One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 31

“Open or closed?” Kathleen asked when we stepped up into the Hogwarts Express after it came to pick everyone up in Hogsmeade.

“Closed.” George and Fred said in unison and Fred took over. “We have important business to tell you.”

I turned slightly to look up at them as George continued. “And we wouldn’t want anyone to steal our idea.”

I turned back towards Kathleen and we exchanged glances before she pushed the door open to an empty compartment. I hurried to take a seat by the window and Fred sat down next to me while Kathleen and George shared the other seat. I watched as George pulled out his wand and used magic to close the door.

“Long live laziness.” I teased, causing him to gently kick my foot with his. I chuckled, turning my head to look out of the window, watching the people in Hogsmeade.

“What kind of business did you want to tell us?” Kathleen asked, earning my attention again. I had completely forgotten that they needed to talk to us about something.

I watched the twins share glances before they both turned to look at us.

“Well...” Fred started off and George took over. “We want to open a joke shop in Diagon Alley after Hogwarts.”

“We’ve got a name for it and all.” Fred said.
“We even have ideas for products.” George spoke.

“Like, some of the things we’ve been selling this year.” Fred continued. I smiled. They both looked very passionate about it, their eyes glistening and everything.

“I like that.” Kathleen said, making both of them smile even wider. “It sounds like fun.”

“What’s the name you were thinking about?” I questioned, tilting my head slightly. The twins looked at each other again and Fred gestured for George to tell me.

“Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.”

Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.

“I think it’s going to be awesome.” I said. “Definitely do that if it makes you happy.”

“Yeah. I’d like to see how a shop started by you two, will look like.” Kathleen said. “Probably loads of fun... and danger.”

“Definitely danger.” I chuckled as the train’s whistle sounded and we started moving. “We’re just trying to find a way to afford a shop in Diagon Alley.” Fred told us.

“We bet on the quidditch cup and won which meant we had the money but Ludo Bagman paid us with leprechaun gold so we lost all the savings we had.” George said and shrugged. “We might

find a way to get the money though.”

“Wait.” Kathleen spoke. “So that’s why you’ve been walking around, selling products all year? To try and get the money for a shop?”

“Basically, yeah.” George said as he and Fred nodded.

“That doesn’t seem fair.” I said. “I can help you pay if you want. My dad left some savings for me and my brother after he...”

“No.” George and Fred interrupted me in unison.

“You are not spending the money your dad left for you, on us.” George told me.

“We’ll figure it out, don’t worry.” Fred spoke and sent me a soft smile.

“It’s seriously no problem. What does a shop cost? A thousand galleons? I don’t want your dreams to die because some douchebag tricked you.”

“We will figure it out.” George said firmly, repeating what his brother just said. “Who would we be to even accept such a crazy offer? Using your dads money on our shop? We’re gonna keep selling products. We have the rest of this year plus the next and even if that isn’t time enough, we can live at the burrow until we can afford the shop and afford to move out.”

“Fine.” I said. “That’s fine. Just remember that if you do need my help, I’m here.”

“And so am I.” Kathleen said. “I mean, sure, my savings are for a home for me to move out but if you need it, I’d gladly sacrifice it.”

The rest of the ride back to London were spent on talking mostly about their dream of opening a joke shop. I felt so happy for them and I couldn’t wait for their dream to come true.

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