One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 29

“Here you go, professor.” I smiled, slipping the permission slip into McGonagall’s hand before moving my way over to George, Fred and Kathleen. “Guess who’s allowed to go.”

“Your mum sent you the signed slip?” Kathleen asked and I hummed with a satisfied smile. “Indeed she did.”

Today was Saturday and the school was going to Hogsmeade for a trip. We can only go with permission from parents or guardians and I forgot to get mine with me at the start of the school year so mum promised to sent it and luckily it just got here this morning.

“Where’re you going for easter holiday?” Fred asked Kathleen and I while George took my hand and pulled me closer, his arm going around my waist instead.

“Well, I am going home.” Kathleen said. “I promised dad to come home this year. Everett and Lula will be there too so it’ll be great.”

Easter break starts next week. Every year we have this one-day trip to Hogsmeade the week before we leave for easter holidays.

“That’s a bummer.” Fred said. “I know mum would’ve been happy to see you again.”

Kathleen chuckled, giving him a hug from the side. Fred wrapped his arm around me and looked at me. “What about you?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t really...”

“Nope.” George interrupted. “You promised me you’d spend the easter at the Burrow after we didn’t see each other all summer.”

“I did?” I asked, looking up at him to see him nod. “Okay.”


“Yeah.” I smiled. “I’ll spend the easter holidays at the Burrow.”

“Listen up children!” McGonagall called. “We’re gonna start making our way to Hogsmeade so keep up with the group or you won’t be able to go another time.”

She started walking and students followed, us included. George’s hand dropped from my waist to grab mine and we walked side by side with Fred and Kathleen in front of us.

“Do you want to sneak off again like the last time?” George whispered, having to lean down a bit to reach me.

“When we get to Hogsmeade? Sure.” I smiled, giving his hand a squeeze while holding onto his upper arm with my other hand.

We all made our way onto the viaduct and I slid closer to George. I hated how far down it was from the viaduct. I didn’t like heights that much. Not like this, not when standing on a bridge of a viaduct. It was terrifying and I’d always imagine falling down and dying like that. What a horrible death.

“You okay?” George asked, looking down at me. I nodded and sent him an assuring smile. The last thing I wanted was to worry him about my fear of heights and how fast my heart was beating right now. I tried ignoring the fear, focusing on the feeling of George’s hand in mine, the feeling of his bicep underneath my other hand and the knowing that he was right beside me. “What do you think the last task’ll be?”

I looked up at George, seeing him watching me. I knew what he was doing. Trying to distract me because he knew I hated walking over the viaduct.

“I don’t know.” I said, offering him a smile. “It’s probably going to be even crazier than the first two.”

“The first one wasn’t that crazy, was it?”

“They had to get past a dragon, George. I think that was pretty crazy.”

“Crazier than being stuck in the water?” He asked, making me chuckle.

“Yeah. I’d rather fight a dragon than be stuck in the water. The black lake especially.”

“Harry said he was attacked by merpeople.” George said. “That’s why he came later then Ron and Fleur’s sister. He sent him up while being pulled down himself.”

“See.” I spoke. “Crazy.”
When we got to Hogsmeade, George nudged me with his shoulder, getting me to look at him.

“Come.” He whispered. We looked around and then snuck into an alleyway when no one was looking. George had me pushed up against the brick wall, a hand beside my head while the other held mine.

“Well, I like this position.” I whispered, causing him to look at me. He raised an eyebrow and chuckled before he leaned in, pressing his lips to mine.

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