One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 2

“Looks like we’re almost there.” Kathleen said, looking out of the window, a hand pressed to the glass. “I’ll never get tired of this view.”

“Neither will I.” George muttered and when I looked at him, he was staring right at me. Our eyes locked and he wiggled his eyebrows, making me laugh silently.

Such a silly one, he is. Not that it was something I was only figuring out now. I’ve known him and been his best friend since our first year so I obviously know him very well.

“Can you three promise me something?” Kathleen asked as she looked at us. “Can you not get in as much trouble as you always do? It’s getting tiring to watch you get detention all the time.”

The twins looked at each other while I scooted closer to George who automatically wrapped an arm around me.

“Never.” The two of them said in unison.
“And someone has to make sure they don’t completely kill the professors.” I said.

“But weren’t you the one who came up with that one prank that made Snape red as a tomato?” Kathleen asked and I quickly shushed her, making George laugh underneath me.

“We don’t mention that.” I told her. “But to be honest that was quite funny.”

I sat up straight, grabbing my bag. Since we were almost there, I should probably change into my robes. Kathleen was the first one to go change so she had been wearing the for almost an hour, then Fred went and then George. Like normal, I was the last one.

“I’ll be back in a moment.” I told them as I made my way down the aisle and into the car with the closed compartments. I walked through and reached the toilets. Some students just pull on their robes over their regular clothing but I’d get too hot.

As I stood in front of the small mirror in the small bathroom, I zipped down my jacket, took took off the white crop top and put it on the toilet seat for now. I undid the thick black belt around my waist, placing it there as well, followed by the loose high waisted blue jeans.

The first thing I grabbed from the bag was the white short-sleeved button-up shirt. I watched myself in the mirror as I buttoned it, starting at the bottom but as I did, the door suddenly opened, making not only my body jump but also my heart.

It was George and he hurried inside, closing and locking the door behind him.

“How in the Merlin did you manage that?” I asked, turned towards him. I crossed my arms over my chest, watching as he looked at the lock and then at me again.

He then held up a hair pin, a smirk painted on his face and I rolled my eyes, turning back to the mirror.

“You scared the living hell out of me.” I said, continuing to button my shirt. “Thought I was going to be completely exposed to some creep.”

“You are completely exposed to some creep.” He told me as he walked behind me and watched me

through the mirror. When I finished buttoning my shirt, I reached for the black skirt in my bag and pulled it on, tucking in the shirt. “You’re very beautiful.”

I watched George as I grabbed my grey v-neck jumper. I smiled lightly at him and pulled on the jumper, tucking it into the skirt as well before finally grabbing my red Gryffindor tie with the gold stripes. I placed it around my collar, trying to remember how to tie it. I struggled with it each year and George knew.

That’s also why he was currently smirking at me through the mirror, waiting for me to ask for his help. That’s something else he knew about me. I was too proud to ask for anyone’s help and he found that amusing.

“Fine.” I groaned after struggling with it for a couple of minutes. I turned around towards George, looking up at him.

Boy he was tall. Really tall. It always surprised me even though I’ve known him for years. “Can you help me?” I asked.

“Still clueless when it comes to tying a tie?” He asked me and grabbed each ends of it, starting to tie it.

“Still clueless.” I confirmed. “A good thing I have you then, isn’t it?”

“Sure is.” He chuckled. When he finished tying it, he pulled the knot up to my throat, making sure it wasn’t too right but not too loose either. He folded the collar of my button-up shirt down over the tie and looked at my eyes.

“Thank you.” I smiled as I turned to my bag again. I pulled on the grey knee socks that was mandatory to wear and finished off with my black shoes. “Great. I am ready to go. Feels like the train is slowing down, doesn’t it?”

I packed down all the clothes I had been wearing, making sure to close the bag properly.

As I reached for the door, George grabbed my wrist, making me look at him with a raised eyebrow. He pulled me closer to him and lifted my tie, showing it to me before tucking it into my jumper.

“Oh right.” I said. “Forgot about that. Thanks.”

If he hadn’t noticed, I would have gotten into a whole lot of trouble. Ties have to be tucked into the jumper. It’s mandatory and you lose house-points if it gets noticed.

“Shall we go?” I asked and George nodded at me before I unlocked and opened the door. The train had stopped and people were leaving the to walk onto the platform. We got some strange looks but that was probably from both leaving the toilet at the same time.

“Did you remember to use protection?” Fred asked as he and Kathleen approached us. He was carrying George’s bag and handed it to him before basically jumping out of the train.

“Protection.” I scoffed. “As if I’d ever have sex on a toilet.”
“Just ignore him.” Kathleen said, following Fred out onto the platform. “C’mon.” I told George. “I don’t want to miss the carriages.”

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