One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 16

“Why do I need a reason?” I asked. “It was true, wasn’t it? It is true. There is war in this world. You-know-who—”

“You-know-who is dead.” Kathleen said. “Died the night he attacked the Potter family.”

“That doesn’t mean that all evil has disappeared. There are still death eaters out there. Death eaters who followed him once and would be willing to continue his work at one point.”

“Liz.” George said softly, placing his hand on mine.

“What? It’s true, isn’t it? You-know-who killed my father and the death eaters are just as guilty as everyone else.” I said. “I don’t want to talk about it, okay? I’m fine.”

“Look.” Fred said, trying to change the subject. He pointed a few feet away from us where Ron, Hermione and Harry sat. Ron had received a package and as he pulled out some very old and traditional dress robes.

“Mum sent me a dress?” He asked.

“Well it does match your eyes.” Harry said as he looked in the box on the table. “Is there a bonnet? Aha!”

He showed the bonnet to Ron who then looked at him. “Put those down, Harry.”

As Harry put down the bonnet, Ron walked over to where Ginny was sitting. “Ginny, these must be for you.”

“I’m not wearing that.” Ginny protested. “It’s ghastly.”

Ron looked at Hermione who was nearly dying of laughter.

“What are you on about?” He asked her.

“They’re not for Ginny, they’re for you.” Hermione laughed and my friends and I broke into a laughter. “They’re dress robes.”

“Dress robes? For what?”
I turned my head away and stopped listening to their conversation.
“Are you gonna eat that?” Fred asked, referring to my sandwich.
I pushed it over to him with a small smile. “Not hungry. Go ahead.”
“Since when are you not hungry?” Kathleen asked. “You never skip a meal.”
“Sometime has to be the first.” I shrugged. “I’m gonna go grab my things for Herbology class.”

My Herbology class lasted two hours and was very boring. It’s not my favorite class but I have to be in it. My Herbology class ended at three and I had to be at the clock tower courtyard at ten past so I went up to the common room where I put my books down along with my robes.

When I got to the courtyard, there was only a few minutes left until it was ten past three and I couldn’t see George anywhere. I sighed and decided to sit in one of the arched windows, swinging my legs as I waited for him.

“Hey.” Fred said as he approached me from the other side of the window, standing in the hallway. He leaned against the ledge, watching me.

“Do you know where George is?”

“I do.” He smiled. “That’s why I’m here. I’m going to watch it all.”

“Same here.” Kathleen said as she ran to where we were, placing herself besides Fred.

I looked at both of them, wondering what they knew and suddenly there was the sound of firework, making me jump. I turned to look up at the sky, pulling my legs over the edge of the ledge.

Tons of fireworks moved to the sky and I frowned when I saw the words written across the sky out of the fireworks.

Go to the Yule ball with me Lizzie?

I heard Fred giggling like a girl behind me and when I looked around, I found George who stood near the center of the courtyard, smiling at me with open arms. He glanced towards the sky and then made eye contact with me again.

“Go.” Fred said, pushing me in the back, causing me to slide off the arched window, landing on my feet. “Go hug your bloody boyfriend.”

I did what he said and hurried over to George, wrapping my arms around his neck as he wrapped his around my back.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He whispered, making me laugh lightly.
“Of course I’ll go to the ball with you.” I said. “You didn’t have to make it this big.”

I pulled my head back from his shoulder, our arms still around each other as I looked up at the sky. The words were still there. It was probably some enchanted fireworks.

“Of course I did.” He told me. “You deserve the absolute best.”
“Well, it’s beautiful.” I smiled and looked at him again. “Thank you, Georgie.”

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