One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 20

“She’s going to absolutely murder us.” I said as the three of us hid behind a wall after pranking Filch who was currently stuck on the floor of his office.

“Who?” George and Fred asked in unison.

“Who do you think? The fourth member of this group. When she hears about this prank, she’s gonna lose it.”

“So what?” Fred asked.

“Yeah, she’s probably too busy snogging Lee right now. I don’t think she’d care.” George agreed.

“Shut up you two.” I mumbled. “Listen, I want to tell you something.”

“Who?” They once again asked in unison.

“You both.” I said. “I just wanted to thank you.”

“Thank us?” George asked and when I looked at him, he was smirking. Then I turned my head to see the very same smirk on Fred’s face.

“I’m not gonna do it if you’ll be smug about it.”

“No one’s being smug about anything.” Fred said. “Go on. Thank us.”


“Why?” George asked in a high-pitched voice. “You just said you wanted to thank us.”

“That was before you both got a little ego boost out of it and acted all smug.” I said. I took a look at both of them, seeing their curious looks before I sighed. “Fine. Turn around.”

“Turn around?” George asked. “Woman, have you gone mental?”

“Just turn around!” I ordered them and they exchanged glances before both turning their backs to me. “Alright. Thank you for...always being there for me, I guess. Thank you for helping cheer me up today and—”

Before I got to continued, both boys had turned around and was now hugging me from each side. I laughed, pulling my arms up to wrap around them.

“We’re always gonna be there for you.” Fred said. “No matter what.” George added.

Dating George is like dating Fred. It’s a package deal and I’ve definitely gotten closer to Fred after George and I began going out.

Fred is my best friend but he’s also like a brother to me and he kinda is my brother-in-law even if George and I aren’t married and have been dating for only thirteen months.

“Guys.” Kathleen’s voice spoke. “What are you doing?”

We all pulled away from each other to watch out forth friend as she stood there, a broomstick in her hand.

“We were...” Fred spoke, looking for something to say. “Communicating.”

Communicating? Of all the words he could have chosen to describe what we were doing, he went with communicating?

“Communicating?” Kathleen asked with a small laugh. “Right, well I just had a very fun hour with Lee. You remember Lee right?”

“Of course we remember Lee.” George and Fred said in unison, making me chuckle as I supported my head with a hand against my jaw.

“It was fun.” She smiled but her smile faded when Professor McGonagall showed up, a strict look on her face and slowly behind her came Filch who looked angrier than ever.

“It was them!” He said, pointing at us all. “They put glue all over my floor and waited for me to go into their trap. They are the devils children!”

Kathleen quickly looked at the three of us, sending us a look that asked what we had been doing.

“This never gets boring, does it?” McGonagall asked as she looked at us with a firm expression but she didn’t let us answer before continuing. “Twenty points from Gryffindor. Five for each of you and I want all four of you to sit behind class on Tuesday.”

When she walked away again, I heard Filch mumble stuff about us deserving to have taken fifty points from our house and that he hates kids.

“Kathleen, before you freak out—” I started, holding up a hand but she stated at me with a look that could shoot daggers.

“I told you three to stop these dumb pranks but you never listen!”
“Well, earlier you actually said you didn’t care as long as you weren’t pulled into it.” George said.

“And what am I now, George?! You three got me in trouble because of something you did to Filch! I am so pissed right now I could commit murder!”

She let out a frustrated groan as she quickly walked around the corner, her steps fast and angry.

“I told you she’d murder us.” I said. “Just wait until tonight. We’ll all wake up to her hovered over us with a knife and the last thing we’ll see and her is her stabbing us, the knife going through skin and intestines.”

I realized I got a little carried away and watched the boys who looked at each other, a bit frightened of me.

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