One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 33

“I’m glad you liked the jumper.” Molly told me with a smile as I held her company in the kitchen while George and all his brothers were outside playing quidditch while Ginny was judging.

“I think they’re cozy.” I said. “And it makes me feel very welcome.”

“I’ve known you since you were eleven years old.” Molly said. “You’re a part of the family, no matter if you’re my son’s girlfriend or just his friend. You’ll always be welcome here, just like my sons were always welcome with your family.”

“My family?” I questioned.

“Didn’t you know? Your parents watched the oldest. It was mostly Bill, Charlie and Percy but when you were around a year, they also watched the twins a time or two. Your dad told me you three became good friends during those hours. We were all close friends and then he...”

Molly sighed as she stopped talking while she continued to bake bread.

“Then he died.” I said, sitting down by the table.

“Your father was a good man.” She told me, looking at me. “And don’t think we haven’t paid your parents back for the times they watched my oldest kids. We watched you a few times as well. The first time being when you were two.”

“You did?” I asked. “I don’t remember.”

“Well how would you?” She chuckled. “You were very little. Most people can’t remember stuff from when they were two. I certainly don’t remember when I was.”

“I didn’t know you were friends with my parents.” I said. “I knew Arthur and my dad were best friends at Hogwarts but I didn’t know it continued after.”

“Oh it did.” She smiled. “Our hearts were shattered when we heard the news about your dad. It’s been a long time, haven’t it?”

“Fifteen years in December.” I nodded. “My brother wishes he had known him.” “Benjamin, right?” She asked and I nodded in response. “He must be turning eleven soon.”

“This month, actually.” I told her. “He’s very excited to be getting his letter so he can start at Hogwarts in September.”

“That is very exciting.” Molly agreed. “I have seven kids and all were excited when getting their letter. Percy got a job at the ministry, did you know?”

“I didn’t, actually.” I said. “What department is he in?”

“The department of international magical cooperation.” She told me. “He works for Barty crouch senior.”

“Barty?” I questioned. “So that’s why he was present during the first tournament? I saw him from a distance, I didn’t get to say hi though.”

“Oh yes.” Molly nodded. “Charlie was there too. He delivered the dragons safely and got them home safely too. Have the twins told you what they’re planning after school? They want to start a joke shop.”

“They did tell me, actually.” I smiled. “They told Kathleen and I on the express.”

“I don’t know what to think of it, honestly.” She told me. “I want them to be happy, of course I do but it’s so risky. What if it doesn’t work out? They need to make money to be able to keep the shop open and if not, then what are they gonna do?”

“I’m sure they have a backup plan.” I said. “But even if they have, I don’t think they’re gonna need it. They’re pretty good at selling and their products are great.”

“And dangerous.” She told me, shaking her head. “What about you, love? What do you want to do when you finish school?”

“Well—” I started. “One day I’d like to draw for a living, maybe even paint but I need to make sure I have some kind of stable income so I’ve been thinking either hit witch or maybe an auror.”

“They’re both great career choices, aren’t they?” She smiled. “Though they have a big difference when it comes to the paycheck.”

She was right. Hit witches make about 700 galleons a month while aurors make close to 900. It makes sense though. Hit witches fight the bad guys and mostly use violence while aurors have to do that plus investigate the crimes.

Suddenly George appeared behind me and I jumped when I felt his hands on my shoulders.

“Bloody Merlin.” I breathed, looking up at him as he laughed.

“Boy, are you trying to give her a heart attack?” Molly asked her son.

“He’s been doing that since his birthday.” I told her. “And he enjoys it, knowing that I can’t pay him back the same way.”

“You can next month.” Molly said. “And promise me you will. Someone needs to teach that boy a lesson.”

“Oh c’mon, mum.” George laughed. “It’s fun.”

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