One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 24

So our little dance up in the astronomy tower turned into a full on heated make out session after he said he wanted to marry me one day. It even almost led to sex but then the music stopped and we heard professors shout that everyone should head back to their common rooms for the night so we hurried our way to the Gryffindor common room where we were now sitting on the sofa.

George had given me my present and I absolutely loved it. He knew I loved drawing but I hadn’t had a sketchbook with free pages in it and he bought me one for Christmas. This one wasn’t a regular one though. It made the drawings come to life. I would draw something and I then had to tap the drawing with my wand for it to start moving.

He had asked me to draw him and that’s what I was currently doing. Gosh I was so happy with my present. It was so thoughtful of him and I didn’t even know the wizarding world had sketchbooks like this.

George was staring at me, sitting with his back against the arm of the sofa, looking relaxed. His hair was a little messy but god did he look amazing. Every time I’d glance up from the sketchbook, he’d smile a little at me but then go back to his past expression when I continued to draw.

From time to time I had dip the quill in the ink bottle that stood on the coffee table.
“You look cute.” George spoke. “You always do but especially right now. Are you tired?” “A little.”
“We could go to bed.”
“No.” I smiled. “I want to finish drawing you so we can see the drawing come to life.”

Everyone had gone to bed and George and I did this a lot. We stayed up and hung out in the common room a lot to get some time together and it was nice. Everything was quiet and being in each other’s presence was enough.

“Did you have fun tonight?” I asked, glancing up at him before dipping the quill in ink so I could continue.

“I did have fun, yeah.” He smiled. “Hopefully you did as well.”
“Was a lot of fun.” I nodded as the door to one of the dormitories opened.

“You two are still up?” Fred said but it came out as more of a question. We both looked at him as he walked over, wearing his pajamas.

“I’m trying out the present George got me.” I said. “What is it? A sketchbook?”

“A magical sketchbook.” George told him. “It makes the drawing come to life when tapping it with a wand.”

“That’s why you wanted to go to that bookshop in Diagon alley before school start?” Fred asked. He jumped over the back of the sofa, sliding down to the spot between us.

“I knew they had sketchbooks like that.” George said. “I thought it was perfect and apparently I was right.”

“It’a perfect.” I commented, making George smile.

“So what’re you drawing?” Fred asked and I pointed the quill at George before dipping it in the ink again. “Should we share the idea now?”

I looked up from the sketchbook out of curiosity, seeing the two look at each other. “Share what idea?” I asked.
“Nothing.” George said. “Fred’s just being dumb.”
Another door opened and this time it was Kathleen, walking out in her pajamas. “Why’re you all up?”

She walked down the stairs and joined us but went to sit on one of the chairs.

“Started out with Liz and I wanting to spend some time alone together but then Fred joined us and now you.”

“Oh so we’re interrupting?” Fred asked with a small smile. “I don’t really care. I’m staying until I’ve seen the drawing move?”

“What drawing?” Kathleen asked. She stood up and walked around to look over my shoulder. “Is that a new sketchbook?”

“Christmas present from George.” I told her. “And the drawings move?”

“When you tap it with a wand.” I nodded and she hummed in response, staying behind me to watch.

“You’re really good.” She told me. “I mean, you’ve always been good but you’ve improved your technique a lot. You should’ve been in Ravenclaw.”

I chuckled, glancing at her before I dipped the quill in ink again. “I think the sorting hat made the right decision to put me in Gryffindor. Otherwise I wouldn’t have met those two, the way we did that night.”

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