One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 100

I didn’t know how long I had been here. All I knew was that I was hungry most of the time. We only got a piece of bread every day and a glass of water. Father told us we wouldn’t get proper food until we agreed to get the dark mark. Today he had told us that Voldemort would be here tomorrow to give us the dark mark anyway. That we no longer had a choice. I felt absolutely sick to my stomach. I had been crying so hard and Sebastian was holding me as he sat together in the cellar, both having an ankle tied to the wall.

“I’m scared, Sebastian.” I whispered and my brother’s arms automatically tightened around me. “I don’t want to be a death eater.”

“I’m sorry.” he spoke. “I should’ve been protecting you.”

“How would you have done that? You didn’t know this was going to happen and there’s not much you can do about it. We’re in the same boat.”

I sat up straight, moving out of Sebastian’s arms to look at him. He looked even worse than the first time I woke up down here. We had both been beaten by the Carrows multiple times. Merlin how I wanted to get out of here. To get back to school and finish the year, to be back with Kathleen but I also just wanted to...

My thoughts were interrupted when someone appeared in the room, obviously having used apparition as a form of transport. A very familiar person stepped into view and in a split second, I got to my feet and threw my arms around him.

“We have to be quick.” Molly said from behind him as she went to help Sebastian get out of the chains.

“You’re here.” I whispered against Fred’s shoulder. “Please tell me I’m not dreaming.”

“You aren’t.” he assured me. “As mum said, we have to be quick. George is waiting at the head quarters along with everyone else. We’ve all been absolutely terrified.”

Molly muttered something under her breath and the chain around my ankle broke. Sebastian was already out of them and thanked Molly multiple times. In the next moment we had traveled from the cellar to the dining room of the headquarters of the order. My knees gave in from the pressure of traveling mixed with the hunger and weakness from being trapped. Fred quickly wrapped an arm around my waist to keep me up and once I was steady, I got attacked by Kathleen who I did not expect to be here.

“I’m no sorry!” she exclaimed. “I was right there. I should’ve... I don’t know. I should’ve done something!”

“You were asleep.” I excused, hugging her back. “Please don’t blame yourself.”

“Elizabeth.” I heard mum’s voice which made me full away from Kathleen. “Sebastian. Oh Merlin. I thought I had lost the two of you.”

Mum cried as she pulled my brother and I in for a hug together. Sebastian was the tallest so he was the one who took the lead of the hug and wrapped his arm around the both of us. Suddenly Benjamin came running and joined the group hug, making me laugh softly.

Nothing could explain how happy I was in this very moment. I was back with the people I loved and I was safe.

“It’s good to see you two are still alive.” I heard Bill say and I looked at him as Molly stood next to him, smiling sweetly at us.

“Where’s George?”

“Upstairs.” Fred said. “Sleeping in the room. He has been an absolutely mess. It’s the first time he slept for a whole week.”

“A week?” I asked. “It’s been that long?”

“It’s your birthday.” Kathleen said, making me frown. Sebastian and I had been held hostage in that cellar for an entire week?

“I uh... I’ll go see him.” I said before I started making my way up the stairs. When I pushed open the door to the room, I started crying quietly. George was lying on the bed on his stomach, sound asleep and just the sight of him made me break.

I closed the door behind me and approached the bed, sitting down on the edge. I ran my hand through his hair, resulting in him humming slightly and that told me he was only half asleep.

“I miss you.” he whispered into his pillow, burying his head further into it. I felt my heart absolutely break. He looked like a mess and I understood why. If he had been the one kidnapped for a week, I would just be as broken and scared about whether or not he’d be alive.

“George.” I whispered, running my hand down to his neck, caressing his skin. “I’m right here, my love. I’m here. I’m safe and I’m okay.”

“Fuck.” he whispered, placing a hand over his ear. “Make it stop.”

“George.” I said a little lighter, shaking him. “Look at me. I’m alright.”

He removed his hand and opened his eyes to look at me. His eyes scanned my face for a moment before he realised I was actually here and he sat up quicker than ever. He looked at me, nervously moving his hand towards my face. When he cupped the left side of my face, I closed my eyes and leaned into his touch.

“I thought it was my imagination again.” he whispered. I looked at him again. He was crying. His eyebrows were knitted together. He looked broken. “I thought you were dead.”

“I’m not.” I replied. “I’m right here.”

When a sob left him, I wrapped my arms around him and placed my head against his chest, feeling him wrap his arms tightly around me to hug me back.

“I love you so much.” he cried against my hair. “I’ll never leave you again. Never.”

I decided not to tell him just yet that I actually was planing to go back to Hogwarts to finish. I knew it was stupid but I still needed to think about my career and I couldn’t let my father ruin my entire future.

“Come.” George whispered after a while of hugging me. He held my hand tightly as he led me into the bathroom, lifting me up by my wait and placed me on the counter next to the sink but I flinched at the contact, hurting from the times I had been kicked.

George eyed me, knowing something else was wrong and then he started unbuttoning the pyjamas top I was still in. I had been wearing it the whole time in the cellar so it was pretty dirty.

“We have some of your clean clothes here.” he said. “Kathleen brought it from Hogwarts. It’s under the bed you slept in back in August. I couldn’t bare look at your trunk when knowing there was a chance you weren’t coming back.”

“I don’t think he would’ve killed me.” I said when George pushed the material of my pyjamas top over my shoulders. His eyes landed on the big bruise that spread from my stomach to my right side. He gently brushed his fingers over it and I flinched again.

“Who’s he?” George asked as his eyes flicked up to meet mine.
“You didn’t know who had kidnapped us when your mum and Fred went to get us?”

“Mum and Fred went and got you?” he asked. “I didn’t know they had found you. I thought I was imagining things again when I heard your voice and felt your hand and when I saw you, I didn’t dare ask how you got here, I just wanted to hug you.”

“Sebastian and I were captured for a reason.” I said. “Turns out my dad never died.”


“He uh...” I knitted my eyebrows together to try and say this without crying. “He faked his own death. He wasn’t the hero I thought he was. He joined the death eaters, he changed his name and he’s been in hiding for almost sixteen years and the worst thing... I look exactly like him.”

George studied my face for a moment, probably trying to process what I said before he cupped my face and ran his thumb over my bottom lip, his eyes focused on the bruise on my top lip.

“You may look like him on the outside... but I can assure you, you are nothing like him.” he said and let go of me to walk into the room. Shortly after, he came back with his wand. “I’m going to heal that split lip, yeah?”

I gave him a small nod and he cupped my other side of my face to keep me steady. “Episkey.”

I felt a cold sensation in my lip and then it got hotter but when I looked in the mirror, my lip was completely healed. I looked like absolute crap. My eyebrow was also split and there was stained blood around my nose, mouth and forehead, mixed with dirt.

“Liz.” George called me back to look at him. “One more. We just need the eyebrow too.”

He repeated the spell and I felt the same sensation again but then my eyebrows was healed too. George put down his wand, his eyes dropping to the bruise on my abdomen again.

“I’ll get you some clean clothes and a towel so you can have a bath. How does that sound?”

“Sounds bloody amazing.” I breathed and grabbed his hand. “I love you.” “I love you too.”

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