, a woman on the bow and about a dozen sailors working everything. The captain maned the wheel and peering over to make sure the other men do their job right. After all, they have special guests aboard.

Anna rushes over to the side and bends over to smell the salty sea air. “Isn’t it great Elsa?!” She cried out. “Out of the open sea, nothing but the wind in your face and the ocean on your skin. And on a beautiful day too.” She looked down to see the wonderful sea creatures swimming beside the ship.

“Ohh, I want to smell the sea,” Olaf said as he tries to copy Anna, but he was too short to fully get up on the beam of the ship.

“Be careful Anna,” Elsa said as she looks at her sister. “We don’t want to fish you out of the water...again.”

“Elsa relax, I’ll be-whoa!” She flails her arms, making it look like she was going to fall overboard. But when she clutches her hands to the rim, she broke out laughing.

Elsa shook her head at the sight; sometimes wish her sister would take things seriously sometimes.

The royal family decided to spend a few days out on the open sea to get away from stress of palace life. Princess Anna thought it would be great way for her older sister to not worry about her kingdom on her birthday; instead she would spend it with the people she cares about.

“Um guys,” the girls turn to see Kristoff help his reindeer Sven down a set of steps. “You might want to avoid the poop deck for a while.”

Sven gave an apologetic look, regretting whatever he did. But both girls giggle as the move away from them.

“They took that well,” Kristoff said with a weird voice to make it look like Sven is talking to him.

“Well, next time go below deck,” Kristoff said to his reindeer friend before scratching him on the head.

The sailors around them were hard at work making sure the ship sails smoothly through the waters. To keep their spirits high, they sang a little song.

“I’ll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue!” One sailor cries out.

“And it’s hey to the starboard, heave-ho!” The others shout.

“Look out lad, a mermaid be waiting for you!

In mysterious fathoms below.”

As the sailors sing their merry little song, Elsa made her way to the front of the ship and looked into the water. The memory of her parents played in her mind. Making her kinda sad that’s she’s out here now. She looked up to the sky, wonder if her parents are watching her now.


Arms from behind hugged Elsa around her shoulders.

“Are you ok?” Anna asks her as she pushes her head into her sister’s view.

Elsa nods as she turns her head to look at her sister. “I’m fine Anna,” she said. “Just thinking of mom and dad.”

“Oh,” Anna said leaning back a bit. “Yeah.”

Elsa looked away from Anna and looked at her hands, sending a little sparkle of snow in between her fingers. “It’s been almost 5 years since they’ve died. I wonder if they’re proud of me.”

“Of course they are,” Anna said with a smile. “I bet they’re the proudest parents...wherever they are. You rule with a far hand, making the people happy and safe. How can’t they be proud?”

“I’m still unsure,” Elsa said. “I want to do just as great as they did. But I don’t know how I can.”

Anna huffed much exaggerated to grab her sister’s attention with a wide smile. But Elsa knew her sister’s facial expressions too well and can tell what her sister will say before she said it.

“No,” Elsa said pulling away from Anna.

“What?” Anna said. “I didn’t say anything.”

“I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is no,” Elsa said walking away.

“But I’m not,” Anna began to say before giving up the cover up. “Alright, I was. But come on Elsa, you’ve been on your own for far too long. It’s time for you to go out there, find a guy, have a nice dinner and all that romantic stuff and...”

“Anna stop,” Elsa said with a small giggle. “I’m perfectly happy on my own.”

“No you’re not,” Anna said. “I’ve seen you look out of you balcony and watch couples walk together in the moon light. It about time you walk with someone like that.”

Elsa smiles, but tries to hide her hurt on the inside. She has been lonely for quite some time, often sitting on the throne talking to diplomats and officials. Her sister and her husband have kept her company on occasion, but then would leave to go sleigh riding in the mountains and having fun in the market. Even Olaf would go and spend time with the snowgies and marshmallow. Leaving Elsa all alone in the castle. She tried not to mind, she’s been used to being on her own. Sure, she had dreams and fantasies of a prince by her side. But being with someone also scared her deeply. She’s different than any ordinary girl. Having powers that can change with emotion can label as someone to stay away from. Nobody wants to be accidentally frozen if a date goes sour.

