One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 99

“Where are we?” I whispered to Sebastian as the both of us were led out of the cellar and into a big and open room, windows that showed it was currently daytime.

“I don’t know.” he whispered back. “Just stay quiet, okay? Let me talk.”

We were forced into two chairs where we got tied up before the two people stood behind us. It looked like they waited. My entire face was hurting and my face was still wet and swollen from crying. Sebastian looked like a mess. His brown curls were sticking to his forehead because of sweat and his face was dirty.

I couldn’t think clear. My mind kept racing between all the people in my life and school that I needed to finish. I know it’s silly to worry about school when I’m practically kidnapped but it revolved around my future... if I did have a future. What if we were going to get killed.

“Welcome to my manor.” A voice spoke, making both Sebastian and I snap our heads in the direction of a tall and familiar man who entered the room, a wide smile on his face.

“No.” I heard Sebastian speak while I just stared at the man, eyes wide. “No, no... no.”

“Sebastian.” the man spoke. He grabbed a chair and sat down in front of us. “You’ve completely grown up... and Elizabeth. My beautiful girl. A true copy of me you are.”

My heart was currently racing and my throat was dry. I was dreaming. That was the only explanation. I had had dreams like these before, just not with me being kidnapped by him, but good times, good times where he was still alive.

The man kept smiling at us, his familiar brown eyes watching the both of us, his brown curls showing just how similar he was to the two of us.

“Amycus, Alecto.” the man then spoke and looked up at the man and woman behind us while pointing at me. “Who did that to her face?”

“She fell, sir.” Amycus said. “She must have. She looked like that when I entered.”

“Who are you?” Sebastian asked, trying to get out of the ropes that held our arms behind the chairs we were sitting on.

“Well Sebastian, don’t you remember me?” the man asked. “You were eleven when I died. You must remember me.”

“You’re not him!” Sebastian snapped. “Who are you?! How dare you take the form of our father. How dare you!”

“Still short-tempered, I see.” the man sighed before he looked at me and smiled. “Betsy. Beth. Bessie.”

“Don’t call me that.” my voice came out small and fragile. “Who. Are you?”

“It must be hard to believe, my children.” he said, folding his hands over the back of the chair as he sat opposite on the seat. “Adrian Blossom. That was my name.”

“Was?” Sebastian asked.

“I changed my name after the incident. I am now Jonathan Ibex.” “What incident?!” I yelled. “You are obviously here!”

The man looked back up at Amycus and Alecto and nodded towards the door which made them leave. The man pulled out something from his pocket. Father pulled out something from his pocket. It was the pocket watch. His pocket watch.

“They found this on you, Bessie.” he said with a smile. “Arthur gave it to you, huh?”

“Stop acting like everything is fucking fine!” I screamed at him. “You are supposed to be dead! You’re not supposed to be here and you fucking kidnapped us!”

“I had to see you.” father said. “Fifteen years I haven’t seen you, my children.”
“That was your choice.” Sebastian said. “You obviously didn’t die so you could’ve chosen to stay.” “It wasn’t that simple.” he said. “You were better off without me.”

“Bullshit.” it was my turn to speak. “I was two years old. I barely remember you. I have one single memory of you, the night before we thought you died. One memory...I needed my father. I needed my dad.”

He looked at me for a second before he closed the pocket watch and stood up before approaching me, pushing it into the pocket of my pants.

“Get away from her!” Sebastian shouted.

“It’s yours.” father told me. “It always will be.”

“What do you want?” I asked. “You can’t keep us here. People will be looking for us.”

“That’s true.” he nodded. “You’re getting married, Bessie and you, my son. You have a boyfriend but no one will know where to look.”

“They’ll look for us.” I said. “I have friends at school, they’ll notice that I’m gone and Sebastian teaches muggle studies.”

Father groaned as I mentioned the subject before he sat back down. He looked disgusted. I was so confused, I was scared and I just didn’t understand a thing.

“Muggles. Should all be killed, really.” he said. “I’d gladly do it if it didn’t wake too much attention.”

What. He always fought for muggle rights. He fought for them and believed on equality. That’s what everyone told me. Sebastian told me, mum told me, Molly... Arthur.

“You married a Muggle-Born.” Sebastian spoke. “You worked with muggles.”

“Biggest regret of my life.” he breathed. “Trust me, I truly loved your mother but I couldn’t stay with a mudblood.”

“Shut your mouth!” I yelled. “Don’t talk about her like that. Don’t even talk about her! Let us go you fucking psychopath!”

“There, there dear Betsy. No need for that language.” he spoke. “I want to explain it to you.

Everything that happened from that day but you need to listen. No interruptions or you’ll go straight down to the cellar.”

I guess we both wanted an explanation. We both kept quiet and our father smiled, showing us that he was grateful.

“There was a time where I did pity those filthy muggles.” he said. “Then I really looked into them and they are disgusting... a disgrace to this world. The Dark Lord sought me about two weeks before I faked my own death. Wanted my help on a task and so he gave me the dark mark. That’s the best decision I’ve ever made. It did come with he consequence of having to leave you two behind. My eleven-year-old boy and my two-year-old daughter. The body you found, Sebastian wasn’t me. That was a muggle. I made sure to burn him so badly that he couldn’t be recognised. Then the Dark Lord was killed when he tried to kill that Potter boy but luckily, he came back to life last year. Just you wait and see. It’s going to be good.”

I was crying again. I was crying and I was sobbing. My whole life I had looked up a man who faked his death and had lived in hiding while being a death eater.

I felt absolutely disgusted. Disgusted with him and disgusted with myself. No more was said. The only sound in the room was my cries and even that, I felt disgusted with. Why couldn’t I just shut up?

It had to be a dream. It had to be. I’d wake up and I’d be in the same room as Kathleen. I would be able to hug her and tell her how much I love her.

I wanted to scream. I wanted to let it all out but I couldn’t do anything but cry. My life had been one big lie. Everything I had told people about my father was a lie. None of it was true. He didn’t die trying to save the muggles. He lived trying to kill them.

“Amycus! Alecto!” father shouted and the two people reentered. “Take them back down to the cellar but keep them together. They could use the company.”

“Don’t touch me!” I yelled when the woman of them grabbed me. “Don’t fucking touch me!”

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