One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 27

“What’s up with you two?” I asked when seeing both twins with their heads in some books. I was used to Fred reading but not George and I wasn’t used to them not answering me either which was what they were doing right now... ignoring me.

I walked around them and placed my hands on each of their shoulders, looking at the books they were reading.

“Those are from the restricted section.” I said and this time George looked up, his eyes meeting mine.

“We’re helping Harry with the second challenge.” He told me.

“This late? It’s starting in less than an hour. I actually came to get you two. Kathleen’s already waiting by the black lake.”

“Ron is one of the people in the lake.” Fred spoke and I looked at him as he scrolled up pages. “So we are helping to make sure our brother doesn’t die down there.”

“They chose Ron?” I asked. “I’ll help look for something.”

We kept looking and looking but couldn’t find anything and when it was ten to eleven we made our way down to the black lake.

“Did Harry find a way?” Fred asked Kathleen when we reached her on one of the platforms. It looked like we were a bit too late and the champions were already in the water so now we just had to wait.

“Neville gave him some Gillyweed so he can survive in the lake for the hour it takes.” She told us and the twins let out sighs of relief.

“Ron’s going to be fine.” I assured them. I decided to sit down on the platform, pulling me knees up to my chest and George joined me.

“Yeah.” He agreed. “He might not seem like it but he’s pretty tough for a fourteen-year-old.”

“And Harry would never let him die down there.” Kathleen said and I looked up at her to see her pat Fred’s shoulder to try and comfort him as he stared at the water.

I looked at George again as I grabbed his hand and intertwined our fingers. He gave my hand a squeeze and turned his head to look at me as well, smiling slightly.

I placed my head on his shoulder and looked out at the water. We couldn’t do anything but wait. Wait for Harry to get back to the surface with Ron.

“Hermione’s down there as well.” Ginny spoke as she sat on the other side of me. I looked at her, my eyebrows furrowed.

“Who’s got her?”
“Krum.” She told me. “They went to the Yule ball together so she was chosen on his behalf.” “Who else’s down there?” I asked.

“Uh, a young girl from Beauxbatons and Cho.”

“How young?” I questioned but Ginny shrugged, looking out at the lake. I sighed, putting my head back on George’s shoulder.

“These things are ridiculous.” I said. “They shouldn’t put children in that water and risk their lives just to find a winner.”

After about only twenty minutes, Fleur Delacour came op from the water, unsuccessful and without the person she was supposed to rescue. She looked absolutely broken as her fellow schoolmates helped her out of the water.

Cedric and Cho then reached the surface about ten minutes later and everyone broke into cheers while they got helped onto the platform. As they got up from the water, Krum then reached the surface with Hermione and once again, the crowd cheered.

I felt George’s grip tighten a little. Harry was the only contestant who hadn’t come up which meant Ron was still down there and so was the young girl that Ginny talked about.

“If my brother dies, I’ll kill everyone in charge of this tournament.” I heard Fred whisper to Kathleen. I looked up at the big clock that showed the time. It was ten to twelve which meant there was ten minutes until the task was over. George let go of my hand and got to his feet. He and Fred walked to the railing where other people were standing.

Then as soon as the time turned twelve, Ron and a young girl arrived to the surface. She looked nothing older than twelve or thirteen.

I watched with a smile as the twins both cheered and Ginny quickly joined them, pushing herself in between them. Ron helped the young girl on their way up and Fleur quickly ran down to greet the girl. They looked close. They was probably sisters. While the girl and Ron quickly got up to get warm from the towels, Harry shot through the water, his wand in the air and the landed on one of the platforms.

Thank god. Everyone were out of the water and no one died. That’s probably my biggest fear, seeing someone die in this competition.

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