One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 22

“Do I look okay?” I asked, watching myself in the mirror as I stood there in the red fluffy dress. I was also wearing some red high heels that I bought in a small shop in Hogsmeade. They weren’t too expensive. Deanne had done my hair and my makeup as well as her own and Kathleen.

My hair had been extra curled but not snake curls. They were more natural-looking and basically looked like my own natural curls, just more volume. She had taken some of the hair from the wrong and braided it to the back of my head where she made a bun out of the two braids, letting the rest of my hair be down against my back and I absolutely loved how it looked. Now, about my makeup... Deanne had made red smokey eyes on me which looked absolutely amazing and she had put a line of gold where the eyelid folds, making it look so much prettier. I had some mascara on as well but not lipstick since I’m not a big fan of that.

Kathleen was dressed in a red dress as well. Just like mine it was a spaghetti strap but hers was a v- neck. It was flowy like mine but in another way and it had layers of lace. Her makeup was natural yet beautiful and her shoulder-length hear was brushed back into a beautiful bun with some hair purposely hanging loosely on the side of her face.

And then there was Deanne. She was wearing a long blonde dress with layers of lace as well. The top of the dress and the short sleeves had golden leaves all over, making it look so pretty. Her hair was also made very beautifully. Kathleen was the one who did that. Her natural curls showed but some of it was pulled back into a braid that was hidden underneath the rest of her hair and her makeup was more natural but suited her perfectly, especially with the dress. She definitely looked like a Hufflepuff.

“You look beautiful.” Deanne told me. “George will think so to so stop worrying about it.” “How do you know that’s what I was worried about?”

“It’s pretty obvious.” Kathleen broke in. “You keep staring at yourself in the mirror, trying to make yourself look better and your thoughts are almost so loud that we can hear them.”

“And let’s be honest here.” Deanne said. “George would love you even if you walked into the Yule ball, wearing a potato sack.”

I laughed gently at her comment, my dimples showing in the mirror as well as my nose scrunch. “You’ll both understand it one day if you have a boyfriend.”

They knew I was joking with them and they both gasped dramatically before moving on with whatever they were doing.

“Right.” I breathed. “I am ready to go down to the Great Hall to party all night.”

“Well I am now.” Deanne said as she put on another layer of lipgloss.

“Are you two still fine with not having dates?” I asked them. “I’m sure we could all go as a group?”

“Nonsense.” Kathleen said. “You and George deserve to have a night where you can just dance with each other, maybe make out a little, I don’t know.”

“And I have a date.”

Kathleen and I both turned to my dear cousin who smiled at us while putting away the lipgloss. “Who?” I questioned.
“Fred?!” I exclaimed. “You mean, Fred Weasley?”

“No. Fred Adams.” She said, looking at me with a questioning look. “Yes, Fred Weasley.” “My boyfriend’s brother?” I asked. “His twin brother.”
“Get it into your head, Liz.”
“But— that’s Fred and you’re... you.”

“Thanks.” She laughed, rolling her eyes at me.

“No no no, don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I completely hate the idea but Fred is also my best friend. Our best friend.” I pointed between Kathleen and I. “And I love you Deanne but you kinda have a habit of easily breaking the heart of guys you’re with. I don’t want to see Fred get hurt.”

“It’s just a date, Elizabeth.” She told me. “Calm down. It’s not like I’m going to start an emotional relationship with him. Hopefully it’ll just be intimate.”

Kathleen and I both watched as Deanne smiled at us and then walked out of the Gryffindor common room.

“Hufflepuff my ass.” Kathleen spoke, letting out a scoff. “I’m sorry to tell you this but you’re cousin’s a bitch.”

“I know.” I sighed. “She can be.”

I didn’t like what Deanne was doing. I didn’t like it at all. Fred wanted a girlfriend. He wanted a relationship not based on sex while she only wanted sex from him and she just admitted that. I couldn’t let Fred fall for her in case she broke his heart.

“We need to stop that.” I told Kathleen. “Fred is going to get hurt just like all the other guys in Deanne’s life.”

“Yeah.” She breathed. “Listen, you let me worry about keeping an eye on Fred and Deanne. You’re gonna enjoy partying with George, yeah? Great. Deal. Let’s go so we don’t miss the ball.”

The corridors were full of people who were on their way to the Yule ball. Deanna was nowhere to be seen so she was probably already with Fred. I loved my cousin more than anything, she was like a sister to me but she could be a bitch and she could play around with feelings and I also love Fred so I felt like I needed to make sure he didn’t get hurt.

“Wow.” Kathleen spoke when we walked down the big marble staircase that led to the doors to the Great Hall.

The hall was beautiful decorated. Tables weren’t here to make room for everyone but though there was seats and down by the end of the staircase stood George and Fred. George was leaning with his arm on the railing as Fred stood in front of him, hands in pockets of his trousers while they were talking.

Fred was the first one to notice us. His eyes met mine before he looked at Kathleen and then he nudged George who almost fell over before he turned to look. His eyes immediately landed on me and his stunned face turned into a small smile.

“Hi boys.” Kathleen spoke when we reached them.

“Where’s Deanne?” I asked as I looked around to try and spot her.

“Why?” Fred questioned, making me frown at him.

“Well, she’s your date.”

“What?” He laughed.

“Deanne told us you two were coming here together.” Kathleen said.

“That’s weird.” Fred said. “I don’t know why she told you that. I’m sure I’d know if I had a date.”

“I’m never gonna understand her.” I sighed and looked at George with a smile. He was staring straight at me, the hint of a smile on his lips.

“C’mon, Kathy.” Fred said. “We should go and leave the two love doves to chat.” Kathleen agreed and they entered the Great Hall again.
“You look handsome.” I smiled, tilting my head as I watched him.
“And you—” he breathed. “Absolutely beautiful.”

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