Ambition - Draco Malfoy x Tvd


" I can't describe what i feel, but I do feel something" Amelia Salvatore, daughter of Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore goes to Hogwarts. She starts having these weird feelings towards Draco, and that's when her life changes completely.

Erotica / Romance
Sarah Ojito
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I woke up today to feel the warmth of the bright sun on my face. I groaned at the annoyance of it, as i grabbed a pillow from under me and placed over my face so I could continue sleeping.

" Wake up, it's your first day" a voice yelled from the stairs, making their way up here.

They removed the pillow from over my face and opened the curtains, how a wonderful way to start a day I guess.

" What do you want mom, let me sleep" I turned the other way.

" Your not missing today" My mom told me.
She threw a envelope onto my bed, as inspected it from where it was.

My hands went to reach for it, as i looked at the front and back of it.

The front said ' Amelia Salvatore' this made me more interested for what could possibly be inside the envelope.

I opened up the envelope, as i pulled out the letter that was inside.

My eyes scanned the letter, reading every word that was on it.

Dear Miss Amelia Salvatore,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy.

All necessary books and equipment can be purchased in Diagon Alley. Term begins on September 1.

We await your owl no later then 31 July.

Students shall require to report to the Chamber of Reception. We are happy to receive you.

Professor Minerva McGonagall.

First of all, what's hogwarts? How do they expect me to go to some diagon alley when no one knows where the fuck that is.

Honestly, the silliest shit I've heard today.

" Hurry up and get yourself down here!" Mara screamed from downstairs, I then looked to the side of me and she wasn't sleeping in her bed.

I then got myself off of bed and went to take a shower. I stepped inside the shower, as I turned on the warm water.

The warm water hit my face, streaming down my bare naked body. I grabbed the shampoo I always use, and my hand went through my hair- into my scalp to wash myself properly.

I then washed my hair with conditioner. Once i was done washing my hair, i used body wash for the rest of my body.

Once i was done, I turned off the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. I walked to the room me and mara shared, as i got myself into clothes.

Once I was done changing, i started brushing my hair. I then put on perfume that smelt like daisies.

I then rushed downstairs, as my parents were still calling my name to get me down there. I scoffed as I made my way, I'd rather go back to Mystic Falls High.

" Hey mom, how are we suppose to get to Hogwarts?" I asked her, as i took a seat at the table.

" Elijah will help you get there, you can say he knows his ways" Elena responded back.

" Like in Elijah Mikaelson?" I questioned his name.

" Yes" The only word that came out her mouth.

" Elena, you know I'm not fond of Elijah taking my kids to school" A voice from behind her said.

The voice made himself know, and it was my father.

" Well Damon, we don't really know of where the so called Hogwarts is now do we?" Her head turned into his direction.

" No, but we could always ask anyone else, but your ignorance is in the way of that" He scoffed.

" Do we even know anyone else who knows where that hell of a place is?" I entered myself in the conversation.

" Language, young lady" My mom gave me a glance.

" No i suppose we don't know anyone else" He stated, as he placed his hands on my mother's shoulders.

" Therefore, thats why Elijah is taking them there" she gave a sarcastic smile, that made my father roll his eyes.

" And Amelia, next time don't be such a sleepyhead" A smile appeared on my fathers lips.

" And father, next time don't call me a sleepyhead" I gave a sarcastic and annoyed smile, then rolled my eyes.

" Your lucky i'm no longer a vampire, or I would have compelled you to have better behavior and attitude" He replied.

" Good thing you aren't, that would have been annoying" The tone of my voice got higher, just for him to hear the words my mouth formed.

" Well don't let this turn into a argument" Mother spoke a word, at last.

We then heard a knock on the door, as Mara got up from where she was sitting to open and see who it was.

My eyes were on the door, as Mara opened it. It was Elijah, and then someone unexpected came along too.

It was my aunt, Caroline Forbes.

I shifted out my seat, and went to give my aunt a warm welcome.

" What brings you here, Caroline? Oh wait I already know, I told you to go with Elijah incase he rips their hearts out" my father grew confident with what he has said.

He and Elijah exchanged looks as my father then stepped in front of me, causing me to stare at his back.

" Don't rip my daughter's heart out, there'll be a problem if so" He spat, not breaking the eye contact between him and Elijah.

" Dad, it's not like your a vampire. Suppose you stop acting like you are one. Your just a human." I scoffed.

" And you aren't, Amelia Salvatore?" He turned in my direction, his back now facing Elijah.

" Not really, since I'm going to a school for witches? If that counts for something."I felt confidence within myself.

He rolled his eyes, as he turned back to look at Elijah.

" Just take care of them, please" he finally calmed down.

" You have my word, Damon" Elijah reassured.

Hope he was actually keeping his promise. As we got into his car, we just drove off.

Durning the car ride, I haven't spoke a word to Elijah or Mara. I kept my eyes focused from what was outside the window.

Mara hasn't spoken a word either, since we've only seen him only a couple of times. We weren't able to call Elijah someone we actually knew, since my parents had history with him and his family.

Too history that I'd rather not speak of, since it was filled with anger and all the horrible things.

My parents took the cure for vampirism, to have me and mara.

There wasn't much to really do, the car ride was going to be long. I didn't feel the need for excitement, I don't have a passion for school.

There aren't much interesting things, boys weren't interesting either. All of them are stuck up and have no clue what the definition of respect someone is.

