One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 13

We were currently stuck in detention after transfiguration class and by we, I meant George, Fred. Oh... and Viktor Krum.

Krum had sent me a note during class while I sat next to George. And guess what, George got pissed and he and Fred decided to pull a prank on Krum. It was pretty simply. Fred pulled out Krum’s chair, using magic while George used magic to spill McGonagall’s coffee over his head. Then I got detention for laughing and Krum got detention for punching George.

Maybe it wasn’t so simple after all. I was annoyed. Mostly at Krum for not dropping his dumb attempt to make me dumb my boyfriend and get with him. Why would I even consider it? I’m happy with George and I don’t even know Krum.

We were all sitting at our own table. Krum was sitting on the first row in the right side, staring at me which he had been doing this whole time.

Fred was sitting on the third row, left side, I was sitting on the fourth row, left side and George was sitting on the fifth row, also left side. I was leaned back in my chair, feet on the table while I was playing with my own hair and trying to ignore Krum.

“Hey.” Fred called me in a whisper as he moved closer to my table. I looked at him, taking my feet off the table. “Did you ever get an owl back from your mum?”

“I did.” I confirmed. “She told me to stop worrying about her but we all know how I am.” “Can’t stop worrying for anything.” He nodded. “But she’s okay with you and George?”

“Yeah.” I told him. “She was being very cool about it actually. Said she already knew I was lying when I referred to him as my best friend.”

“Good so you can take him off my back then next summer?” Fred asked, making me laugh. “Hey!” George exclaimed. “I can hear you.”

As the two of them started to bicker, I looked around the room and noticed that Krum was still staring at me.

“Can you not take a hint?” I asked a little too loudly making the twins stop bickering so they could see what was going on.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Lizzie.” Krum replied, making my blood boil.

“Okay, first of all, to you I am Elizabeth and second of all, I do not want you. You may be used to getting everything you lay your eyes on but I will never want you. I will never go out with you and we will never be a thing so you need to get that into that little pea brain of yours and stop harassing me!”

I heard Fred snicker at my outburst, trying to hide it with his hand while George reached over to touch my arm.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you.” Krum said. “Every girl in this school wants me and you don’t... why?”

“It may have something to do with you being a stuck-up brat who’s too full of himself to have any sympathy for other or maybe it’s the attitude... or maybe, just maybe... it’s because I am in a bloody relationship with a guy who’s sitting in this room, having to hear you hitting on his girlfriend!”

“I am absolutely loving this.” Fred spoke, throwing his head back in laughter. “Liz, calm down.” George whispered. “Just ignore him.”

“That’s a little hard to do when he’s staring at me constantly.” I said, still staring at Krum who had a smirk on his face. “I can’t wait for this tournament to end.”

“Look.” George said, gently nudging my shoulder before pointing at the window and I followed his finger. It had started to snow outside, making me smile. George always knew what could get me in a better mood and he knew I absolutely loved the snow.

I stood up from the chair, making my way to the window to look out. The ground was already covered in inches of deep snow and it was only the start of December.

“Are you thinking the same as me?” I heard George whisper in my ear as he stood behind me, hands on my upper arms.

Without answering, I started sprinting for the door.
“C’mon Liz, that’s not fair!” George shouted after me as I heard him sprint as well.

“Guys!” Fred shouted from the room we had sat in for detention. “You’ll just get another round of detention!”

I sprinted down the stairs, George right behind me as our laughs filled the castle. The students casually walking back and forth, shot us a glance when we passed them but they weren’t surprised. They were used to see us act like this, being competitive with one and another.

As soon as I got outside on the lawn where we had looked at the snow from the window, I quickly grabbed some snow, forming it with my hands before turning to George who just now reached the door. I threw it at him and it hit him right in the face.

“Look, I’m still the snow war champion.” I said with a smug smile.

He laughed devilish before forming his own snowball, chasing me around before he threw it. I screamed with laughter as it hit me and we continued like that until George caught up with me when I was forming a snowball. Him approaching me that fast made both of us lose balance and his hands automatically went to my waist to try and keep me steady but in the end we both fell over.

I couldn’t stop laughing as I laid on my back in the snow, watching the blue sky but my laugh stopped when George sat up, grabbing my arms and pinning them down next to my face while he had a devilish smile on his.

“No-” I whispered before raising my voice. “No, George if you-”

He interrupted me by shoving tons of snow in my face, laughing as I screamed and tried to get out of his one hand that now held both of my wrists above my head.

“George!” I screamed/laughed.

“Admit that I’m the champion and I’ll stop.” He ordered, smiling smugly like the one I sent him after hitting him in the face with the snowball.

“Never!” I shouted as I turned my head to avoid another face wash but he still managed to hit me in the face with it.

It was cold in a way where it hurt but I didn’t care. George and I did this almost every year as soon as the snow was deep enough.

“Fine!” I laughed. “Fine, you’re the snow war champion!”

George stopped what he was doing, smiling at me as he carefully brushed the snow on my face away.

“Thank you.” He said, winking at me. I rolled my eyes and grabbed his tie, pulling it out of his jumper while pulling him down, kissing him.

He let out a breath against my lips, kissing me back while he buried his right hand in the snow next to my hand as the left one ran along my jaw.

Since he was occupied with kissing me, I saw my loophole and pushed him back, him landing in the snow while I got on top of him. He whispered, obviously surprised by my actions. I pinned his hands down, breathing heavily as I looked at him.

“This is not smart, Elizabeth Blossom. If you just as much as touch the snow, I’ll get my revenge. Just you wait and see.”

I smiled and leaned back to his ear. “So will I.”

I shoved snow in his face and he squeezed his eyes shut while holding his breath.

“What in earth is going on here.”

The sound of Professor McGonagall made me freeze for a moment before I hurried off of George so he could sit up as well. He shook his head, shaking the snow out of his hair and face.

“You two are supposed to be up in detention.” McGonagall spoke. “Get up from the ground immediately.”

I stood up and George followed me. He brushes snow off of his robes while I just looked at McGonagall. “Ten points from Gryffindor and you two get to sit up there for another hour.”

“But Professor, what about dinner?” I asked.

“You’ll just have to hurry up after that extra hour.” She said. “Now to change robes and then afterwards I want you to go directly to my classroom and stay there.”

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