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1 . Crazy Girl

November 15 , 2017

8:00 AM

Seojong High School

Brushing the bank of dark thundering clouds away from my vision , I focus my pupils on the tall building standing before me , in front of which I stand clueless . My nerves tense up in an unprecedented adrenaline rush as I inhale a long breath to calm the chaos in my mind. My eyes squint over the crowd of students rushing inside the building with their friends and this sight obscures my mind with jealousy . I've never been the one to engage in peer friendships yet I feel the need to have someone as an acquaintance until I settle in my new classroom.

I bite my lips while tightening my clutch on the knapsack that clings to my shoulder and pull endearing steps towards the large building when I feel a small patch of my shoulder damp , likely from water . My eyes shoot up towards the sky which downfalls heavy rain causing all of us to find shelter under the school's roof and I make it quick to jump towards it .

Unlike before , I spot no trace of any student around me , stepping on the marble floor , inhaling a long breath to regain my tranquility , I push all the thick mass of anxiety to a remote corner of my brain when an unfamiliar touch of fingers on my shoulders make me halt my steps .

The weight of thin fingers shift , unbalanced and tugging on my sweater and I turn to see a girl facing the gate of the school . Her hand , slammed on my shoulder , helps her stand on one foot and fix her shoes . I catch little details of her figure , the chestnut hair that is damp , likely from the rain . My heart pounds wildly, the reason remains strange and unknown but I feel vulnerable . I've always found it difficult to approach someone for help in a mere conversation but the way she limps on my shoulder boasts with boldness .

She turns to face me and her eyes flicker with brightness.Taking her lips to squeeze between her teeth , they look parched . Her eyes wander and land on me, inducing a sudden wave of nervousness across my whole body . " Thank you . ",she gives me a warm smile that sinks in my soul and I remain dazed , this is ridiculously new to me .

"Oh....um....than-You're welcome...", Out of habit , I scratch the back of my neck and gaze at anything but her. From the corner of my eyes , I notice that her eyes remain on me a little longer than enough and before I take the leap to leave for my classroom , her voice echoes again in the awkward silence . "New here ?",she eyes me intently and I sense the mist between us filled with a strange emotion , mixed with uncertainty and awkwardness.

"Y-Yes....."I am abashed about the way, my words roll out as a stutter from my mouth and as a reflex , my lashes blink frantically . She licks her lips and steps closer to me , conquering the prominent distance between our bodies and my heart hammers in my chest with a thudding sound that I'm afraid she would listen if she stood dangerously close to me . Her head bows in my neck and the brush of her warm breath lingers on my neck with sensuality . " Calm down , I don't bite. ", As soon as my ears decipher.these words , she moves away, her lips curved in a smile.

I can swear anything on the fact that it's universally impossible to filter her smile as a result of one emotion - there's something different about it . It's wicked , genuine , mysterious and....warm.

With uncertainty at its peak , I do not say anything but lick my lips before nodding and turn opposite to her . I still can't understand the strange whirlwind of emotions that she's making erupt in my veins and fastening the blood rush in my body but I know that I should not remain here any longer . " I am not sorry about holding you by your shoulder , I'll be holding onto you a lot now.".

Breath hitching in my throat , I think I forgot to breathe . My mind refuses to believe that she just said that but it isn't like I can change her words according to my will. I pull my walls up and act oblivious to her words and make a turn at the corner of the hallway before huffing in my breath . I know that I should steer my way clear of her . She's different from all the audacious people I've met until this date . I'd say it was completely unnecessary of her to say these when she had just met me minutes ago .My shoulders shrug and I sweep a hand across my hair , clear the creases off my sweater and walk to find classroom 106 .

I wander across different classrooms , some empty - the others being occupied with benches and some with students . After almost 15 minutes , the wooden bar of the designated classroom appeals to me , it's door shut. I still have the time to prepare myself for the introduction . My gaze languids through the tinted glass , envisioning the crowd of students and a female teacher who stands on the raised platform , adjusting her table while all of them converse with each other . This is so nerve wrecking that I want to disappear into thin air but I choose to close my eyes and hold the clutch to push the door away .

The door reveals the teacher and students whose faces have turned to face and now scrutinize me with unknown ideas , probably assuming my personality and assuming my behaviour . I walk towards the platform and bow to her . "Hello , My name is Park Jimin . I'll be studying with you for the next 2 years . Please take care of me ."The lady passes me a warm smile that causes her glasses to glide against her cheeks and I return the same .

