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My Dreams


Nothing need to be said

Fantasy / Romance
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Me X Todoroki X Bakugou X Kirishima

Me/Zai, Jirou, Deku, Todoroki, Bakugou, Momo, Mina, Kirishima playing Truth or Dare. But I’m skipping to the fun part so it’s just me/Zai, Momo, Kirishima, Bakugou, Todoroki.

Momo- I’m out *getting up*

Zai- wait don’t go please!

Momo- why?

Zai- Bc I don’t wanna be the only girl.

Momo- I’ll stay for a bit if I don’t wanna do it then I’m leaving you ok. *sitting back down *

Zai- ok *smiling* Kirishima truth or Dare?

Kirishima- truth

Zai- *goes and crawls up to Kirishima *

Kirishima- what are you doing? * Looking scared*

Zai- Relax * goes to his ear* whisper in is ear ~ is it true you like girls and boys? Tell the truth I won’t tell.

Kirishima- oh you scared the shit out of me * Zai starts laughing * yeah it’s true

Zai- do you want me to tell the others?

Kirishima- No plz

Zai- ok * goes back and sits down *

Todoroki- what did you say?

Zai- nothing don’t worry about it, ok Kirishima it’s your turn.

Kirishima- Momo truth are dare?

Momo- dare...

Kirishima- u dare you to kiss todoroki.

Momo- No sorry Zai byee.

Zai- you said no so u can leave me!

Momo- I’ll get you food tomorrow then.

Zai- OK!

Kirishima- That make her forget give you fast *giggles*

Momo- her favorite thing is food so if you wanna dare her she loves food * smirks*

Zai- I love food but don’t say it like that and if I was go on a date I don’t wanna eat I wanna go somewhere Momo.

Momo- yeah yeah I’m leaving now.

Zai- so now who goes...

Kirishima- how about Bakugou you go.

Bakugou- Fine Zai Truth or Dare?

Zai- Umm truth I don’t trust you...

Bakugou- have you kissed someone?

Zai- Yes.

Todoroki- who?

Zai- you guys don’t know them, ok todoroki truth or Dare?

Todoroki- truth

Zai- have you kissed a boy or a girl?

Todoroki- I kissed a girl

Zai- Boring... how many

Todoroki- one...

Zai- more boring

Bakugou- how many girls and guys have you kissed?

Zai- I kissed 2 boys and ....

Todoroki- How many girls?

Zai- * mumbled* 6...

All of them- say it louder

Zai- I KISSED 6 GIRLS AND 2 BOYS! Happy.... * holds knees*

Todoroki- are you gay...?

Zai- No.... I like both... * Still holding knees*

Kirishima- you ok?

Zai- ...I didn’t wanna say that.

Bakugou- you told him too damn ass

Zai- Kirishima already know...

Bakugou- wtf

Zai- Bakugou- truth or Dare...?

Bakugou- omg dare

Zai- I dare you to say your the biggest dick and you have to be nice to me for a month...

Bakugou- Omg fine, I HAVE the biggest dick. *starts laughing *

Zai- That not what I said, I said you have to say you ARE not you have, ARE!

Bakugou- Ok I’m the biggest dick, happy

Zai- no Bc your still a dick...

Bakugou- Kirishima truth or Dare

Kirishima- dare

Bakugou - I dare you to slap Zai in her mouth .

Zai- I what don’t slap me!

Bakugou- omg you have too

*Kirishima slaps Zai’s in her mouth*

Zai- happy ... dick

Bakugou- Dont call me a dick

Kirishima- Zai Truth or Dare

Zai- dare

Kirishima- * he know that they were thing they where dating so he said....* I dare you to give todoroki and Bakugou a hicky

Zai- eww fine...

* Goes to todoroki and grabs his neck and give him a hicky she bit him a bit tho todoroki kinda liked it*

Zai- there... see it.. *looks away. *They all look*

* goes to Bakugou and give him one didn’t do that much Bc he’s a dick*

Zai- happy they both have one.

Kirishima- ok go Zai.

Zai- * She looks at Bakugou with misters*

Todoroki- u ok why you looking at Bakugou like that?

Zai- Bakugou truth or Dare?

Bakugou- Umm dare...

Todoroki- you didn’t answer me!?

Zai- Bc... * goes to him ear *~ Bc Bakugou didn’t get turned on but I didn’t do much but still...

Todoroki- ok...?

Zai- you did * todoroki blushes* so i was going to see if he can... * she backs up to see todorokis face* are you blushing...?

Todoroki- No...

Zai - you are, but will you help?

Todoroki- I guess.

Zai- ok Bakugou I dare you to let me and todoroki make you get tured on..


Zai- your out if you don’t...

Bakugou- I’m not going not going to loss to u. Hurry up, it’s not going to work tho.

*Zai and todoroki crawl over to Bakugou ...

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