Actually a couple of people have dated her; princes from various lands have tried to win her hand. But all of them couldn’t get past her freaky powers. So they’ve all cancel their dates and leaving Elsa even more heartbroken.

So Elsa secretly decided to harden her heart and given up on finding someone. Best to avoid the trouble all together.

“Oh Anna,” Elsa said looking at her. “I’m just not ready for that yet. And besides, I’m sure there’s no guy for me out there that can possibly understand me.”

“You won’t know unless you look,” Anna said.

“I’m too busy to look anymore,” Elsa said. “Besides, who needs a man when I have to look after you little sister?”

“I’m not that little anymore,” Anna said with a giggle. “I actually have a husband.”

Both girls look at Kristoff and Sven, sharing a carrot between them.

“He has his moments,” Anna finishes.

Both girls giggle to themselves as the turn back to see the sea and the kingdom far beyond the horizon. “You know I care about you Elsa,” Anna said with a subtle tone. “But I don’t want you to be alone all your life.”

“It’s alright,” Elsa said with a small yet sad smile. “I’m used to it.”

The girls became silent and still for a bit, starting to feel a little uncomfortable with the situation.

A sailor man above the girls on a shroud peered out onto the sea before them. “A fine wind on the open sea. I’d say that the spirits are in a good mood today.”

“Spirits?” Olaf asks the man.

“Why yes little snowman,” another sailor said. “Spirits are all around us. Who do you think makes all the wonder and hope in the world.”

“Oh come on!” Kristoff shouts to the sailors. “That’s just a myth.”

“Says the boy who grew up with trolls,” Anna said while crossing her arms.

“Good point,” he admits.

The sailor continued his tale. “The spirits are said to live all around us, and only appear if they want to. They travel all around the world, spreading their natural gifts to us.”

“Like what? Chocolate and pies?” Anna asks.

“Some do,” the man said. “Like there’s one man that brings presents to everyone in December.”

“You mean Santa clause at Christmas time,” Elsa said.

“Oooh, I love Christmas,” Olaf Squealed.

“Yes,” the sailor said. “Another one brings Easter, and there’s one for Valentine’s Day, and another for Halloween.”

“Spirits aren’t there just for holidays,” an old sea dog said off on the side. “They also bring dreams to us and help us remember things. There’s even spirits that rule the snow.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Anna said hugging her sister’s arm. “Elsa here is the true queen of the snow.”

“No offence your majesty,” the old man said, “but legends tell of a spirit that has great powers over the snow. Who do you think makes winter come each year.”

“Who exactly?” Elsa asks out of curiosity.

“They called him Ded Moroz,” the man said.

“I’ve heard of him from the books in our library,” Anna told everyone. “He’s also known as grandfather frost, complete with a long white beard and a long white staff. But I still don’t believe he can control the snow as well as my sister, but I may be bias.”

Elsa smiles for Anna thinking the world of her, but she’s hardly an expert in her powers. Maybe there was someone out there with powers like hers, someone real though.

“Speaking of my sister, your birthday party is tonight,” Anna continued. “And we have to get everything ready for when the council arrives.”

Elsa rolled her eyes, not really wanted them to be here. While Anna jokes of Elsa getting a husband, the council has been really pushing for Arendelle to have a king. They’ve even try to bring princes from faraway lands to try to win her hand, with very little success.

Anna continued as she walks away from Elsa, “We still need to wrap a few things, so if you could stay there and not go below deck for a bit.”

Without another word, Anna grabs Kristoff and Olaf and drags them down the hatch and down below.

Elsa smiles as she looks again out on the sea, thinking about what the men said about the Ded Moroz. Does he really exist? Could he have more control of ice then her? Maybe if she did believe in spirits, he can give her a few pointers. She leans over the edge and made a small snowflake in her hands. Once she made a perfect one that shines in the light. She looks at it while listening the men behind her resume their songs.

"There’s spirits out there in the big open blue,

And they shine as the sun at dawn.

