One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 9

The next couple of days were kinda different. A lot of the girls around year five and up were chasing Viktor Krum around the castle when he simply walked to class or when he was working out, getting in shape for the tournament.

He really was a prick and full of himself. He kept looking at me when he saw me and one time he even winked at me. He knows I’m in a relationship and he knows who my boyfriend is, yet he still acts like that and all I do every time is roll my eyes at him, glare his way or simply make a face to show him that I wasn’t interested.


I turned around as I was walking across the courtyard, on my way back to the common room for my free lesson. It was Monday and I just came from charms.

George came running towards me with a smile but he was dressed in the clothes that Fred had been wearing today.

“George is looking for you.” He said, confusing me.

Is he talking about himself in third person or is he trying to trick me. Knowing the twins, they were definitely up to something.

“He is?” I asked, playing along. “We just had Charms. Couldn’t he have talked to me there?”

“He said something about remembering a thing he wanted to talk to you about.” He said and an idea popped into my head.

I had to show George here that he shouldn’t mess with his girlfriend.

“Walk with me?” I questioned as I turned back around and continued. George followed me, quickly catching up with me and my short legs. “I actually have to talk to him too.”

“You do?”

“Yes.” I nodded. “But I do need to talk to you about it first.”

“Talk about what?”

“Don’t act so clueless, Fred.” I said. “I know we agreed on stopping and not telling George but I don’t know. The guilt is eating me up. I’m going to tell him.”

George got quiet, obviously not expecting this. I looked at him as he was staring right at me, not an emotion on his face.

“And it’s your brother. How is the guilt not eating you up? You’ve been sleeping with your brothers girlfriend for months.”

I let out a sigh, hoping he’d fall for it. I knew he already had but I hoped he wouldn’t figure it out right now.

When we walked down the corridor, I pulled him with me into a broom closet, closing the door.

“What’re you doing?” George asked as I pushed him against the wall, attaching my lips to his neck.

“I need you, Fred.” I whispered. “One quickie and then we’ll go talk to George together.”

He gently pushed me away, watching me as I looked at him, my breathing heavy.

“What the hell, Lizzie.” He said. He looked hurt. I stepped forward again, placing a hand on his neck. He watched my eyes as I tiptoed, brushing my lips over his.

“Hi, George.” I whispered and he let out a breathy chuckle, throwing his head back against the wall.

“When did you know?”
“When you called my name.” I said. “C’mon, you really think I wouldn’t know it was you?”

“I was hoping.” He shrugged. “We wanted to see if you’d know the difference even if I came up to you, wearing Fred’s outfit.”

“Georgie, love. I’ve known you two since we were eleven. I’m offended that you thought I wouldn’t know the difference.”

“So you got the smart idea to try and make me think you and Fred were sneaking around behind my back?” He asked. I smiled in satisfaction as I shrugged. “You’re amazing, you know that right?”

“C’mon.” I said, taking his hand in mine while opening the door. “We’re gonna go tell Fred that your little prank didn’t work.”

I pulled him with me out of the broom closet and closed the door behind us. “Where is he?” I asked George. “The common room? Charms classroom? Where?”

“Well we planned this outside of the classroom but I wouldn’t expect him to still be there.” He said. “He’s probably in the library.”

“Library?” I asked. “Okay. We’ll go there.”

I pulled George with me down the corridors and he was right. Fred was sitting by a table in the library, reading in a large book.

“That doesn’t look like George Weasley.” I said, approaching him. “George Weasley, my boyfriend doesn’t really read a lot. But maybe you’re not George.”

Fred watched me as we approached and I leaned on my hands on the table, looking at him. “Hi Fred. Whatcha doing?”

He smiled lightly at me before he looked at George who stood behind me. “When did she find out?”

“She knew along along.” George replied. “Even turned the whole thing around to make me think you were having an affair?”

“Us?” Fred asked, pointing between me and him.

“Yeah.” George nodded and sat down, both of them looking at me. “She acted like she really thought I was you and talked about telling George about your affair. Kinda freaked me out to be


“And by that-” I smiled, running a hand through my hair. “We now know who’s smarter. Me, one, Weasley twins, zero.”

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