One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 35

Before I could look around, we were on the Hogwarts Express, on our way back to school. Easter Holidays were two weeks but it went by so fast and even though I was kinda excited to get back, I also really enjoyed having a break from it and spending it at the Burrow with my boyfriend and his family.

Most of the trip to Hogsmeade, I had been staring down at te pocket watch, thinking about my dad and the times where it was his and he’d pull it out to see the time. This watch had been in my dads hands and I had never felt closer to him.

Today was Sunday, April 16th of 1995. Tomorrow there was one month until both Kathleen and I turned seventeen. We share a birthday which is pretty awesome.

We’ve got twins in this friend group which means they share a birthday as well so within us friends, we only have two birthdays a year. April 1st and May 17th.

“We were born on a Saturday.” I heard Fred say. I looked at my friends, wondering why they were talking about the weekday they were born on.

“Well, we were born on a Wednesday.” Kathleen said, motioning between her and I. “So basically both our mum’s got a day off work.”

“That doesn’t even make any sense.” George said. “They were probably on maternity leave.”

I looked down at the watch again but this time the people in the photo, started moving. Dad was tickling me and I was laughing before hugging him and then dad pointed at where mum was standing, making me look in that direction before the picture was taken.

“What do you think the last task will be?” Kathleen asked. “Maybe the champions fighting each other?”

“I don’t think they’ll fight each other.” Fred said. “The school wouldn’t purposely try and hurt the students, would they?”

“They did make them fight dragons.” I commented, staring at the picture that was now still again. “And they chose to charm students to be in the black lake until they got saved or until the charm stopped working which would drown them.”

“They shouldn’t be licensed to work among children.” Kathleen agreed. “Don’t get me wrong, I admire Dumbledore but he is so wrong on many levels. Not allowing kids under seventeen to enter, yet involve them and risk their lives. Ridiculous.”

“I’d find it funny if they hadn’t included Ron.” George said, making me glare at him. “I mean, no, it’s completely ridiculous. They should have their license taken away.”

“You’re such a softie!” Fred laughed. “You should’ve seen your face! You’re completely terrified of her.”

“With good reason.” George argued and Kathleen and I exchanged a look. “She might be small but she’s violent.”

“Small.” I scoffed. “I’m five feet one.”

“He’s six foot three.” Kathleen said. “They both are.”

“So? Not my fault they couldn’t stop growing.” I said. “I might still grow a few inches.”

“You’re sixteen, Liz.” she replied. “I don’t think you will.”

“It’s not that bad, is it?” George asked me. “I kinda like that you’re shorter.”

“I don’t.” I said. “You always use it to your advantage.”

“How am I using it to my advantage?” He laughed.

“Well, sometimes you lift your head when you know I want to kiss you.” I said.

“Is that why you sometimes attack him?” Kathleen asked. “I mean, sometimes you jump him and you scare me at the same time.”

“How else am I supposed to reach him? Bloody tall, both of them.”

I always enjoyed the ride to Hogwarts. It was a long ride, leaving London at eleven and reaching Hogsmeade in the early evening. Took about six or seven hours and there wasn’t much to do but when I was with my friends, I really enjoyed the ride.

“It’s already getting bloody dark outside.” Fred spoke and just then, thunder sounded and it started raining.

“Nope.” I sighed. “That’s just the dark clouds... and the rain.”

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