"So you are Park Jimin . Welcome to 11- C , I hope you will study well and make all of us proud . "I nod gently , showing my positive attitude and now stare at the students . I have this feeling of dryness in my mouth that is creeping out towards my heart and I am feeling anxious as ever . I had reluctantly changed my school in the middle of the term, left with no other choice but to tackle my anxiety and introvert behaviour ."Let's see where you'll be sitting . Anyone who has no benchmate shall raise their hand . ",she instructs all of them and after some unnecessary whispering , a hand shoots up in the air . My looks drops down to the person whose voice now reverberates in silence . I just felt my heart exploding in my chest and my body went numb.

" It's me , Mrs.Eun . I sit alone . "It's her , the crazy girl who troubled me in the hallway . She gives me her signature smile and battles eyes with me causing me to get observant about myself . There's no way I'm going to let her get to my senses so I try to switch my gaze to anything but her . " There you go , Jimin . Sit besides Kim Y/n , she'll be your bench mate . "

Y/n moves her head away from the wall and her hand makes a slight tap on the seat beside her . "Come on .",she mouths .For a second , my eyebrows raise in a questioning expression and I glanced at the teacher who is taken aback me and I make it quick to flash her a nod and smile before passing through the benches to reach my bench . I do not even acknowledge her presence and take the straps of my knapsack off to place it against the leg of the chair .

As soon as I take the seat , she straightens her posture to place her elbows on the table and her face cradling in the girth of her hand. Her lavender scent overwhelms me to god knows what extent but I command myself to take out my notebook and note all the instructions demonstrated by our homeroom teacher .

Even though , I make every possible attempt not to let my attention get at her blurred self , I steal a glance to see what she's doing for she sure , isn't interested in the class considering she sits nonchalantly with a peach coloured diary and a pen laying without any purpose on her bench . Her eyes catch mine and she tilts her head right away to deepen her look into my soul . This girl is revoking weird sensations inside me and I don't know the cause, which is the strangest thing ever happened to me . I look down at my notebook and note the schedule of classes for today when I feel the pen getting out of my grasp .

She plays with my cherished belonging that slides between her fingers ,her fingertips tracing the body of the fountain pen. There is a bright glint in her eyes that tells me she finds the pen attractive , it is indeed wonderful . I do not interrupt her as I don't want to grab everyone's attention and instead look over her so she doens't ruin the body in any case . "Woah...Is this thing even real ?"This is surprising , nobody has ever found the old pen beautiful and this somehow makes me feel proud for I possess the pen since a long time . She doesn't wait for my reaction and opens her diary to scribble something , gripping the pen hardly which may damage the delicate coating .

"Give it to me , you'll destroy it . "In a swift motion , I take the pen out of her hold . I can't let her damage it . Her eyebrows knit in agony and she rolls her eyes at me which is annoying as ever . "Why , let me use it once. ",she holds the pen from the other side , stubbornness ragging her breath . I grip my pen hard yet carefully but she fights with me .

"You can't use that , use your pen to do that . ",I make my voice low and let out a string of words enough for her to back off .

"Look at you fighting for a pen like a 5 year old . You can easily buy a pen like this from any shop . ",She is difficult as ever , the last thing I want to do is to listen to her talking about my pen as if it's worthless . "If possible , you do that and buy yourself some manners too . ",I scream , hoping that my loud voice would knock basic manners in her and successfully , her jaw drops to the ground as my words echo ridiculously in the room.

An awkward moment of silence lingers in the room , unaccustomed to it , I turn my face to look in front me and hear audible gasps . My eyes widen , unable to believe that everyone heard my voice . Mrs.Eun has stopped talking and now gives us an hour long gaze before voicing ."Jaehyun , go take their belongings and bring them to my table in the staff room after the class . "Upon her summon , a boy launches his pace in our direction and stops close to us, only to pick up my pen and y/n's diary . I give in without any retaliation for I don't want to outgrow this uncalled attention while y/n perists with her behaviour before giving her diary away . I am damned , I lost it just because of this girl who has no idea how to be socially normal .

The class resumes and with hesitance , I take another pen to jot down words . Y/n shifts in her chair to lean in towards me . Suddenly ,my body feels warm and an unexpected adrenaline rush . A crawling sensation itches in my ear which is closest to her face .

" Don't worry baby boy , I will get our things back .",she whispers, heart achingly slow , staggering my breath .

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