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A Boundless Place {DM} || Vol. III of ASP


Volume III in the 'A Secret Place' Trilogy. The finale of the three books is selected to be the opposition to the 'calm' after the storm. It is the trail of aftershocks after the devastating earthquakes. It is the wreckage left from typhoons and hurricanes. It is the ash and debris that are preserved after a house has been consumed in flames. They'd learn to exist within the wreckage. Draco Malfoy and Magnolia Morningstar return after fulfilling their task of killing their headmaster. The malicious and ink is reborn into Draco's veins as a reward for his accomplishment by Voldemort himself. It cursed him to a seemingly unrelenting fate. At the same time, Lia attempts to be a spy while navigating life with the scars Lucius had left her with. Narcissa is with child, Ocenne (Nana) leaves a devastating prophecy and a wedding is transpiring at the end of summer. Lives are squandered at too high of a price, leaving four undeserving children as orphans on the run. But how far could they escape before their legs inevitably gave out? art by @definitelynotak

Romance / Fantasy
5.0 15 reviews
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Hey babes, I’m back!!!

“A SECRET PLACE”- CHAPTERS 1-42 (very light stuff)

“A BROKEN PLACE”- CHAPTERS 43-61 (actual plot starts here)

“A BOUNDLESS PLACE” CHAPTERS 62-80? (no comment)


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