One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 39

“What are you doing?” Deanne asked when she joined me by one of the tables in the library. I looked up from the book and glanced at my dads pocket watch and the photo inside of it.

“I’m trying to figure out how to make the photo move.” I said. “It did once when we came back from Easter holiday but it hasn’t moved since and I’ve tried so many things.”

“Can I see?” She questioned, holding out her hand. I picked up the photo and placed it in her hand. She smiled as she looked down at it.

“Uncle Adrian.” She muttered as she ran her fingers over the photo.

“Do you even remember him?” I asked. “You were three when he died.”

“I do, actually.” She said. “Not much but I have some memories.”

“Can you tell me about them?” I asked. Deanne looked at me as she placed the photo on the book I was sitting with.

“Well, the one I remember the most clearly was when he came to pick me up from nursery school. Mum was working late and dad was chasing some dark wizard. Uncle Adrian, your dad, picked me up at two. I sat in the back in my car seat and he put on the radio. We’d sing along and he’d even show me some magic which I absolutely loved even back then. He took me to McDonald’s for some late lunch and after that we picked up Everett and Lula from school and went home to our house where he watched us until mum got home.”

I looked at the picture, taking a deep breath. “Do you know how I get the photo to move again?” “Have you tried tapping it with your wand?”
“Of course I have.” I told her. “I’ve tried tapping it, I’ve tried focusing but it’s not working.”

“Close the book and come with me.” She said and stood up. I watched her for a moment but then put the photo in the pocket watch, closing it before closing the book again and putting it back on one of the shelves.

“Where’re we going?” I asked and followed Deanne out of the library, my father’s pocket watch in my hand.

“To the dungeons.” She told me. “The potions classroom. We’ll make a developing solution.”

When we got to the classroom, I sat down in one of the chairs while Deanne gathered ingredients.

“I don’t know how to make it.” I told her honestly.

“I know.” She smiled. “It isn’t taught in school. Dad taught me a few years ago. Don’t worry about it, I’ll make it.”

“Ohhh.” It came from the door and George suddenly was by my side. “Making potions, are we?” “We’re trying to make a photo move again.” Deanne said.
“The photo of my dad and I.” I told George. “It moved on the train but I haven’t been able to make

it do it again since so Deanne is helping me.”
George sat on the table, his knee brushing past my arm which I raised to lay down on his thighs.

“So, are you two planning on getting married after school?” Deanne asked as she started making the potion. George laughed and I looked up at him.

“I’d like it to happen some day.” I said. “But after school seem extremely fast. Wouldn’t you say so, Georgie?”

“A little, yes.” He nodded. “It seems like a lot of people rush to get married after Hogwarts but we’ve got loads of time.”

“Loads and loads of time.” I confirmed as my hand found his. “But one day I am going to marry you, you dirtbag.”

“That’s cute.” Deanne laughed. “Insults are the best romance.”

“Your cousin is a very romantic person then.” George joked. “Hey, how’s it going with my brother? Is he treating you nice?”

“Your brother?” Deanne asked. “You’ve got like fifty of them.”

“Only five.” He replied. “But I’m sure you know who I’m talking about. The one with the same face as me, yet a little less handsome.”

“Ahh.” Deanne nodded. “You’re talking about Fred.”
“Yes I’m talking about Fred.” George chuckled. “I heard a thing or two about you and him.” “George.” I warned him. “I’m not sure you should—”
“Oh, you know about us?” Deanne asked and then looked at me. “How do you two know?” “Well—” I breathed. “Kathleen kinda heard you in a broom closet.”
“Yeah. Heard you were getting a little freaky—”
“George!” I exclaimed, swatting his chest. “Drop the subject.”

“No, it’s alright, Elizabeth.” Deanne told me. “Sure, Fred and I occasionally have sex. I mean, we’re both teenagers with hormones and both without a partner. You two have each other but I have never been in love. As long as I have sex, I’m fine.”

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