Disney Ghostbusters: The Return

Chapter Seven: Back to Our Roots

Tipton Hotel manager Marion Moseby would think he’d be used to handling damage control after so many years of managing. He’s had to deal with everything from rowdy hooligans like Zack and Cody to two major supernatural crises forestalled by the Ghostbusters.

So what made tonight any different?

Several hotel guests were checking out all at once, as soon as word got out on the news that the “Evil Ghostbusters” (as they were deemed on the news) were on their way towards the Tipton.

It only became worse once London Tipton stormed through all the guests to complain herself.

“Moseby,” she whined. “All my party guests are leaving because of those icky Ghostbusters! I thought they’re supposed to be heroes! They stopped that big mushroom guy, fourteen years ago!”

“It was a marshmallow man, not a mushroom,” Moseby corrected her.

“Same difference,” London furiously shrieked. “What’re you gonna do about my party guests?! Katy Perry high-tailed it out of here before she could get to the second verse of ‘Teenage Dream’!”

How’s it this girl still acts 15 when she’s 29? An irritable Moseby pondered.


A man outside bawled to the immediate panic of the congregated hotel guests.

They all piled out, while the possessed Ghostbusters team entered.

Moseby, being the frightened milquetoast he was, wisely hid behind the front desk. He thought London would’ve joined him there, but the spoiled woman-child densely took it on herself to stand up to the bullies with the nuclear accelerators strapped to their backs.

“Now look here,” she said. “Your not-so-funny pranks have ruined my birthday!”

“It’s your birthday?” Cipher delightedly responded. “I love birthday parties. Tell me, little girl. How old are you today?”

“Twenty-nine,” London answered. “And proud of it.”

“Well, that’s funny. ’Cause you look way older than that.”

Cipher held a mirror to London’s face.

The airheaded heiress let out a horrified squeal, seeing the reflection of a London Tipton that had aged fifty years with grey hair and heavily wrinkled skin.

And it wasn’t just in the mirror; the terrifying change reflected both ways!

The elderly London ran away screaming.

With her out of the way, Cipher and the descendants pressed on towards the roof, taking the elevator.

“So, why this classy joint for your big showdown?” Cipher asked his new cohorts.

“It’s where they killed our parents,” Mal coldly replied.

The face of Christina Melnitz cringed in correspondence with Cipher’s reaction over Mal’s response. “Sheesh! And they say I’m twisted!”

Carpooling in two black SUVs, the mashup of Ghostbuster and M.I.B. teams (along with Star, Marco, and the Pines family) maintained contact with each other through earpieces. They also donned black jumpsuits for their temporary alliance.

Another news update came on the radio:

The “Evil Ghostbusters” had permeated the Tipton Hotel.

“Anyone else getting a sense of déjà vu from all this?” Natalie queried.

“What do you mean?” Patty asked her.

“The Tipton was where we defeated Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, and Hades years ago,” J.G. explained.

“Why would Cipher choose that spot to get our attention?” KaeLeigh deliberated.

None of the Disney Ghostbusters could come up with a solid theory.

“We’ll just figure that all out once we’ve taken out Cipher,” Agent Jay constrained, clearly hell-bent on destroying the dream demon to save his longtime partner.

When the teams arrived upon the scene at the hotel, the first thing they noticed was the swarm of police and military.

“Why do they always call these guys?” Abby derided. “Like bullets are really gonna stop a ghost.”

“No, but they can stop a human possessed by a ghost.”

Erin made this disquieting observation just as soon as the police and military were alarmed by the arrival of Natalie, J.G., Jacqueline, Sean, Meagan, and Lisa – who were all still Ghostbusters from their point of view.

A variety of standard issue guns were hastily drawn to them.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Venkman protested.

“This is all a misunderstanding,” Spengler appealed.

“Yeah, hear us out,” Zeddemore beseeched.

But the police and military personnel were too triggered by recent events to listen.

Thankfully, KaeLeigh had a backup in play for just a situation, taking her neuralyzer out of her pocket and cleansing the minds of every single police and military officer in front of them.

“Gentlemen, thank you for your services,” she addressed afterward. “This was merely a false alarm. The Ghostbusters are not evil, so you are all free to return home to Netflix and chill…or whatever it is you guys do in your spare time.”

And, just like that, the police and military hypnotically dispersed.

Star, Marco, the Ghostbusters, and the Pines family could not have been more amused by the capabilities that handy M.I.B. tool carried. “I’m totally going to steal that mind-wiping thing after this is over,” Holtzmann whispered to Abby.

Clear to enter the Tipton Hotel, they progressed on their way.

Never before had the lobby looked so deserted…at least it seemed that way until an old acquaintance of the Disney Ghostbusters arose from behind the front desk.

“Moseby?” Natalie identified him in surprise. “Have you been hiding there this whole time?”

“Of c-course I h-have,” the trembling hotel manager stuttered. “A-And I w-won’t let a-any of you hurt m-me!” He grabbed a desk lamp for protection; it shuddered under his grasp.

“Relax, Mr. Moseby,” Jacqueline calmly said. “We’re not here to hurt anyone.”

Moseby scoffed. “And why should I believe that? You’ve allowed those hooligans to tear apart all of New York City! Even your own secretary, for cryin’ out loud!”

“We assure you, Mr. Moseby, we’re getting to the bottom of this mess,” J.G. ensured. “Do you know where in the hotel our friends might be?”

“They were on their way up to the roof,” Moseby told them. “The mouse said something to your secretary about it being where you killed their parents?”

Things started making more sense after Moseby divulged this information.

“Cipher didn’t enthrall Mickey, Donald, Goofy, or Leidy,” Spengler discerned. “They’re possessed by other life-forces.”

“Ones that happen to be the children of our worst enemies,” Natalie stated.

“Well, this just made things more complicated,” said an uneasy Jacqueline.

“Not for me, it don’t,” Agent Jay gallantly professed. He was already boarding the elevator, pressuring to catch up with him before the doors closed.

While heading up to the hotel’s topmost floor, Meagan made a gagging noise.

“What’s the matter with you?” Lisa asked her.

“I just visualized the idea of Maleficent and Jafar having children.”

It made Lisa retch herself. “Yeah, if I think any more about that, I might wind up vomiting in this elevator.”

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