One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 26

“I need to talk to you.” I said, pulling my cousin aside as she was talking to a girl from Beauxbatons.

“What’s up?” She asked with a smile. “Still mad at me for messing with you at the Yule ball?”

She had admitted to me that she lied about the whole going with Fred thing just to see my reaction and that was something I found pretty annoying. Deanne had always messed with me, ever since we were kids. Sometimes she can be so cruel that I wonder why she’s in Hufflepuff and not in Slytherin.

“Kathleen said she saw you with Krum the other day.”
“So what?” She asked, crossing her arms over her chest. “I can’t hang out with Viktor?”

“Of course you can.” I said. “I am in no way in control when it comes to that but she saw you acting all lovey-dovey and I was wondering if you were a thing? Especially because you went with another guy to the ball and you seemed to be hitting it off good.”

“Well, he’s very sweet but I’m not really interested.” She said and shrugged.

“Anymore.” I commented, making her raise an eyebrow. “C’mon, Deanne. You always do this. You sleep around with guys and then you leave to find someone new.”

“Are you slut-shaming me, Elizabeth?”

“What?” I frowned. “Of course not. I’m just wondering why you feel the need to have sex with all kind of different guys?”

“It’s none of your business.” She spat, rolling her eyes at me. “I can sleep with whomever I like.”

“Of course you can.” I sighed. “But just stay away from Fred, alright? I don’t want you breaking his heart.”

Deanne scoffed, looking at me with that tiring look she had been sending me a lot during my life. “I’m almost convinced you’re secretly in love with your boyfriends brother.”

I didn’t even any to answer that ridiculous suggestion so instead I just continued past her. I ran up the spiral staircase until I saw my friends who sat on the two upper steps. The twins sat next to each other and I sat down next to Kathleen on the step below.

“What did she say?” George asked, leaning forward.

“She accused me of slut-shaming her, said it was none of my business and then accused me of being in love with..” I sighed and looked at Fred. “You.”

Fred stated at me without saying a word but both Kathleen and George looked at him. “Disgusting.” George said, earning a push from Fred.


“She’s my girlfriend! Of course I’d find it disgusting if you were in love!” George argued, then looked at me. “And that isn’t happening, right?”

“Seriously George?” I asked. “No. Of course not.”

“I was just checking!” He defended, holding up his hands in defense and laughed when I pushed him in the chest.

“Guys.” Kathleen spoke, starting down at her muggle studies book. “I need to find three muggle jobs that I need to write about for class. I have lawyer but I can’t really come up with two others.”

“Muggle jobs.” I muttered. “Well, there’s te police.” “Police?”

“Yeah. The police is the aurors of the muggle world. They basically do the same but the police just have guns, tasers and they wear specific uniforms.”

“What’s a taser?” Fred asked, causing me to look at him. All three of them looked at me clueless.

“You don’t know what a taser is?” I questioned. “It’s Uh... it gives you electric shock. It helps the police put down people for long enough to put them in hand cuffs.”

“Wait really?” Kathleen asked. “That’s bloody scary.”

“But they only really use it on people who deserve it.” I said. “If they’re chasing a criminal or someone is provoking them to the point it’s the only way.”

“And you know this... how?” Fred asked. I shrugged, leaning against the wall.

“I like muggle studies. I do my homework.”

“A lot.” George added. “She does her homework but she does more than necessary.”

“It’s interesting.” I argued.

“So all the times you talked to our father about muggles, you actually found it interesting?” Fred asked with a chuckle.

“Yeah.” I shrugged and turned to Kathleen again. “Alright. Lawyer and the police. There’s also mechanic. They work on different stuff. Cars for an example. You know, they can’t use magic to fix it if their car breaks down so they get it fixed in a workshop and pay for it.”

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