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Our story (bakudeku)


Hey guys! Ok first some parts wont be the same as in the show so forgive me thats not my writing style I might include their quirks. There is smut selfharm depression and rape and abuse you have been warned

Romance / Fantasy
Kat Rooks
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Chapter 1

Dekus pov

As i walk to school alone i feel someones hand on my wrist i turn back to see kacchan standing there looking at ne worried as i wince at the pain in my wrist. "kacchan that hurts." i said tearing up a little. "sorry nerd" he said pulling my sleeve up to see how bad ut was and he started crying st what he saw. He saw what must have been 30 or more cuts on my wrist. "why?"he said crying looking up at me. "bc im a deku! Im quirkless and useless. Im worthless. Im a good for nothing bitch!"i said crying as he pulled me into a hug as i cried into his shoulder he rubbed my back. "deku your amazing i love you!" he said looking at me and i smiled "i love you too kacchan" i said blushing as i feel his lips on mine and he taste sweet. like candy. I smiled kissing back. Kacchan held my waist. And kissed my wrist "im sorry for everything " he said "its ok" i said showing my best fake smile and hiding the razor in my pocket but it was to late he already felt it and had taken it out of ny pocket "never again baby"he said

Kacchans pov

I grabbed dekus hand walking to school and smiled as i moved his seat next to mine and sat him in my lap. "baby call me daddy from now on no matter where we are understood ?" i asked looking at his beautiful green eyes. "yes daddy" he said licking his lips lightly.

Sorry its short
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