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" I'd kill for you in a heartbeat " They found each other when they were broken, the many emotions is what they feel for each other. They held onto each other during the pain, something that showed how true their love was. They made each other feel a new emotion, happiness.

Romance / Erotica
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It was dark at night, and I was in the car with my parents. We were back from vacation. As my dad was driving, with my mom on the seat next to his, we passed by a sign " Welcome to Mystic Falls"

I didn't have much todo on our way back to back since my phone was drained of battery. I decided to turn on the radio and listen to the news. " This is the Mystic Falls News. There was an animal attack on basin road. The victims of this were Amy Toretto, age 20 and David Lee age 24.

We hope we find the deadly beast. Please stay safe, and watch out for danger "

My dad turned off the radio and said " Can they just find what sort of animal that is already and get on with it"

My mom puts her hand on my dads.
" Hunny you know there trying the hardest they can, once they do find whatever animal this is they'll put a stop to it" she replied.

I rolled my eyes, this shit was so fucking stupid. I sat back, looking at the car celling. I felt the car all of a sudden stop. Then it started moving on a again, I looked out the car window to see what in the hell was going on.

I looked in front of me, my dad worrying as he didn't have control over the car. We crashed into bunch of trees then the car fell into the river. I covered my face as soon as we touched water.

I was scared. I'm gonna die, aren't I? I took my hands off my face for moment to see my surroundings. The car was slowly filling up with water.

I started screaming. My parents, some reason weren't in the car.

" Mom! Dad! Help!" I screamed again. I got a glimpse out the the broken car window and i noticed my parents fell out the front car windows, bleeding out.

They couldn't fight for their lives, they were at the edge of dying. I quickly took off my seat belt, afterwards swam to the surface of the car calling gasping for air. I kept turning my head side to side, in panic.

I tried fighting for my life. The car slowly filled up and I sunk to the bottom of the car, i banged my head on something and blacked out.

At this point it wasn't worth fighting, everything was pitch black. That's all i could see. Pitch black.

It's a couple hours later, and I woke up. I was on ground, and not in water. The first thing when I woke up was man, hovering over my body. He got off me as soon as he noticed i was awoken. I turned over, coughing up the water.

He turned my head to his face, and made sure i was looking at him in the eyes.

" From this moment, you will not remember who I am, your not to remember me as the person who saved your life. When they ask you who saved you, your only response is you don't know ". He compelled.

My eyes closed and open as whatever was in front of me wasn't there anymore. I don't remember what happened after the car accident.

I looked turned my head multiple directions trying to find my parents. I later realized, with a frown on my face that they were dead. I tried holding back my tears, but I couldn't. I actually lost them.

The hospital arrives and I start to hear sirens go off. They saw me, looking helpless.

" Ms, can you tell me your name?" the man that hopped out the hospital van.

" M-my name is Sadie, S-Sadie Vettaro" I stuttered.
" Well Miss Vettaro, can you tell me what happen?" he asked.

" I was in a car crash, someone saved me. I just don't who did " i responded.

I felt like i was falling apart. I felt like shit. I wanted to scream until i didn't have a voice to say not even a word.

They got me to the hospital, to check and see if i had any wounds. They found one on my leg, don't know how it got there in the first place. They found multiple other wounds, but I forgot where they said they were.

My head hurt a lot, so it was hard to concentrate. When they checked to see if there was any bruises on my head, they found one. They gave me medication for it.

" Do you have anyone that i can call to let them know your here?" the nurse asked.

With a frown on my face and tears dripping down my face i said " No, my parents died. In that car crash."

I started crying into the pillow, because i had no one to hold or hug me. I don't like feeling such horrid pain. It was too much for me to handle. I don't know why it's worth living such pain. I just can't think straight.

My life is so fucking fucked up.
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