One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 19

“Hey George?” I asked when I entered the classroom where he had detention and was busy cleaning under the desks from boogers and gums. He was lying under one of them, a gum scraping tool in his hand that he was using.

“Yes?” He asked, glancing at me as he continued to scrape the gums and stuff off from under the table. I walked over and sat on the desk behind the one he was working on.

“I wanted to apologize for this morning.” I said. “I don’t want you to leave me alone.”

“I know.” He spoke. “You were upset and sometimes people say stuff they don’t mean when they’re upset.”


“This is disgusting.” George spoke, making a gagging noise. “Wait ’till my father hears about this.”

He sat up, smiling up at me and I laughed at his attempt to do an impression of Malfoy.

“That boy is definitely special.” I said, pressing my lips together and watched as he laid down again.

“He’s a miniature version of the devil himself.” George joked. “Why don’t you come down here and help me with this? There’s an extra scraper on McGonagall’s desk.”

“Why do you always get in trouble in her class?” I asked as I jumped off the table and walked to get the scraper.

“You’re one to talk.” He spoke. “You get in just as much trouble as I do.”

“Yes but somehow you manage to mostly get detention by Professor McGonagall. There are other teachers, you know.”

“Dunno what you’re talking about, love.” He said as I laid down next to him. “We’ve had some great times pranking Snape as well, isn’t that right?”

“He’s definitely the funniest to prank aside from Filch.”

“Talking about Filch-” George started, taking a break to look at me while I continued scraping off gun. There was a ridiculous amount stuck under these tables. Probably Seamus or something. That boy is always chewing gum. “Fred and I have an idea for a prank we can pull on him and we want you to be a part of it.”

“What kind of prank?”
“Well, we’re gonna get a hold of a lot of super glue and put it all over the floor in his office.”

“Wait really?” I smiled, now looking at him as well to see him nod slightly. “A good old prank with no magic?”

“With no magic.” He confirmed. “Fred’s actually out there stalking Filch right now to get an idea of when his office is empty so we can strike and we’ve got Peeves to distract him just to be on the safe side.”

“Cool.” I smiled. George scraped off the last piece of gum it landed right between us, almost hitting me in the face.

“That’s bloody disgusting.” I agreed to what he said before. “So McGonagall had you scrape the tables from gum this time around?”

“She sure did.” He said as we both pulled out from under the table. “But that was the last one so I guess I’m done and we can go find Fred so we can prank Filch.”

George threw out all the pieces of gum he had gathered and once he put away the gum scrapers, he grabbed my hand and we left.

We ended up finding Fred in the hallways close to Filch office and Peeves was floating away from him. They had obviously talked. When Fred turned around, he smiled. “Ahh, did the lovely couple make up?”

“She’s in on the prank.” George said, choosing to ignore his brother. “Have you got the glue?”

“No.” Fred spoke, hissing lightly. “But I can quickly go find some. There should be some in the supply closets in the arts and craft room, right?”

“I’d think so.” I nodded.
“Great.” Fred smiled before making a run for the stairs. “Do you know where Kathleen is?” I asked George.

“I believe she’s hanging out with Lee in the quidditch field. She said something about teaching her.” He told me. “On one side it’s inconvenient because the quidditch matches has been cancelled due to the tournament but on the other hand it’s smart because no one is going to use the field.”

“Her and Lee?” I smiled, crossing my arms over my chest. “Do you think they’re like- a thing now?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Would be a bummer, really. Rumors has it that Fred fancies her.”

“Yeah you keep saying that but if you keep joking about it, they’re both gonna believe it and that’ll suck for Lee if he likes her.”

“Well of course he likes her.” George smiled. “Haven’t you seen the way he looks at her during meals or class? And why would he wanna teach her quidditch if he wasn’t interested? The only problem is that Kathleen is just as clueless about it as you were when it was us.”

“I wasn’t that clueless.”

“I was staring at you during most classes. I even got called out by a lot of professors and you didn’t notice.”

I rolled my eyes, pushing him playfully as I went to lean against the wall. “I wasn’t clueless. I was just scared that we’d mess up our friendship by making a relationship out of it.”

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