One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 14

“George!” I called, leaving my dormitory on a Friday morning on December 9th of 1994. I had my tie in my hand and lifted it in the air when George leaned his head back on the sofa, watching me.

“Come here.” He told me and I walked down the stairs, making my way over. George did my tie every morning. Five and a half years has passed since I started Hogwarts and I still do not know how to tie my own tie. I’ve tried learning but I just don’t understand it.

George held out his hand as I sat down and as I handed him the tie, he turned towards me. He lifted the collars of my shirt, placing the tie under it and he got it tied really quickly.

“You need to learn it.” Fred told me as he browsed the books in the bookshelf.

“I know I do.” I said, watching him as he went to sit in one of the chairs. “But once I learn, it never really seem to stick.”

“I’d get tired if I was the one tying your tie every damn morning.” Kathleen said, glimpsing up from her wand. She was practicing movement, mumbling the words to herself.

“I don’t mind.” George said, pushing up the knot of the tie before he folded the collar over the fabric of it. “There you go.”

“Thank you.” I smiled, standing up to walk back to the dormitory. I grabbed my jumper from where I left it on the bed and pulled it on, grabbing my robes as I again left the dormitory.

“Alright. I have a free lesson.” I told my friends. “I’ll be at the library with Deanne if anyone needs me.”

Deanne is my cousin. My father’s sister’s daughter. She’s in Hufflepuff and she’s a year older than me, in year seven.

George turned around on the sofa, watching me as I pulled on my jumper. “You’re taking your robes with you?”

“Yeah.” I nodded, pulling them on as well and closing them over my chest. “I don’t know if I’ll be back before muggle studies.”

“Okay.” He nodded, holding out his hand to get me to approach him... and I did. I laid my hand in his and he pulled me closer to the sofa. “Be in the courtyard at ten past three?”


“That’s a surprise.” He smiled. “But it is important that you’re there at ten last three. Not a minute later.”

“And which courtyard?” I asked him. “There’s fourteen.”
“How do you know the number?” Kathleen asked me.
“I don’t know.” I shrugged. “I read a book about all the places at Hogwarts last week.” “The one by the clock tower.” George told me, gently caressing my hand.

“Alright.” I said and leaned down, planting a kiss on his lips. “I’ll see you in the clock tower courtyard at ten past three”

I grabbed the muggle studies books I had put on the table and then left the room to walk down to the library.

Deanne was sitting by one of the tables, nose in one of the books and barely looked up when I sat down.

“Got your books?” She asked me. I hummed as I placed them in front of me. “I believe I have told you to stop doing your homework last minute.”

“I work best under pressure.” I said and shrugged. “But thank you for helping me.”

Deanne looked at me, letting out a chuckle before she motioned for me to open my books, and I did.

“Wait.” I said, as I opened the textbook. It wasn’t my name in it, but George’s.

“What?” Deanne asked.

“This is George’s textbook. We must’ve swapped them out by accident.”

Deanna sighed, running a hand over her forehead while leaning back in the chair.

“Elizabeth, we have one hour to finish your essay before you have to turn it in to class. Go get your textbook.”

I got up from the chair and walked out with big steps. Only a couple minutes later, I got to the common room to see George and Fred wrestling on the floor with Kathleen, Ron, Harry, Hermione and Ginny watching them.

“What in the world are they doing?” I asked.

“Fighting.” Ginny told me.

“Well that part is pretty obvious.” I chuckled. “What are they fighting about?”

“I have no idea.”

“They’re fighting about you.” Kathleen told me with a sigh. “Fred was being his usual self, mocking George for being a softie and I guess George just wasn’t in the mood for it.”

I rolled my eyes at the thought and walked over to where they were fighting, pulling Fred away from George who was on the floor.

“Alright. That’s enough.” I said, helping George get up.
“I was joking!” Fred told George. “It was a bloody joke.”
George stared at Fred for a moment before looking down at me, his look softening. “Where’s your textbook?”
“In my room, why?”

“We must’ve accidentally swapped books after yesterday’s study session.” I told him, handing him his.

“What?” He questioned, his eyes growing wide with concern. “You didn’t read the last page, did you?”

“No.” I chuckled. “Why? Hiding something from me?”

“No.” He smiled. “But I’ve written every detail about your surprise down and wouldn’t want you spoiling it by seeing it.”

“I only read your name on the first page.” I told him. “Don’t worry.” “Good.” He breathed. “I’ll go get yours then.”

As he turned around to walk up the stairs, I turned towards Fred, my arms crossed and me left eyebrow raised.

“He started it!” He defended himself, gesturing towards George who entered their dormitory.

“What did you say to him?” I asked.

“W-Well...” he stammered, scratching the back of his neck. “I suggested we’d make a prank on him, then called him a softie and a twat for being too scared to prank you again and he attacked me. Could’ve stabbed my eye out that lunatic.”

“Oh, that makes sense.” I said. “Yeah, George knows not to prank me again and you should too.” I patted his chest and then turned around when George came back with my textbook.

“There you go.” He said, handing it over. I thanked him, giving him a quick hug before leaving the common room once again.

I really needed to get this essay written for next lesson which was in under an hour. I was always very good in my classes and I usually didn’t wait this long to make my homework but I did always wait to the day before I had to turn it in because that’s how I do my best work.

“Has George asked you to the ball yet?” Deanne asked me as the first thing when I sat back down. “Why are you asking?”
“I’m curious. I’m guessing you’re staying for Christmas to attend the ball.”
“I am.” I nodded. “But no, he hasn’t asked me.”

“Oh? He hasn’t?” She raised her eyebrows at me. “He’s going to, right?”

“I don’t know, Deanne.” I breathed. “Maybe he’s just assuming we’ll go together because we’re in a relationship, I really don’t know.”

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