One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 36

We were officially back at school and classes had started. I was happy that Krum had left me alone ever since the Yule ball. Actually he started leaving me alone after the one detention where George and I ran away and fought in the snow.

Fred told me he had made a comment about me being too childish for his liking and I am completely fine with that. I gave George and wouldn’t even want Krum if I had the opportunity, and I definitely had the opportunity.

I don’t think Hermione fancy him too much anymore. I heard her tell Harry and Ron that he was too physical instead of emotional and she didn’t quite like that.

My brother’s eleventh birthday was yesterday and mum sent me a letter, explaining how Benjamin had gotten his Hogwarts acceptance letter and that he was over the moon that he’d be staring here in only five months.

I had started to prepare for my O.W.L.s. Sure, it’s only mid April but that means there’s two months until the exams and I want to be as prepared as possible. I need good greats to become an auror and even though I’m not sure about what I want to be, I need to keep my options open.

George and Fred had worked harder after Easter to sell their products. They kept walking around bags of products, selling to students in the hallway. We had been back for a week and they’d already been in detention five times for selling prank products that were used on teachers.

Kathleen had spent even more time with Lee on the quidditch field and I was almost positive they had a secret relationship going. On that note, I think Fred and my cousin Deanne had done something. Earlier this year, they both lied to me about where they were going but then I saw them leave the restricted section of the library together.

Just thinking about the possibility of them hooking up in the same spot that George and I had done a few times, made me wanna throw up. A lot of students had probably hooked up there but knowing that my cousin had done it in the same spot as me with the twin brother of my boyfriend? Disgusting.

“What did you get on question number fifteen?” George whispered after leaning closer to my ear during a quiz we had in transfiguration class.

I glanced up to see Professor McGonagall busy with something else by her desk so I discretely pushed my paper closer to George so he could see what I had answered on question number fifteen.

“Thank you ruffle-nuffle.” He spoke, causing me to look at him at the old nickname he suddenly picked up again. He started calling me that after the first time we shared a bed and he saw me in the morning with my morning hair. I thought he had dropped it a long time ago.

“That is not making a comeback.” I told him and he smirked without even looking at me. “Seriously, Georgie.”

I lowered my voice as I cleaned closer to him, my lips brushing past the skin on his earlobe and I noticed how he got goosebumps on his wrist. “Start calling me that and you won’t get anything for a month.”

He slowly turned his head, his eyes meeting mine. “A month? A whole month? That’s thirty whole


“Exactly.” I smiled in amusement. “Call me that again and it’ll be that long.”

“Ruffle-nuffle.” He repeated, deciding to push my buttons and test my words.

“Fine.” I breathed. “One month without any action and if you continue, it’ll just be longer... and longer.”

“Wait—” George whispered, grabbing my wrist gently as I reached to grab my quill. “You weren’t serious about it, were you?”

“Why would I say it if I weren’t serious about it?”

“I don’t know.” He shrugged. “That means you won’t be getting anything either so I kinda thought you were bluffing.”

“Definitely not bluffing.” I smiled. “No action for a month, my love.”

He stared at me for a moment. I enjoyed the power I held over him. He’d never be able to last a month when he knows he can’t get anything.

When the clock tower rang, I was quick to gather my stuff after listening to McGongall who explained our homework for the next time.

I walked out of the classroom and George quickly caught up with me. “Alright, I’m sorry Liz. I’ll never call you ruffle-nuffle again.”

“Ruffle-nuffle?” Fred asked from behind us as him and Kathleen approached us. “Just a stupid nickname I gave Lizzie.”

“After the first time he saw my morning hair.” I added. “He just brought it up again after months of neither of us mentioning it.”

“So now, she’s punishing me.”

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