Do you believe in the magic you seek?

There in the lands beyond.”

Elsa smiles as she lets her snowflake fly through the air, letting the wind carry it high up the sky. She leans on the boat and wonder what was out there in the lands beyond.

Up at the North Pole, Ded Moroz received a very warm welcome from his close friend North. The yetis and the elves were at hard of work around him, preparing for another Christmas that was coming up in about 7 months. But Moroz was here for another reason.

The spirits do this annual thing where they get together and talk about their future plans for their holidays and see if they if they can get Tsar’s blessings. It’s was an exclusive meeting just between the leaders of the holiday spirits and Moroz as the voice of the man in the moon. Being the oldest, talking, and powerful spirit, Moroz is often the spokesperson within the spirits. They even nick named him the ice king, or as people see it the king of spirits.

In one respect, the spirits have viewed Moroz as their king. He is one of the closest to the man of the moon, and has a lot of power. He uses all his powers to protect the spirits and to keep them safe from threats like Pitch and his nightmares. He also does his best to keep order to the other spirits, making sure they do their jobs right and not mess around with the mortals. It’s not that he doesn’t like them, but they all just wither and die eventually, so there’s no need to attach yourself to them. But that negligence has made his heart cold for humans.

But now is no time to wallow on mortals, now it’s time to get to business with his friends. And this meeting it going to be special.

“It’s nice to see you again Nichols,” Moroz said with a smile under his long white beard.

“Likewise,” North said expanding a hand for the old man to shake.

Any elf that passes by them had to stop to check who is who. Moroz and North looked so similar. The only exception was that Moroz robe was dark blue with white frost embodied in it and his long white walking staff in his hand.

North leads the ice king to his office where everyone is waiting. He spots the usual spirits there, Cupid, the leprechaun, Silly the April fools jester, and Bunnymund.

“It’s wonderful to see you all again,” the old man said to everyone.

They all greet him with a respectful bow and a kind gesture.

“Before we begin this year’s meeting,” Moroz said, “we need to get our newest member to our event.” He turns at looks at Bunnymund. “Can you go and get my son.”

“No problem,” Bunny said as he hops out of the room.

Technically, Moroz doesn’t have a son, but this boy has been under his wing for so long, they started to care for each other in a father son relationship.

The boy’s name was Jack Frost, a 300 year old spirit that can control the ice and snow. Moroz saw much potential in the boy and his command of the snow. Jack was so alone and lost when he found him, so scared. Moroz took him in and trained him to control his powers, even given him a wooden staff of his own. Moroz’s hope was for Jack to take his spot one day and be a respectable spirit.

But that hope is slowly disappearing. As Jack’s powers grew, so did his curiosity and wild nature. He would rather run off and make snowmen then sit through anymore lessons. If he stays still for too long, he would twitch and send of little snowballs to annoy everyone. The king did everything he can think of to change Jack into a calm person, but he’s have no such luck. Jack is like a wild horse with no rider.

The times that have been more painful for the king is when Jack would sneak out to be with the mortals. He would often freeze water areas, set off snow storms and play pranks on the humans. To try to fully stop him, the king casted a spell so Jack would stay invisible to the mortal world. But it didn’t stop him, it only made him rebel even more.

But this time, he’s sure to make Jack sit in on this meeting. He’s had Jack locked in a small room until the meeting started.

Bunny grumbles as he makes his way to the room. “Why am I the one that has to go get that little ankle bitter? He’ll just give me some lip as usual. Well if he thinks he can freeze my fluffy tail, he has another thing coming.”

Bunny made it to the room and turned the knob. But the door wouldn’t open. He tries banging it to get it open, but it still wouldn’t budge.

“Oh come on,” Bunny complained. “Cricky, Don’t do this, not now!”

Bunny slammed his body to the door and broke it open. Hard ice was on the other side of the door and frost covered the walls. High above was an open window that was big enough for a person to go through.

“Uh oh,” Bunny said with his ears flopped to the side of his head. He knew the king would not like to hear about this.

When Bunny returned with no Jack, Moroz’s face became red with anger.


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