Chapter 4


By: Hugo Reed

Chapter 4: Rivals Battle

"How about a three on three?" Ash offered.

"Fine with me."

Gary smirked at Ash again and threw out a pokeball. After a bright flash of light, his Eevee appeared; practically singing it's name.

"You think I'm going to fall for the same trick again? Go Kingler!"

The huge crab pokemon showed in front of him and showed off it's razor sharp pinchers.

"That's pathetic Ash, your Kingler's not nearly fast enough to catch Eevee."

"Just you watch! Kingler guillotine!"

Ash had learned something from battling in the league. You couldn't think purely about the moves happening right this second. You had to think like you would in chess, trying to think six moves ahead. Guillotine only had a 30% chance of landing because it was so easy to dodge, and with Eevee's speed, Kingler would never make it. But Gary had done something particular with his Eevee, and taught it to dodge by jumping.

It was a useful idea for attacks that covered a large area, like flamethrower or surf, but it did have glaring weakness and Ash knew what it was.

"Eevee, dodge it!"

"Got you," Ash whispered. "KINGLER! Before it lands, use crab-hammer on it!"

"Eevee, use protect!" shouted Gary, knowing Eevee was in trouble.

Eevee tried to save itself but couldn't and the giant claw collided with the small fox pokemon. It skidded across the dirt and Ash smiled.

Direct hit. he thought. Your move Gary.

"Not bad, you've been training. But if power's your game let's see how you like my Nidoking!"

Ash lost his smile. Nidoking knew electric attacks sometimes. If Kingler took a straight hit from a thunderbolt, it was out.

"Kingler! Bubble!"

Ash had been training. Bubble lowered speed and Ash figured he could use Kingler's speed as an advantage in this situation.

"Nidoking! Thundershock!"

"Dammit!" Ash swore softly. "Kingler! Harden!"

Kingler hardened just as the bolt struck it. It wobbled a bit, but stayed up. Ash breathed a soft sigh of relief.

"Now Kingler, Hyperbeam!"

A glowing ball began to appear inside of Kingler's claw as it charged up the attack.

"Nidoking! Use quick attack!"

Gary wasn't a stepping stone by any standard. He knew if the hyperbeam hit Nidoking would go down from Ash's next pokemon with ease. It was all a matter of timing. Nidoking rushed forward and reached Kingler at the same time it released the beam. Both collided with a huge boom and Ash had to cover his eyes as the rush of wind blew over him. When he looked back, Nikoking was up, but wary and Kingler was out.

"Kingler, return. You did good. Pikachu, go!"

Ash's favorite yellow pokemon ran out into the field, ready for battle.

"Nidoking, earthquake!"

Ash growled. Nidoking was a hard opponent, knowing so many different attack types. It was like a small team all on it's own.

"Pikachu, leap up onto Nidoking's head!"

Pikachu moved forward using all the speed in it's little body, and avoid the earthquake before leaping up to get to Nidoking.

"Now!" said Gary. "Mega punch!"

"Pika?" the pokemon gave a cry of surprise before feeling the attack hit home.

It was sent rolling across the field and Ash groaned softly. Gary had used his own strategy against him. Just as stubborn and annoying as ever. Pikachu got up, wincing slightly.

"Pikachu!" said Ash. "Agility now!"

Gary furrowed his eyebrows.

"Nidoking! Poison sting!"

Nidoking shot poison darts to the yellow mouse, but Pikachu nimbly avoided them.

"Pikachu! Get it with thunder!"

Pikachu clamped onto Nidoking's tail and blasted it full force with all the electricity in it's body. Nidoking fought for moment, but then toppled over. Pikachu was still up, but completely drained.

"Nidoking return! I choose Blastoise!"

"Pikachu come back!" Ash called.

It would've been great to use Pikachu on a water type, but as it was the pokemon was far too tired. Ash thought through his pokemon and decided he may as well go with the type advantage.

"I choose you, Bulbasaur!"

Another bright flash of light, and the grass pokemon appeared. Ash saw Gary size up the pokemon. Clearly he was just as weary of Bulbasaur as Ash was of Blastoise.

"Bulbasaur! Razor leaf!"

"Bulbasaur!" cried the plant pokemon, spitting out several cutting leafs.

"Blastoise!" cried Gary. "Use withdraw!"

Blastoise retreated into it's shell and Bulbasaur's attack did minimal damage. However, Ash had been counting on Gary doing that.

