One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 38

The next three weeks were pretty normal. Apart from Fred admitting that he and Deanne were just having sex and that he didn’t want anything more than that from her, everything was fine.

We participated in our classes and normally George would stare at me in class or play with my fingers. Then when he actually did his stuff, he ended up cheating off of me but it didn’t bother me.

It was currently late in May and I had started wearing my skirt again now that the weather was getting alright again. I liked wearing my skirt more than wearing my trousers.

The last task in the tournament is next month and everyone are getting quite excited. No one really knows what’s going to happen or what the champions have to do.

“I won’t be able to spend the summer at the Burrow.” I said. “I know I didn’t last year either but Ben’s starting in September and he’s going to want my help preparing. He’s already asked me in a letter he sent yesterday.”

“Okay.” George nodded. “As long as you write me.”
“I always write you.” I smiled, intertwining my arm with his. “Unless I forget.”

“You do forget quite a lot.” He told me, the hint of a laugh in his voice. “I’d just have to remind you, won’t I?”

“That’s why we’re so perfect together.” I said. “I’m forgetful and you always remember to remind me.”

When we reached the first floor, we entered the muggle studies classroom and found our usual seats in front of Fred and Kathleen.

“What took you so long?” Kathleen asked us as we both turned around to look at them.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Fred asked her. “They probably got freaky in the common room that’s pretty much empty right now.”

“Actually, Freddie—” I said, holding up a finger. “George taught me how to tie my own tie so now I know how to do it.”

“Finally!” Kathleen exclaimed. “Only six years too late. Next year is our last.”

“Better later than never.” George shrugged. “Took a white, yes but now she knows how to do it and I can proudly say that I taught her how to do it.”

“Alright, settle down students!” Professor Burbage called as she entered the classroom. George and I turned back properly in our seats, watching the front of the class along with everyone else. “Today, I want to start our last topic of the year. The last one before your O.W.L.s. Famous muggle books. Can anyone name a book that is written by a muggle?”

Angelina raised her hand and Burbage nodded at her.

“Well, I am currently reading a novel called; White noise. It was written by Don DeLillo and was published in nineteen-eighty-five.”

“I haven’t actually heard about that one.” Professor Burbage said. “Have you got it with you?”

“This is boring.” George whispered, his lips so close that I could feel his breath against my ear. “Wanna come up with an excuse to leave?”

“I can’t.” I whispered back. “I need the grades.”

“But it’s so boring.” he pouted. He bit onto my earlobe and immediately, Kathleen cleared her throat, causing both of us to look at her and Fred. They were watching us.

“Guys.” Kathleen sighed. “I love you both but we do not want to see you have sex right in front of us in class.”

“Shut up.” I whispered, throwing the piece of paper at her that I had been playing with during class.

“You four in the back.” It sounded from Professor Burbage, earning the attention from us. Everyone were turned around in their seats, staring at us. “Is my class interrupting your conversation?”

“Sorry Professor.” I spoke and turned my legs under the table again while I sat up straight. “Actually, Professor Burbage.” George spoke. “Can I go?”

“Mr Weasley.” Burbage sighed, approaching our table. “Of course you can go. No ones forcing you to be here.”

As George stood up, she continued. “But... if you do walk out that door, I’d have to give you detention for maybe a week. Perhaps two or perhaps for the rest of the school year, every Friday during Lunch, meaning you won’t have time to eat.”

I looked up at George. I wanted to laugh at his expression and the way he slowly sat back down.

“You wouldn’t mind if I continued teaching, would you, Mr Weasley?” Burbage asked with a small smile. George just shook his head and as Professor Burbage walked back to the front of the class, I snickered into my hand, earning a gently push from George.

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