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BABYBOY || P.JM × Reader ✓


"Why is a nice boy like you doing dirty things in my head?" ©thefictioncafe Warning: × This story contains some mature and triggering content . × Mention of self-harm [You have been informed before . Don't read if you are uncomfortable ]

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- Meet -

As I see you standing before me ,

My body reminds me of it .

How can I love you ,

you who have me gifted me myself.

I knew I was in deep trouble,

the moment my heart thumped .

Slowly yet deeply do I fall ,

Everyday for inexplicable reasons.

I feel played by the destiny again,

This time , I don't want to rebel.

How do I express it?

Can you tell me ?

Hard to run away

Impossible to hide from

At the touch of you

I fall upon my knees

By poem disguised as fingers

My heart is healed

And glistening eyes at mischief

My soul is trapped

While those succulent lips cast a spell on me

Sparks of delight shoot through my veins

I want you all for myself

Cause I am your babyboy

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