"Now use whirlwind!" Ash called.

Bulbasaur filled it's lungs with air and send Blastoise flying. When the great turtle pokemon landed it was wobbling sightly.

"Quick Bulbasaur before it catches up, use vine whip to toss it!"

Bulbasaur did as Ash called, but Gary was ready.

"Blastoise, hydro pump!"

Blastoise gave two blasts from it's mighty cannon and Bulbasaur was sent soaring.

"Now!" Ash called. "While your in the air charge your solar beam."

Right as Bulbasaur landed it gave a mighty blast and this time, Blastoise didn't get up again. Gary recalled his pokemon, looking crestfallen.

"I guess you really have been training," he said.

Ash was ecstatic. He'd never, not once, beat Gary in his life. It felt as though he'd achieved a milestone in five seconds. He heard Brock and Misty giving him congratulations, and grinned ear-to ear.

Duplica saw how pleased Ash was with his victory, and why shouldn't he be? He'd done very well and improved a lot from the last time she'd seen him. An idea crept into her head and she knew Misty wouldn't try it in twenty years, so naturally Duplica was going to.

She ran up to Ash and embraced him tightly, giving him a, "Good battle Ash."

While her chin was behind his shoulder, Duplica shot Misty a glare and it was returned. After Duplica broke the contact between them she smiled lightly at Ash's confused face.

"Enough!" Misty called out.

She walked forward and grabbed Duplica by the wrist to argue where Ash and Brock couldn't hear. As soon as they were out of earshot, Misty rounded on her.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"What do you think?" Duplica asked, smirking. "I'm just doing what you're afraid to."

"What exactly is it I'm afraid to do? Act like a slut?"

"I do not! You're so frightened of your feelings that you'll never show him any kind of affection. I'm not going to make that mistake Misty."

"Whatever!" Misty said fuming.

"There's only one rule," said Duplica. "All's fair in love and war."

Misty smiled, and Duplica could see the wheels in her head turning.

"Go Starmie!" said Misty, throwing the pokeball.

"What are you doing?"

"Starmie, hit Duplica with your water gun!"

The blast came too quickly for Duplica to react in time and she got drenched by the attack. If this is the way she wanted to play so be it.

"Ditto! Transform!"

"Ditto, dit!"

Ditto glowed bright pink before transforming into Starmie and Duplica anxiously felt her hair as she heard Brock and Ash approaching. It was soaked. Misty had clearly followed her advice.

"Starmie! Tackle attack!"

Duplica shook herself and put her head back in the game.

"Ditto! Harden!"

Ditto obeyed her instruction and Starmie's attack glanced off the pokemon.

"Now Ditto," she said, smirking again. "Use thunderbolt!"

Ditto used it's borrowed body to spin so fast that electricity sparked and finally flew at Misty's Starmie. The water trainer had clearly never learned of this 'secret' technique Starmie could do and the water pokemon took the blow in full, knocking it out cold. Duplica heard Ash give his approval of her skill from the sidelines.

"Come back now, Ditto. Looks like you'll have to keep training to become a better water trainer Misty. Good job Ditto."

Misty sulked off to the side, irritated that she'd been beaten.

"Well looks like someone's gotten over their defeat from the league."

Ash turned to face the voice and saw his mother professor oak strolling up the sidewalk. He smiled lightly; his mom was the same as ever. Ash thought he'd have to describe his mom as plain. She wasn't too intelligent but not stupid. She didn't follow traditions, but was still protective of him. He loved her regardless, after all, she was is mom.

"How was your trip, mom?"

"It was fine," she said in her ever-cheery tone. "What made you want to battle again so soon?"

"Well I had mine earlier with Gary and finally whooped his a- I mean... I beat him."

Ash was sure his mom had caught the slip, but she decided to ignore it.

"Congratulations honey! You must be starving, let me make you all something to eat."

"NO FOOD!" Ash shouted.

Both Delia and Professor Oak raised their eyebrows at this statement. Ash not wanting food was as much a rarity as Gary being humble.

"There was a cooking contest earlier," said Misty softly.

Delia glanced at Misty with an inquisitive look but didn't say anything. Ash added that as another of his mother's good traits. She knew when people wanted to be left alone. Ash suddenly remember the battle that she and Duplica had been having and decided to figure out what had been going on for himself.


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