I was taught, that love isn't something that lasts a very long time. You aren't lucky to find the right person anywhere.

There aren't too much of perfect boys, but I don't have to time to figure any of that out for myself. It's stupid that people believe in such word, most of them never get so lucky.

Good thing I don't believe in love, or I would have cried myself to sleep from embarrassment that would be.

I never once experienced love, so I wouldn't know what it would be like. It was be too much issues if I were to.

My mom and Dad believed in their own love, as they were the perfect people for each other. People die for love and such things like that.

I wouldn't, I know that.

I grew bored by the second, actually wishing we'd get there soon. I started fiddling with my fingers, as I felt eyes on me as I did.

I then turned my head into Mara's direction, and noticed she was the one that had eyes on me. I gave a glance, that caused her to look back to her side of the window.

I then put my eyes back to look out the window, the surroundings as Elijah continued to drive.

I then realized we were far from home, I knew how much I was going to miss it.

We then arrived, to the train station.

We got out, as Elijah escorted us there. I got my luggage out from the trunk. We then made our way onto the train station, as we took our seats.

After a good 20 minutes, we got off the train and were walking our way for our next stop.

We stood in-front a brick wall.

" What are we suppose todo, admire the wall?" I huffed.

" You walk through it to get to your destination" Elijah spoke.

" What idiot walks into a brick wall? Unless if your desperate to get yourself killed" Mara responded.

I then watched as a ginger haired boy ran into it, passing through it. I then stood there, shocked with what I've just seen.

Elijah then gave us both a glance, as he crossed his arms in front in his chest as he knew he was correct.

We then went in, and then it was an entire new world. A new world exposed to our eyes to see.

The first thing we needed todo was get our wands, we stepped into the shop for it. We've already gotten those things that they call money here. Elijah has his ways, don't know how.

He probably went to threaten someone who he's the original vampire, but probably no one really heard of him here.

This was a place not even the originals were known.

" Why hello there, I assume your here looking for a wand?" whatever he was asked.

" Yes, I suppose I am" I answered politely.

We kept trying different wands, until I found the one right for me. I then left, with the wand in my hand.

After everything was done, Elijah left us within the walls of the school.


We really arrived, I was surprised by the looks from outside of it. It looked like a dream. My sister and I didn't know much about the houses you get sorted in, so we really didn't care what house we got into.

We were now waiting to get sorted, as they called up someone.

" Ravenclaw!" the hat spoke, as the girl found its way to the Ravenclaw table.

" Mara Salvatore" McGonagall spoke loudly, as my sister walked up and sat in the seat. The hat was placed over her head.

" Gryffindor!" the hat yelled, as everyone cheered for her and she made her way to the Gryffindor table.

" Amelia Salvatore" She then called my name, as i walked up nervously. I swallowed thickly, waiting for the hat to say any house for me to be sorted in.

" Slytherin!" the hat yelled, i walked over to the slytherin table as people were cheering.

There was open seat left, next to a platinum blonde headed boy. He was the only one that wasn't cheering, and he watched as I took a seat next to him.

His eyes were on me, as I dared not to look.

" Didn't know mudblood's get sorted into Slytherin" he murmured under his breath.

" Would you like to say that a little louder?" i demanded, as i turned my head towards him.

He turned his head into my direction.

" What did you just say?" The platinum blonde boy scanned my face, his brows furrowed with anger.

" You heard me, would you like to say that a little louder?" I spat at him.

" Do you know who your talking to?" He asked, anger within his voice.

" I do, I'm talking to some raging dumbass who can't keep his petty mouth shut" I fumed, my blood felt like it was boiling. I wanted his head to be teared from his body.

" What the fuck did you just call me?" he raged.

" Are you death? Or must I repeat myself?" I fumed, my pulse quicken. I just wanted to find wherever my dorm was and never leave it.

Everyone was getting up, so I did as-well. We all went to the slytherin common room, as someone said the code to get inside.

I ran inside as everyone else did, and just rushed my
way to where the dorms were. As I was going to open the door to the dorm, someone grabs me by the wrist.

It was the same ignorant platinum blonde boy from earlier, the grip he had on my wrist got tighter.

" I don't think we were finished" He opened the door for me, and threw me inside. He then grabbed my wrist again, and threw me onto a bed.

His face was hovering over me, as his hand went to my throat.

" Thinking you could escape fate now could you?" He leaned in and whispered into my ear, sending a shiver up my spine.

" Take off your shirt" He demanded.

" I said, take off your shirt" the grip he had on my neck got harder.

" Guess I'll do it for you" He whispered into my ear again.

He took off my shirt completely, as I gasped. His eyes darted to where my bra was, as he then gazed at my eyes.

We then held eye contact for moment, then his eyes went to where my bra was again. His finger glided across my breasts, shivers sent up my spine.

His other hand was still tight around my neck. Fuck he's strong.

" Never test me again" He told me.
" Because you have no clue of what i'm capable of" He says, as he kept gliding his finger along my breast.

He leans in and whispers into my ear seductively
" Did i make myself clear Salvatore?"

I nodded slowly, but his face told me it wasn't enough. The grip he had around my neck got tight enough to make me gasp for air.

" Use your words" His voice laced with anger.

" Y-yes" i stuttered, as a grind grew across his face.

He let go of my throat, as he opened and shut the door behind him.
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