Disney Ghostbusters: The Return

Epilogue: Forget Me Lots

Thanks to one big M.I.B. standard neuralyzer embedded in the torch of Lady Liberty, much of New York City had forgotten the antics of Bill Cipher and the Descendants while they possessed Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Leidy, and Christina.

A week passed since then.

The descendants enlisted in the Junior Ghostbusters program to make up for their actions, being the first JGB recruits that were also ghost themselves.

Agent Kay had been restored to normal with Bill’s spell on him broken.

He paid a visit to the Ghostbusters’ firehouse headquarters with Agents Jay and KaeLeigh, as well as the Pines family, who became hired consultants of the M.I.B. to keep tabs on the weird activity around Gravity Falls.

“Jay and KaeLeigh filled me in on what you people did,” Kay told the Ghostbusters, noticeably swallowing his pride. “I…erm…I owe you a great deal of gratitude for the service you’ve given to stopping Cipher…and, uh…saving me.”

It was clear to Venkman and her team that they had earned the old man’s respect.

“You’re very welcome,” she humbly returned. “But something tells me you all didn’t come this way just to say thanks.”

Her intuition was spot-on.

KaeLeigh sighed upon delivering the bad news: “We’re still under orders from Oh. She did say we had to wipe your memories, once this was all over.”

“Well, you wouldn’t be the first that tried it,” Jacqueline noted.

Jay frowned at her remark. “What you mean?”

“Another Ghostbusters team from another dimension tried to have our memories wiped after we saved the world together, just like you guys,” Jacqueline elaborated. “They opted to let us keep them instead.”

“The Zeta Ghostbusters,” Kay recognized. “The only other Ghostbusters team we’ve ever maintained contact with across the dimensional barrier. They have a Venusian that’s a bit of a [email protected]$$, if you ask me.”

“Speaking of other Ghostbusters from other dimensions,” Spengler said, “whatever became of the girls?”

“Yeah, we haven’t seen them since we killed Cipher,” J.G. stated.

“Star and Marco helped them to return to their dimension,” Mabel verified.

“And we never did find out who Star and Marco were or why they helped us,” Dipper said. “They just pop up from nowhere with a magic wand and guns that shoot knockout lasers.”

“They didn’t go into much detail as to how they brought the other Ghostbusters back to their world either,” KaeLeigh added to the mystery.

Kay checked the time on his wristwatch. “Well, let’s not dawdle on this any further, kids,” he said with the utmost haste. “Oh expects us to report back at thirteen hundred hours.”

The three M.I.B. agents and the Pines family started to put on their shades.

“Wait,” J.G. spoke up. “Can I have one last word with KaeLeigh?”

He led her outside the firehouse in the broad daylight, standing under the company sign that hung proudly above the front side entrance.

“Join us,” he pleaded to her, cringing at the words he used, which made him sound like Darth Vader luring someone to the Dark Side. “Become a Ghostbuster, I mean. I’ve only known you for about a week. Are you really happy being part of the Men in Black?”

KaeLeigh smirked and countered, “Are you really happy being a Ghostbuster?”

She surprised him with that shrewd albeit fair inquiry.

“I suppose we both were pretty unhappy before we met back in Gravity Falls,” J.G. shrugged. “I broke up with a woman who’s now caretaking the Underworld.”

“You poor thing,” KaeLeigh sympathized. “You’ve had it way rougher than me.”

“Why? What’s your story?”

“I don’t think I’m ready to tell it yet. Besides, you’re getting your mind wiped, remember? All I’ll say is that you’ll one day find an ordinary woman who’ll give you the happy, normal life you deserve.”

Shedding tears that KaeLeigh sadly cleansed from his face with her delicate touch, J.G. accepted the reality of his situation and told the beautiful M.I.B. agent, “I guess I’ll see you around.”

“No…you won’t.”

Tears streaming down beneath her shades, KaeLeigh held the neuralyzer to J.G.’s countenance and activated the device.

Orbiting the Earth, the sleek, polished hull of a massive spacecraft like no other – at least not of this present timeline or universe – gleamed against the distant sun. The occupants of this spaceship knew its register as “U.S.S. Enterprise.”

That included Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz.

They were beamed back aboard the starship, having spent many hours away on the surface of the planet Earth, and greeted by a pointy-eared woman with long black hair – the Vulcan first officer they knew as “T’Eve.”

“We’re baaaaaack,” Star hailed in a gleeful singsong tone.

“By your conduct, I assume your mission was successful,” T’Eve perceived.

“You bet your buns we were,” Star said. “We found just the right people to add to our forces of good.”

“Your associates in the Men in Black organization,” T’Eve surmised.

“Not only them, but the Ghostbusters, too,” Star expounded.

In the exchange, T’Eve had taken notice in a strange book Marco held. “What, may I ask, is that you are holding, Mr. Diaz?”

“Star was the one who wanted me to get it from that bookstore J.G. Stantz used to run, but she still hasn’t told me why we need it,” Marco nitpicked.”

“Marco,” Star lectured her best friend, “we need the Necronomicon to take us to our final recruit: a great warrior with a chainsaw for a hand! Oh, man! I cannot wait to meet her!”

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