One and Only ; George Weasley

Chapter 40

So, the potion worked and my photo now move all the time. It’s like a never ending look and I love it. I still keep the photo in the pocket watch and the watch I keep in my pocket.

“Happy birthday, my darling.” I heard George sing as he left his dormitory the very next morning. “And to you, Kathy.”

He looked to Kathleen and winked before approaching me. He leaned over me from behind as I sat on the sofa, and he hugged me.

“Now we can both do magic together outside of school. Isn’t that just brilliant?”

“You know what else is brilliant?” I asked. “I can prank you just as much outside of school as you did during the Easter holidays.”

“You remember that? You weren’t serious about getting revenge, were you?”

“Oh, I was very serious.” I said. “Just you wait until the summer. Suddenly I’ll be in your bedroom at three o’clock at night.”

“Sounds kinky.” He smirked. I rolled my eyes, pushing him away and he laughed loudly as he jumped onto the back of the sofa, sliding down, his back hitting first so that he laid down, his legs over the back of the sofa.

“Hey, have you seen my jumper?” I asked him. “The one your mum made me. I put it in the same spot like always and this morning it was gone.”

“Haven’t seen it.” He shrugged. “But I guess you’ll just have to go back to wearing mine now, won’t you?”

I narrowed my eyes at him before looking at Kathleen to see what she thought but she just shrugged and looked back down at her magazine.

“You hid it, didn’t you?” I asked George. “You totally stole it and hid it!” “Innocent until proven guilty.” He told me with a smirk.

“Wrong.” I argued. “In the criminal world it’s guilty until proven innocent and right now, every evidence point to you.”

George sat up properly, swinging his legs until he sat with them on the floor.

“You’re gonna make a great auror.” He told me, kissing my cheek before standing up to walk back to his dormitory.

That’s right. I’ve chosen the same path as my father. I am going to be an auror which means that next year I will be focusing on the five classes that require the NEWT exams.

“I’m gonna go.” I said as I stood up. “I have ancient runes in about ten minutes.”

“I’ll see you later then?” Kathleen asked and I nodded in response, sending her a smile and another happy birthday before exiting the common room.

It was actually quite nice to be sharing a birthday with my best friend. It’s kinda what brought us closer back in our first year. We truly became best friends after we discovered that we were born the same day and the same year.

After my ancient runes class, I had care of magical creatures and then history of magic. Two of those I didn’t really care about so at lunch I was excited to finally be able to be with my friends. Though, George and Fred weren’t there. It was only Kathleen. She looked at me as I sat and she offered a small smile that I repaid.

“Where’re the boys?”

“Detention.” She told me. “Played another prank on Filch so now they’re cleaning his office as punishment.”

“Another prank you say? What’d they do?”

“I’m not really sure.” She said, narrowing her eyes as she thought about it. “I think it had something to do with paint and feathers.”

“Paint and feathers?” I asked. “Filch must’ve absolutely lost it.”

“He did.” Ron broke in and we both looked at him. “Sorry to interrupt but Fred and George are really getting a punishment right now. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Filch that mad.”

I sighed, realizing what I had to do and so did Kathleen. She looked at me, wide eyes as she shook her head.

“No. Lizzie, don’t—” she said and watched as I stood up. “Sit down, Liz. It’s our birthday. Don’t go and get yourself detention.”

“I’m sorry Kathy but that’s my boyfriend and even though I kinda hate to sometimes, we promised to always be by each other’s sides.”

Kathleen sighed and watched me as I walked out of the Great Hall. I pulled out my wand, summoning a bucket of rotten eggs that I knew had been in the kitchen. I kept my wand in the air, making the bucket float as I made my way down the empty corridors to Filch’ office. He was in there. I could hear him talking down to George and Fred and then I could hear their laughs.

When I entered the office with the bucket in the air, all three looked at me and while the twins smiled in satisfaction, Filch looked horrified.

“No.” He basically begged. “I just got clean.”
“Is he ever clean?” I heard Fred whisper to George.

“I’m really sorry about this, Mr Filch.” I said before letting the bucket tip over, the content falling down over him. I stepped back to prevent it from splattering on me at the same time as Filch let out a horrifying roar.

“I hate children!” He yelled as he stomped out of his office and down the hallway to find a professor.

“That was brutal.” Fred spoke. “Welcome to the worst kind of detention, birthday girl.” “Why thank you.” I chuckled and pocketed my wand.

“You did not have to do that.” George told me with a smile that showed he was proud of what I just did.

“I did.” I assured him. “I once made a promise to not leave you when you get in trouble so here I am... keeping that promise.”

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